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Chen Teen Weight Lifter & Bodybuilder

M name is CHEN,and i am in 10th grade,i moved to alabama since i was 14,but i start it to lifting weight weight since 15 and for some reason i am like the strongest one in the whole sophomore and juniors,i starting to lifting weight since 1 years ago,but it was football got me start it to lifting weight,and i found out that i really good at it,so i just keep doing it,but it wasnt no bodybuilding til one day i saw there is a really big guy on the magzine,his name is gustavo badell,and i said to myself i am ganna look like that one day,so i start it to training,and trying to get all the bodybuilding information from the internet,i now bench 320 and squat 640 and dead lift 350,it sounds kinda crazy,but yeah,thats all the hard work paying off,and if you ever wanna dicuss some bodybuilding things with me,welcome anytime,my email is spfb35243@yahoo.com jefferson35216@aol.com god that my muscle is always grow so well,and thank PROWRISTSTRAPS giving the chance to show it off on here

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