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Chris Janek AFL Powerlifter
Sponsosred by APT Pro Gear

Powerlifter and Arena Football Player Chris Janek

Chris Janek Utah Blaze Powerlifter Critical Bench

Arena Football Player & Off Season Powerlifter Chris Janek Discusses His Recent Competition
Interviewed by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com - December 2008

CRITICAL BENCH: Chris, welcome to Critical Bench. It is great to have you here. You just squatted 1 grand at the SPF Record Breakers in Tennessee. How did you enjoy the meet?

I wanna first start off and say thanks to CriticalBench.com for helping me out this year so that I could compete at the SPF Record Breakers Meet in Chattanooga, TN. My performance at the meet went OK in my eyes. I had a bigger total projected. I ended up with 1,000 lb Squat, 700 Bench and 725 Deadlift for a 2425 Total in the 308 Pound Weight Class.

 CRITICAL BENCH: How long is the Arena Football season and how does it impact your powerlifting?

I play Arena Football 7-months out of the year then get back into training for about a month. Then for about 4-months I go heavy and get used to the gear. I'm still a rookie and need to learn the gear out and the little techniques. Once I get more time to focus on these I feel that I will compete with the top ranked guys.

CRITICAL BENCH: What was the atmosphere like during the meet?

The atmosphere was awesome. Jesse (SPF President) does an unbelievable job putting these meet on. It was crazy!

CRITICAL BENCH: How did it feel to squat over 1000lbs?

I did more in training and wanted 1050. However, that's what next year is for. I have a chip on my shoulder from now till the next meet.

CRITICAL BENCH: Even though you squatted 1000lbs, it must be harder to prepare for this meet than other powerlifters would have to.

As I said previously I really don't have the luxury these big name guys have. About 8-months a year I'm either in football and trying to maintain strength or just getting back in heavy weights.

CRITICAL BENCH: How did people respond when they heard about your performance?

The people at the meet were awesome. Jesse Rodgers, Wade Johnson, Glenn Baggot, Melissa Garett, Pitbull Searcy, Sam Byrd were just a few I met and briefly and talked to. They were all extremely helpful, very cool and very strong people. I think my training partners Putt Houston and Randy Presswood were happy. I'm going to do more next time. MORE NEXT TIME.

CRITICAL BENCH: Did the meet light a fire in you for your next meets?

It definitely lit a fire. I've always lifted heavy and always wanted to put it on paper and sway away from the people in my town that claim they can lift this or that. I will be looking forward to the next meet CriticalBench.com sends me to.

CRITICAL BENCH: You train MMA fighters and hockey players. Do you enjoy it?

Love it. I have been personal training and been a strength coach for the last 9-years. My clientele has grown tremendously, mainly through word of mouth. I train everyone from girls soccer to MMA. That is my true passion. I want an easy transition from football to possibly opening a facility to train athletes.

CRITICAL BENCH: How is football going?

Football is back in full swing. I took a week off after the met and now I'm back to the running, agilities, plyo's and other fun stuff. Our season is scheduled to start late February.

CRITICAL BENCH: What did you do after the meet was over and what were your thoughts before you arrived at the meet?

After the meet, I thought that I just have to do better next year. I need to spend more time in gear. To lift the weights I know I can do. My thoughts before the meet was "FOOD". I have never had to cut weight in my life. Even when I wrestled I was heavy weight and was always at least 5-pounds under. I went a whole 24-hours with no food or liquids.

CRITICAL BENCH: What did you learn about yourself while preparing for this meet?

To be more prepared before you step on the platform.

CRITICAL BENCH: What will you remember most about this meet?

Having fun with the crew and looking forward to the next meet!

CRITICAL BENCH: Chris it has been an impressive performance. Although we are wowing at your performance, I guess that the Chris Janek Monster is not done! We are looking forward to what you will achieve next. Have a kick-ass football season with the Utah Blaze.

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