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Cheryl Anderson from Petite Powerlifter www.PetitePowerlifter.com

Cheryl Anderson is a HUGE supporter of APT Powerlifting Gear

Cheryl is a huge supporter of APT and her Husband/
Trainer supports APTs famous LOGO T-shirt

Cheryl Anderson is one tough and sexy lady who is into it all!

316 lbs. deadlifted at The Gym just before IPF Women's Worlds

Cheryl Anderson also one sexy and hot Model!

Cheryl can go from Powerlifter to a hot modle in about 2 seconds.

Born: May 25, 1975 in Brooklyn, New York

Height: 5'0"

Competition Weight Classes and Division: 97 lb. and 105 lb., Women's Open

Current Residence: South St. Paul, Minnesota

Career: Communications Consultant for Northwest Airlines World Headquarters.
Also a freelance webmaster, web designer and developer; model and actress;
and proud mom of an incredible kid.

Gym: THE GYM Training Center - Plymouth, and THE PRESS GYM - Little Canada,

Began Lifting: Serious and consistent full-power meet training began in late
2002 and full-meet competition in early 2003 (a few bench meets in 1996,
2000, and 2002).

Best Lifts in the 97 lb. class (in lbs.):
   Best Competition Squat:  260 (4/2006)
   Best Competition Bench: 172 (9/2006)
   Best Competition Deadlift: 325 (5/2006)
   Best Powerlifting Total: 740 (4/2006)

Best Lifts in the 105 lb. class:
   Best Competition Squat:  281 (12/2006)
   Best Competition Bench: 176 (12/2006)
   Best Competition Deadlift: 331 (2/2007)
   Best Powerlifting Total: 783 (2/2007)

Some of My Best Lifting Accomplishments:
   USAPL Open American Record Holder - Bench Press, 97 lb. class
   2008 Arnold Classic Pro Deadlift Competition nomination/alternate
   2007 IPF Open World Team Member
   2007 and 2005 USAPL Women's Nationals Champion
   2006 USAPL #1 Ranking in 97 and 105 lb. classes
   2006 Powerlifting USA Magazine #1 Ranking in 97 lb. class - all
   2005 IPF Women's Worlds Bronze Overall Medalist with Silver in Bench
   2004 WABDL World Champion, Bench Press and Deadlift
   2003 AAU American Invitational Silver Medalist at the Olympic Training
   2000 USAPL Bench Press Nationals Champion
   Elite Lifter Classification within first year of full power training and
   National, Regional, and State Record Holder in USAPL, WABDL, and APA-WPA
Cheryl Anne Anderson
"The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world." - Alexander Solzhenitsyn
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