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Anita Ramsey Female Bodybuilder, check out here photos below, WOW

Anita Ramsey is a top NPC National level bodybuilder. She has been a competitive bodybuilder for over a decade, and, over the years, Anita Ramsey has been in someway or another part of the Bodybuilding community. Her first contest was a victory at the 1988 NPC Boulder B.B. championships. Anitas biggest victory in the sport was winning the 1998 NPC Southern States Heavyweights and overall. The Southern States is one of the Top NPC regional shows here in the US. After winning the Southern States, she went on to post my best placing ever in an International show with a 3rd place in the heavyweights at the 98' IFBB North American

Anita Ramsey, Hot, Fit and Super Sexy!

  • 1988 Boulder B.B. Championships (1st Middleweight)
  • 1988 Rocky Mountain B.B. Championships (1st Heavyweight)
  • 1989 NPC Colorado State (2nd Heavyweights)
  • 1990 Western Cup B.B. Championships (1st Heavyweights & Overall)
  • 1991 Jr. Nationals (6th place Heavyweights)
  • 1992 Jr. USA (8th place Heavyweights)
  • 1993 USA B.B. Championships (15th place)
  • 1994 Orange County B.B. Championships (3rd place Middleweight)
  • 1994 Steele Rose B.B. Championships (2nd place Heavyweights)
  • 1995 NPC California State (5th place Heavyweights)
  • 1995 Women's Pro Strength Extravaganza (Tied for 5th)
  • 1996 New York Metropolitan (3rd Heavyweights)
  • 1996 NPC New Jersey State (1st place Heavyweights)
  • 1998 Southern States B.B. Championships (1st Heavyweights & Overall)
  • 1998 IFBB North America B. B. Championships (3rd place Heavyweights)
  • ? I was awarded Lonnie Teper's "Come Back of the Year" Award in 1998
  • 2003 IPA Halloween Bench Bash (1st place sub-masters 148 with a WR)
  • 2003 IPA Rexroads Memorial (1st place sub-masters 148)
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