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Car Deadlift, Truck Deadlift Bar on a Geo Metro
Clint Darden demonstrates the Car Deadlift for his event.

Bluegrass Strongman 10 July Murray, KY. Competition Promoted by:
Clint Darden

The Joker Inc / APT Prowriststraps Car Deadlift set up came in this evening and it looks pretty darn cool.  We may make another small modification or two on it between now and contest day, but still plan on it being very heavy.  Right now the handles are palms facing and exactly 18" from the ground.  There is a chance that I may have the athletes stand on a small platform which will make it between 16-17" from the ground but I will have to see how it works in training on Wednesday and Sunday.  I tried it tonight with the Geo Metro loaded on it and was pretty easy.  To me, it felt similar to picking up a pair of 140-150 pound farmers from 18".  It did not feel really heavy right off the ground but it did seem to get heavier the farther that I pulled.  Then I added 90 pounds to the set up and it did feel like quite a bit more weight.  Everything will be ironed out on it pretty soon so that everyone will know how it will feel on contest day.  Just plan on training heavy for this event.  Some of the best deadlifters may get quite a few reps, but I do not believe that everyone will.
Some people have been training this event with a trap bar from 18", and that may be the best way to train it at home.  Don't forget that http://www.prowriststraps.com/ is paying $50 CASH to the winner of each division in this event IF they wear a pair of straps from them.  Their straps are VERY good quality and really pretty cheap too.  Email me and I will send you information on how to get a 25% discount on ALL of their products for the Bluegrass contest
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