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Over the past few decades many have been looking for the ultimate workout program to get huge and or make huge gains overnight. In that time many have failed at countless routines and rather than examine the reason behind the failure they continue their desperate search for the next best thing. A lot of this is caused by the countless muscle enhanced heroes splattered across the numerous magazines available on the market today. With the headlines reading "GET BIG NOW" well how could anyone go wrong with that? Problem is, unless you are enhanced and or blessed with super human genetics most of the programs on the market today are crap.

So where does one go to find the perfect routine? Where is the answer? Well, that is easy, the answer lies within the boundaries of trial and error. Through this process I have came across what I feel can help jumpstart your workouts into something that will help you gain muscle and strength. Please remember that nothing works forever and with that in mind let's get started with a 4 week phase of 2nd Day Strong, well that's what I like to call it.

What is Second Day Strong? Well, just like it sounds; it is a second day workout of a muscle group that has been destroyed the day prior. Most will stop reading this now because of the fear that the magazines flooding the newsstands constantly print about overtraining. Most of the people that you see everyday in the gym crying about never getting anywhere or making any real gains are seriously undertrained not overtrained. With that being said, let's get back to the Second Day Strong routines.

With this routine you really need to focus four weeks on certain areas that are lagging behind; for me, that would be the Bench Press. My squat has always been up to par but I lag in the bench so my examples within this writing will relate to the bench press. This can be used for any exercise but should be focused on major movements such as the Bench, Squat and/or Deadlift; only for max reps. The concepts, as I already have stated, are simple: workout hard day one and then go back the next day and do it again; however, on day two you will attempt max repetitions in the 2-3 rep range. See the example below:

Day 1: Press Day

warm ups

Bench Press
10x5    2-3 min rest

DB Tri Ext
6-8 x 12  30 sec rest

Lat Raises
3x15    60 sec rest

5x 10
Day 2

warm up

Bench Press
20x2   3-5 min rest

Speed Bench / Bands
10 x 3   60 sec rest

After day two I can jump right into my leg routine on day three, then take two days off and repeat, starting the next workout with legs and nailing them with a similar style of training.

The second day is a lot shorter than day one, but it is nothing more than taking advantage of the situation I created with day one. Now, what I mean by that is simple; the first stage of actual overtraining is that one always gains strength, then of course, if continued at this pace would lose strength dramatically. However, taking advantage of the second day of training is intense and will help you pack on the size you want and condition the body to push itself more. The downside to this type of training is it really has to be brief or injuries could occur. That is why you have to really be focused on day two, and with that focus comes intensity, and with intensity will come the drive.

This program is not for the beginning athlete, you must have a solid understanding of working out before attempting this type of training but when you get here this will send you into a new growth stage that you may thought have never existed. Thanks for your time and I will see ya soon.

Daniel Conner

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