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Ashley Young Female Strongwoman
...and a big Sponsored APT Supporter!!!

I played DII college rugby for UMD for 3.5 years.  Helped found the team and was captain for several of those years.  My ankle was broken last year at Nationals in Flordia when a gal hooked my ankles in an illegal tackle.  I had surgery and they put in a metal plate and 5 screws.  I had been contemplating strongman for a year or more at that point and figured after the break that now was as good a time as any to jump in.  Rehab lasted from May to July. 
I started training for my first competition (River City Strongman in Richmond, VA) after physical therapy ended in late July.  I competed in September against 2 other women (there were actually 3 others there but one was a LW).  I got 2nd in the competition to a heavier and more experienced competitior and was pleased as there had only been a 1pt difference in the standings.  Also the competition had consisted of mostly static events which tended to favor the heavier competitor.  I qualified for nationals but opted not to go because I was not ready at that time.  My best event that day was the yoke squat for reps where I got 26 reps in a minute with a 350 yoke (partial squat...10-12'') to take first in that event.
My second competition was this May.  I flew out to Kansas to compete in Kansas Strongest Man.  There were 4 women total in the open class (I was the lightest at 160lbs).  The competition was close all day.  I ended up in a virtual tie for first place after coming in 2nd in two events and 1st in two events.  The other lady weighed 40-50lbs more than me so I won by weight.  The highlights of the comp were definitely winning the stones with a time of 22.10 seconds (100, 120, 150, 160, 170 stone weights) and winning the medley (farmers, yoke, jeep drag).  Top 3 finishers qualified for nationals in each class.  They haven't said when/where women's nationals are this year yet.
I'm looking at the following competitions for this summer:
July 21 - Teen Nationals/Midwest Open *depending on if they add a womens div as the promoter has talked about doing. (gold level)
August 18 - Wisconsin (Pro-Am)
August 25 - PA's Strongest Man  (gold level)

My stats are:
height: just under 5'7
weight: ~160
age: 24
location:  Maryland
occupation: physical therapy aide/trainer at a sports rehab clinic
Current best lifts...off the top of my head:
Conventional DL - (belt, chalk, mixed grip) 350 x 1  (new PR as of yesterday)
Barbell Push Press - 130 x 4
Farmers - 190 a hand for 50ft
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