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Bodybuilding Weight Lifting Interviews and Articles
Bodybuilding Weight Lifting Interviews and Articles
You'll like these!!

4/7/2005 Interview with Teen bodybuilder AJ Sims
Check out this interview with AJ Sims an amateur level Teen

Interview with IFBB Pro Jay Cutler

Hear this exclusive interview with Jay Cutler on Dave DePew's Fitness and Nutrition Hour.

7 Time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman
Interview with 7 time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman

Jason Arntz


John Hansen
Natural Bodybuilder John Hansen is a 2 time Mr. Natural Universe and a Mr. Natural Olympia and has established himself as a leader to natural bodybuilders all over the world.

John joins us to promote the sport of Natural Bodybuilding and his new book "Natural Bodybuilding"


1st Mr. Olympia Larry Scott

Larry Scott the first Mr. Olympia on the show!

Meet Mr. Larry Scott my first personal trainer.






How to use the Westside Powerlifting Method for Bodybuilding
Westside Barbell Method for Bodybuilding? Yes that's right!

Strength Coach Louie Simmons the innovator of the Westside Barbell Method tells us how to use his systems to build more muscle hypertrophy for Bodybuilding.


1/19/2005 Interview with Strongwoman Julie Havelka
Julie Havelka (more...)

1/14/2005 Interview with Top Female Powerlifter Lizabeth Willett
Lizabeth Willett (more...)

1/13/2005 Interview with the "Blond Bommer" Dave Draper
While Dave Draper might be too humble to admit it, he has been a huge influence on some of the biggest names in bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman training. Dave is a writer and author and has helped to motivate strength coaches and athletes all over the world. He struggles in life, triumphs and personal relationship with Jesus Christ is an inspiration to me and I am sure he will be to you the more you get to know of him. (more...)

Strongman Training to improve sports performance with Everett Personal Trainer C.J. Murphy
Everett, MA Personal Trainer C.J. Murphy revels why he uses strongman training to train his clients.
How to use the Westside Powerlifting Method to build Powerful Football Players with New Jersey Personal Trainer Joe DeFranco
New Jersey Personal Trainer Joe DeFranco is one of the country's most highly sought after performance enhancement specialists. This is due to his reputation throughout the country for producing extraordinary results with his athletes. These results have not come by accident. Joe's academic background, coupled with his "in the trenches" experience, has proven to be a recipe for success.


The West Side Barbell Method Volume 1 with Strength Coach Louie Simmons

One of only 6 lifters to total Elite in 5 weight classes, Strength Coach Louie Simmons is no stranger to the lifting community. For the last 27 years Louie Simmons has totaled elite in various powerlifting organizations. He is the only lifter over 50 years of age to squat 920 and total 2,100.


Breakthrough Strength Training with Strength Coach Christian Thibaudeau

Christian Thibaudeau is a world renowned strength & conditioning specialists who has worked with high level athletes from various sports; ranging from figure skaters to football players. He has an extensive athletic background, having competed in Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, strongmen competitions, bodybuilding, golf, football and hockey. He is a popular speaker and authored two widely acclaimed books: The Black Book of Training Secrets and Theory and Application of Modern Strength and Power Methods. The later having been described as the best book ever written on strength & power training by elite coaches Brian Grasso and Chris Scarsbrough. He is also a full time writer for the bodybuilding/strength training magazine Testosterone.net.


Natural Bodybuilder John Hansen
Natural Bodybuilder John Hansen is a 2 time Mr. Natural Universe and a Mr. Natural Olympia and has established himself as a leader to natural bodybuilders all over the world.


Natural Bodybuilder Skip La Cour

Natural Bodybuilder Skip La Cour has established himself as a leader in the bodybuilding world with his outstanding physique and by unselfishly communicating his training philosophies to others. I am pleased to have Skip as a guest on my radio show.


Natural Bodybuilders Jeff Willet and Derik Farnsworth

Dave DePew and Co-hosts Jeff Kotterman & Matthew Ceglie Interview IFBB Pro Bodybuilders Jeff Willet and Derik Farnsworth about their carriers as Natural Bodybuilders.


Bodybuilding Weight Lifting Interviews and Articles
Bodybuilding Weight Lifting Interviews and Articles
You'll like these!!

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