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Article provided to APT by:
Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan: Elite Bodybuilding, the Fast Lane, and the Life: http://www.mmsfitness.com/forum/announcement.php?f=11&a=52

Elite Bodybuilding, the Fast Lane, and the Life
In Recent Events surrounding Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan

We often here of celebrities from the big screen to sports stars and how they live life in the fast lane and they usually end up in the news in some embarrassing story which is unfortunate.  One of the more recent stories we remember from the fast lifestyle of sports figures was the "Sex Boat Scandal" haunting the Minnesota Vikings.  We also remember the flamboyant lifestyle that Dennis Rodman (formerly of the Chicago Bulls) lived and partied.  There are also musicians who are surrounded with controversy as to the lifestyles such as Michael Jackson (sexually related criminal charges) or many others who have OD'd or had been murdered such as Dimebag Darrell (formerly of Pantera).  Actors and actresses are not immune from such problems either.  Probably these reports make the news because these people already live in the spotlight, but there is something to be said for fame and fortune that may not be a grand story at all.  Pride and the feeling of being untouchable because of fame is a terrible thing.  Did these people who are constantly making the news have that lifestyle prior to getting in trouble or only when the money and notoriety presented itself?  Some of these things that happen to famous people are tragic and some are just preposterous.  The deaths of Buddy Holly, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and the murder of Dimebag Darrell would be tragedies, but other deaths such as Kurt Cobain I would consider as being "unnecessarily stupid."

The most recent story about life in the fast lane surrounds the murder investigation that plagues Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan.  Sure, there have been rumors afloat about them leading a very sexual lifestyle that exceeds mainstream America, but rumors are still rumors unless you know someone who can corroborate it from personal experience.  These two athletes were probably not very wealthy compared to many celebrities, but certainly in their on niche, they were famous.

A breakdown of the story as it unfolded:

December 21, 2005:  This is when a small portion of the public first becomes aware by a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department briefing saying that Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan had no-bail arrest warrants issued on them while a 23 year old Anthony Gross had already been booked as an accessory for these murders and arson.

For those that may not be fully aware of the incident, a trucker driving down State Route 160 outside of Las Vegas, NV spotted a car fire on Sandy Valley Road in the early morning hours of December 14, 2005.  A body of a female, 28 year old Melissa James, was found in the trunk of a 2003 Jaguar.  She was reported to have been living with Titus and Ryan.

December 22, 2005:  News of the arrest warrant and man-hunt for Titus and Ryan had already been shown on local Las Vegas news media outlets.

The initial video coverage can be seen by clicking this link:


Stories later became revealed that Ms. James was involved in a love triangle between Titus and Ryan (reportedly an affair with Titus and Ryan knew nothing of this affair).  Later, on December 23, 2005 they were arrested in Boston, MA.  The news story as well as a video report can be seen at this link:


Media reports have abounded about this case as well as on message boards across the internet.  At one time Titus claimed that roid rage was a farce, but reports have come out that he could very well use roid rage as his defense.  There is a great deal of information yet to be seen amidst all of the fact and hype surrounding the case though including reports of heavy cocaine addiction that never has been fully substantiated yet or may have been but is being kept out of public news.  

Another link for the MSNBC Abram's Report video interview with Titus' lawyer defending Titus against an extradition from Massachusetts to Las Vegas:


For a Fox News link video concerning the news story click below:


The rumors still abound even during this case.  There has been information that has leaked from the investigation that there is a sexual video that links both Titus and Ryan to Ms. James (the victim) and another unidentified female taken from the year 2002 (http://www.flexonline.com/news/109).  However, there is no proof publicly beyond speculation that Melissa James is on this tape with Titus or Ryan (just another girl), even though it does supposedly show Titus and Ryan together on the tape.  People may say that dragging a personal life or lifestyle into the courtroom is appalling and unprofessional, but then again, motives are almost always personal and lifestyle driven (whether it is sex, money, blackmail, or all of the above as an example).  To my knowledge, this video has not been made readily available online yet.  There is a bedroom video with Kelly Ryan, but this has been requested by many and yet does not apparently have anything to do with the case:


In retrospect not dependent of the case of this situation follows with this question..

Q?  Fame, fortune, notoriety and all things related seems to have a focus on fast lifestyles that tend to get people into trouble eventually.  Why is this different than people living outside of the cover of the media and paparazzi?

A:  In all honesty and according to my humble opinion, there is no new sin that has ever been created.  Some people may be given opportunities to be in situations due to their own fortune that allows them to become caught up in lifestyles and presented choices to do what they wish based on their desires, but in reality, these things happen on a daily basis with normal people as well.

Perhaps Titus and Ryan will be found "not guilty beyond reasonable doubt" since there has not be a true eye witness, even though a tremendous amount of circumstantial evidence is already in place, but these things happen seemingly on a daily basis as well in the general public.  Whether it is Rodman, Titus, or the Vikings defensive line, one thing to keep in mind for all people is simply this bit of wisdom:

"I have kept my feet from every evil path so that I might obey your word."  Psalms 119: 101 NIV

Keeping things that are wrong or may lead us to temptation is very wise to place away from us.  It is one thing to have desires, but to allow those things which tempt us to be before us every day may not be wrong, but perhaps unwise.  Everyone including myself has temptations that push us beyond what we can tolerate, and I'm sure those things are true for everyone whether it is a professional athlete, a silver screen beauty, or just the average Joe Schmoe.  More people, famous or not, would do well to not place things before them that will bring them temptation to do wrong.  If you wish to be famous, learn your limitations on the inside, in your heart and in your soul, otherwise you run the risk of being infamous.



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