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Daniel Conner Powerlifter Strongman
And a BIG supporter of APT and what we offer!

Daniel Conner Pro Powerlifter
5-26-06 - 1000# squat@ 200 b.w.- gym lift
6-19-06 - 1015# squat@ 200 b.w- gym lift
7-24-06 - 1020# squat@ 200 b.w- gym lift

Strongman Daniel Conner on the Incline Log press!!

Son Daniel " John Boy " Conner deadlifting 60 # for reps at 5 years old,
he can go heavier but  check out the knee wraps - APT all the way,
he actually used my wrist wraps.

Daniel Conner
Decatur , Il
age - 31
5 ft 6 in.
current weight 200
comp weight 180
best lifts in competition
bench only 10-11-04 - 615# @180 b.w
full meet 10-18-04 -
 bench 635#
 dead- 700#
squat- out
all done at 180#
 currently lifting for the IPF in the 200# class
 former strongman competitor
2001 and 2002 Southern Illinois Strongest Man
best lifts in strongman
300# log press
810# deads off rack

Daniel Conner is Sponsored by APT for a reason, Read Below!!
Herald & Review/Lisa Morrison
Daniel Conner recently accomplished one of his goals after being able to lift 1,000 pounds.
Article provided by the www.Heraldandreview.com

DECATUR ? Daniel Conner is built like a pocket Samson, puts his faith in God and sometimes bleeds from the deep brown eyes no Philistine would dare to put out.

His head is also shaved but, unlike the biblical strongman, Conner's strength isn't tied to hairy excess. At 5 foot 6 and 220 pounds, he says he doesn't use steroids, either, growing his muscles with six-day-a-week training sessions in a Decatur backyard gym he built himself.

"My eyes have bled from the corners and trickled down my face while benching some enormous weights," explains Conner, who now uses a custom-fashioned bar after "horseshoeing" several stock versions while lifting. "And I keep smelling salts handy, in case I start to go out."

He's turned "no pain, no gain" into a divine mission statement and says there is deep satisfaction to be lifted from the aches and strains of mining a lifting talent he believes comes straight from God. "I give all the credit to him," says Conner, 31. "Ever since I found Christ and started feeling better about myself, my strength has increased. The real power in life comes from prayer and faith."

We've met Conner several years ago, back in the days  when he was doing strongman-type competitions made glorious by ESPN and used to run around towing cars behind him. He's moved on since then, picked up some sponsors ? APT's Pro Wrist Straps and AtLarge Nutrition, which feeds his bulk ? and now seeks honors in the muscle mainstream of powerlifting,  where competitors set world records and get themselves splashed over magazine covers.

Right now, he can hoist 850 pounds doing the squat-style lift "in the raw" without using any of the special belts, shirts or knee wraps powerlifters employ to assist their bodies. Wearing the appropriate equipment, he's hit 1,000 pounds ? that's half a bleeding ton ? in training and plans to do it again in front of an audience at an exhibition he's been invited to in Georgia in July. "I'll hit that easy, and possibly more," says Conner.

Then, if he can meet the financial strain, it's off to Italy in October, where he's been invited to an International Powerlifting Federation competition where world fame beckons.

"The world record squat is 1,220 pounds, and I will do 1,300 pounds in Italy," he adds. "I pray a lot, I dedicate all my lifts to Jesus, and that way I cannot be intimidated by all those weights, and I'm not scared of them."

Conner attends Decatur's First Church of the Nazarene, where senior pastor, the Rev. Tim Crump, oversees the strongman's program for developing his spiritual sinews. "I think one of the things that Dan recognized is that in himself he is strong, but I think he found a strength that is stronger than he is," the pastor explains. "Dan is a work in progress."

Conner's mom, Georgia, has watched the steady progress. "He definitely leans on his faith," she says. "It's what keeps him going, and I believe that he can now do just about anything he puts his head to."

More sponsorship wouldn't hurt, though, as her son pursues his ever-loftier weightlifting goals, and it may be high time that Bengay shouldered its share of the financial responsibility. Conner is certainly doing his bit to elevate their bottom line by going through three giant tubes a month of a powerfully mint-scented version of the rub for aching muscles.

"It works for me, and I'm used to the smell," he says. "But I gag everybody else around me."


My name is Daniel Conner , and I am a 32 year old powerlifter and strongman from Decatur, IL and have some big numbers under my belt as of late such as a 635# Bench @ 181 and an 1085# squat @ 220. I have been lifting weights seriously since I was 18 years of age. It has became a lifestyle for me and I make it a big part of my life to not just lift the weights but find new and better ways to make a program work . When I am not lifting weights and I am a father of 3 beautiful kids, 2 girls 12 and 9 named Amber and Brittany and a 6 year old boy who is a future Worlds Strongest Man Daniel "John Boy "Conner ".

I got into lifting weights because I was always as little as a youth and wanted that to change. I always wanted to be strong as I can remember watching the Strongest man competitions with my father on the television and telling him, "Daddy I can do that ". So it wasn't until I met Michael Janetzky at the age of 18 who made all of this weight room madness start to happen. It was like he triggered something in my brain that made helped me get where I am today, so thanks Mike.

So what have I learned up to this point in weightlifting? Wow Ok lets see for one do not buy into the get big quick programs on the market today. If you really want to get big you got to work and work hard for it and take in good supplements as well. That's where I found VPX. I started with the REDLINE® for extra energy then moved on to the NO SHOTGUN? and the ZERO CARB® PROTEIN and my muscle growth and strength took off.

I am glad to have the opportunity to share my knowledge of lifting with everyone with VPX since they are the ones that helped me reach my goals. In future articles I will share with everyone some of my training routines that have helped me get where I am in a hurry. I am a guy who wants something straight forward no beating around the bush so that's what I want to give you the reader. SO stay tuned to this newsletter for more exciting and in depth articles as I spill out the truth about weightlifting and my progress.

Thank you all for your time and I will see you soon,

Daniel Conner

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