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Arnold classic 2006 results Schwarzenegger winner
See the winners below
Arnold classic 2006 results Schwarzenegger winner
Results and photos from http://www.arnoldclassic.com/

Arnold Classic 2006 Winners Results
Dexter Jackson won the 2006 Arnold Classic
  Branch Warren - 2nd Place and Most Muscular Award
  Victor Martinez - 3rd Place
  Gustavo Badell - 4th Place
  Melvin Anthony - 5th Place
  Lee Priest - 6th Place
Arnold Strongman Winners 2006 Results Arnold Classic
Zydrunas Savickas of Lithuania won four events to capture the Arnold Strongman
  Vasly Virastyuk - 2nd Place
  Mihkail Koklyaev - 3rd Place
  Phil Pfister - 4th Place
  Benedikt Magnusson - 5th Place
  Mariusz Pudzianowski - 6th Place
  Brian Siders - 7th Place
  Raimonds Bergmanis - 8th Place
  Dominic Filiou - 9th Place
  "Big Daddy" Glenn Ross - 10th Place

Powerlifting at the Arnold Classis 2006 Winners and Results

Position Name Weight Class Total Hometown
1 Dimitri Klokov 105 365 Russia
2 Donald Shankle 105 366 Wichita Falls, TX
3 Peter Stetsuik +105 363 Chernobol, Russia
4 Oleg Kechko 85 302 Belarus
5 John Harris 85 313 Saint Joseph, MO
6 Joe Fondale 105 313 Lebanon, PA
7 Chris Burzynski +105 330

Buffalo, NY 

Name Weight Class Total Reside
Aaron Cook 69 247 Kg Toledo OH
Jamie Mason 94 290 Kg Cincinnati OH
Jason Starks 105+ 315 Kg Houston TX
Jodi Wilhite Vaughn 53 155 Kg Flat Rock, WY
Sarah Bertram 62 168 Kg Salem, OR
Michael Calelly 77 250 Kg San Francisco, CA
Kevin Sofka 69 222 Kg Reason, MS

Ms. International Winners Arnold Classic 2006 results
Iris Kyle of Fullerton CA wins the Ms International Championship.
  Dayana Cadeau - 2nd
  Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia - 3rd
  Jitka Harazimova - 4th
  Betty Pariso - 5th
  Bonny Priest - 6th
Fitness International Winners arnold classic 2006 results
Adela Garcia of Austin, Texas wins the Fitness International Championship.
  Kimberley Klein - 2nd
  Jen Hendershott - 3rd
  Tracy Greenwood - 4th
  Julie Childs - 5th
  Tanji Johnson - 6th
Figure International Winners Aanold Classic 2006 results
Mary Elizabeth Lado of Metairie, La, wins the Figure International Championship.
  Monica Brant-Peckham - 2nd
  Amanda Savell- 3rd
  Chastity Slone - 4th
  Jane Awad - 5th
  Christine Pomponio-Pate - 6th
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