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APEX Bench Shirt powerlifting APT Photo
Brand New to APT Pro Gear

APEX T-Shirt, support your new APEX Bench Shirt and also support it when
you are NOT benching.  Let other lifters know that you mean business!!

Coming SOON!

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APEX Bench Press Powerlifting Shirt APT Pro Gear
Benchpress Shirt, SINGLE PLY
(Click on the title for sizing)


APT Pro Gear APEX Bench Press Shirt.
The newest state of the art Bench Press
Powerlifting shirt to date on the market.

APT revolutionized the knee and wrist Wrap market and
now we have perfected the Powerlifting Bench Press shirt.
This is NOT a RageX  or a Katana, this is an APT APEX Design

Kick Ass APEX Tee-Shirt, see below


  • The APT Pro Gear APEX Bench Shirt is the pinnacle of Powerlifting Bench Press shirt design
  • 40" Chest to 56" Chest sizes are available NOW
  • A Fully Functional and a More aggressive forward sleeve and torso angle than any bench press shirt on the market to date.  Real APT customers/powerlifters built and designed this shirt.  No Games here, strict & Professional Grade right from APT Pro Gear for you the lifters.  This is YOUR bench Press shirt, 18 months of design and testing.
  • APT Pro Gear's Unique sleeve configuration delivers more thrust with more ease for BIG benches at a world Record level.
  • The neck is thicker than any other, the neck has a far more effective low and contoured scoop.
  • The sleeves are much easier to get into compared to your "typical hard to get into sleeves of other bench shirts".
  • The back neck is scooped extremely low, the sleeve hems aren't bulky which makes the sleeve more comfortable.
  • It is a unique, cutting edge APEX Bench Shirt product different than any other on the market to date.
  • The straight cut sleeves and flexible back make it easy for you to put the shirt on and take it off.  Tight sleeves aren't necessary in our shirt. The APEX Bench Press Shirt does what it's supposed to do,......let you bench BIG numbers with MAX support where you need it!!!!
  • The APEX Bench Press Shirt is great for Archers and Non-Archers.
  • One main key function of the APEX Bench Press Shirt is the ability for "lifter-manipulation" with the placement of the collar and also the sleeve placement on the arms.  The sleeves can be pulled up or down, and the neck can be placed low, medium or high.  That more than anything changes the area of the "bubble" of support on the torso.  Pulling everything up places the bubble higher, and pulling everything down places the bubble low.  You get the best of all worlds with one shirt.
  • Constructed and designed by APT Elite Powerlifting customers & sponsored lifters over 18 months and hand sewn by our APT Custom tailors using the finest sewing techniques, materials and craftsmanship. Super reinforced all the way around for flawless benches.
  • The low scooped collar puts the support between your shoulders where you need it to get the weight back up.
  • The back neck is scooped ultra low so your back can stick to the bench to help you arch with MAX upward power and movement.
  • APT's Custom tailors applied actual real reverse engineering with our own ideas and yours to come up with what we know as THE BEST BENCH PRESS SHIRT of its kind on the market to date.
  • Our single ply, closed back is within the rules of all single ply organizations.
  • Officially approved with WABDL, USPF, WNPF, SPF, NASA, APA, WPA, UPA,
    Canada's CPA, APF, AAPF, WPC, AWPC, Powerlifting Pride, SSA & more to come.

Sizing-Measure your chest under your arm pits and across your nipple line relaxed.  If you measure at a partial inch increment, round up to the next EVEN NUMBERED inch and ADD 2 INCHES.  This will be your shirt size. All shirts are made in 2 inch increments.  So if you measure 47.5", round up to 48" and add 2 more inches and this would be a 50" shirt that you need to order.

Warranty-12 Month Warranty on APT's APEX Bench Press Powerlifting Shirt against Blowouts or failure.  If you bench in this shirt other than trying it on for sizing and fit, no refunds or exchanges will be approved to include cutting the back open.  When you get your shirt, try it on for fit, if you need to exchange your APEX Powerlifting Bench Press shirt we will exchange it for a new size IF: it is not soiled, not chalked, not benched in, not trained/competed in or smells and or in our opinion abused.  Strict 30 day return from purchase date on exchanges for new sizing.

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