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APT Pro Lifting Gear
Weight Lifting Gear, Bodybuilding Equipment, Powerlifting
Supplies, Strongman Products, Sports Equipment and more....
APT Ships WORLD WIDE Every day

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Starting at $5
ALL Belts for Powerlifting Weight Lifting Exercise and Workout Belt

Weight Lifting Exercise Belt Powerlifting Workout Belts.  Light lifting through Super Heavy.  Don't forget to support your back!

Convict Pro, Blood Stripe, ZRV-Pro, Strangulator, Black Mamba, Blue Line and more.

DO NOT CLICK HERE unless you are serious about your lifting.  Nough Said.......

Custom Lettered / Embroidered / Logo'ed Weight Lifting Belts, Dip Belts, Wrist Wraps and Knee Wraps and more.

Lifting Strap
CUSTOM BUILT Weight Lifting Wrist Straps Famous APT Custom Built
APT CUSTOM BUILT, 10,000+ weight lifting wrist strap design options, 80+ designs, Largest selection in the world, Light to SUPER HEAVY.

Support the Famous APT Pro Gear Logo, you know that you are associated with Quality when you show up wearing an APT Pro Gear Logo shirt.

APEX Powerlifting bench press shirt from APT Pro Gear, State of the art Technical bench press Function & Design

APT Pro Gear APEX Bench Press Shirt.
The newest state of the art Bench Press
Powerlifting shirt to date on the market.
APT revolutionized the knee and wrist Wrap market and now we have perfected the Powerlifting Bench Press shirt.
A Fully Functional and a More aggressive forward sleeve and torso angle than any bench press shirt on the market to date.  Real APT customers/powerlifters built and designed this shirt.  No Games here, strict & Professional Grade right from APT Pro Gear for you the lifters.  This is YOUR bench Press shirt, 18 months of design and testing..................................

Knee Sleeves, Elbow Sleeves, Ankle Sleeves, Wrist Sleeves Brace, Convict Single Ply, Convict Double Ply, Rehband, Thick and Heavy, Mueller, Tommy Kono and more.
Dipping Belts
Dip Dipping Belts Weight Lifting
Nylon, Natural Leather, Black Leather, Custom Lettered, Colored Suede and more......
Strongman Pulling Harness
Sports & Strongman Truck Pulling Harness
Truck Pulling Harness for all sports and Strongman training and events.

Weight Lifting Hooks Exercise Hooks Workout Hooks
Steel, Aluminum & Extreme weight lifting hooks, Light to Super Heavy, Red/Black & Black.  Forward, Reverse and For/Rev grip options.

Powerlifting Bands
Resistance Bands Weight Lifting Powerlifting Exercise

Resistance Bands for Powerlifting, Weight Lifting, Exercise and more.  #1 through #7... 5 lbs to 200 + lbs.

Monsta Clothing, Weight Lifting Powerlifting Strongman and more.

APT Pro Gear is an Official Licensed
Dealer for Monsta Clothing.
Weightlifting Chalk Weight Lifting Chalk, Spray, Dry Hands, Powder, Tacky, Paste, Shaker Powerlifting Athletic Gymnastics Chalk

Weight Lifting Chalk, Grip Spray, Paste & Powder, PR Tacky, Tommy Tack, Dry Hands, Liquid Grip.  Many options.  APT Pro Gear, Norberts, Mueller, Ivanko.  Cans, Jars,, Shakers 1 block or one Case, you choose.

Heavy Grips Hand Grips Hand Grippers Grip Strengt Forearm Strength
Hand Grip Hand Grippers 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350 pound resistance.

Weight Lifting Trophies and Sculptures
150+ ARTIST Quality sculptures and Trophies. Super detailed
and made of poly resin. These are not hollow, they are solid.
Sculpture Shipping Fee:
The shipping fee is Not collected or charged at the time of
order. The Shipping fee will be charged to your credit card
as a separate charge once shipped. PayPal users will be
sent a money request for the shipping fee.

Ammonia Caps
Nose Tork, Ammonia Caps Smelling Salts Inhalants
Nose Tork Bottles NEW NOSE TORK, Ammonia Caps in 10 pack, 10 packs of 10 or full 100 pack box. Ever see a powerlifter sniff something before they lift? This is it.
Weightlifting Head Harness
Nylon and Leather Head Harness & Neck Harness, Leather, Nylon, Standard, Regular, Deluxe and more. Excellent for growing a strong thick neck!!
Training Sand Bags Power Bags Sandbag Powerbag
Training Sand Bags Power Bags Sandbag Powerbag 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 POUNDS...and several PACKAGE deals for you to save $$$
Speed Running Chute Performance Parachutes in 40, 48 and 56 inch sizes.
Powerlifting and Wrestling Singlets
Powerlifting and Wrestling Singlets for all occasions.  High quality
professional grade singlets.  Choose your style, color and size.
Abdominal Cuff Abdominal Cuffs & Slings
1/2 Price Super Sale, After Holiday Overstock Clearance. Abdominal Sling and Cuff, Excellent for attaching to the pull up bars and stack weight pullies.

Louie Simmons Equipment, Spud Inc Equipment and straps, West Carry Barbell Equipment and bars, IWF Thick Dumbbells, T-Grip Barbell, Swager Strength and more.

D Ball Dynamax Medicine Ball Exercise Balls Fitness Balls ALL

Extra shipping may apply and charged at actual time of shipping.

D Ball Dynamax Exercise Medicine Balls. 3,4,5,6,7,8, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60,
70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 140, 150, 175 and 200 lb and even up to 300 LBS
D Ball Dynamax Medicine balls. Great for Strongman ATLAS STONE Training as well.
Click above to see all

Weight Vests for Weight Vest Training and Performance
Professional Grade Weight Vests for Weight Vest training and performance.  Tons of styles and weights to choose from up to 100 lbs.  Mens, Womens, Fire Fighter, V-Force and more to include many accessories.
Kettle Bells and more Kettlebells for training
Kettlebells are smooth and easy to use and make a perfect addition to any workout routine whether it is for general health and fitness or Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and Strongman.
Jumping Rope is actually a very fun way to do CARDIO, much funner than the tred mill or stationary bike!!!!!  Give it a try.  Pro Grade Jump ropes offered by APT Pro Gear.
Charts and Posters for all major Muscle Groups showing exercises and Muscle Groups, Legs, Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Biceps, Back, Forearm, Abdominals and more.
Accessories Weight Lifting Accessories & other Products

MANY MANY other weight lifting accessories from Log Books to Pulley Attachments to Dumbbell Handle Pads and more........

Strongman Event Logs
Strongman Event Logs, Professional Grade
Atlas Stone MOLDS Strongman Atlas Stones
8" through 24" Atlas Stone Molds. 6" & 8" reinforcing bar, 25 lb & 50" lead inserts. These are stone molds that you use to make your own Atlas Stones for Strongman training and competitions.
Dumbbell POWER HOOKS, Excellent product if you use Dumbbells and better if you use HEAVY dumbbells.
Free Weight Plates Free Weight Fractional Plates

Fractional Plates?  Sets of 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" & 1 lb weights for when you don't want to add a full 5 lbs from two 2.5 lb plates.  Niceeeee!! 1" and 2" holes.

Squat Support
Manta Ray Squat Support Sting Ray Squat Bar Support & Pads
Manta Ray squat & Sting Ray squat front or rear squat support.  Squat bar Pads Red and Black, Camo.
Ankle Cuff Strap

Ankle Cuffs in Leather, Weighted, Nylon and Heavy designs for pulley stack adjustable working out and more to include Weighted Belts.

Squat Bar Pads
Squat Bar Pads

Squat bar Pads in Red and Black.  Nice comfort on the neck on leg day when squatting.

Wrist Roller
Wrist Roller Grip Roller, Forearm Strength

Wrist Roller Grip Rollers For Forearm Exercise & Grip
Choose from several different designs, great pricees!!!
Wrist Roller and Wrist Roller Grip Roller & Twister

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