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 Danny Padilla 

Danny Padilla Bodybuilder Weight Lifter
The Giant Killer, Excellent Photos here.
Danny is a HUGE supporter of APT Pro Gear!!

1975 IFBB Mr. USA, The 1977 IFBB Mr. America and to finish in the "top ten" at the IFBB Night of the Champions and the IFBB Mr. Olympia (including the Masters Olympia) nine separate times

Danny Padilla is A piece of Bodybuilding History BAR NONE!!!!


Danny, born Dennis "Danny" Padilla on April 3, 1951, the sixth child to Ramon and Frances Padilla who are of Hispanic decent. When Danny was just seven years old he had a dream to one day make the Padilla name famous. While out shopping one day with his father, Danny came across one of Joe Weider's muscle magazines. He looked through the pages and saw such names as Dave Draper and Larry Scott. These guys were on the cover of every magazine. They looked great and everyone wanted to have their autographs and pictures taken with them. Danny said to himself, this is IT, this is how I am going to become famous. Danny immediately asked his father for fifty cents to purchase the magazine and that is how the seed was planted to bodybuilding greatness.

The magazine stated that the first step to becoming one of the guys on the cover was to buy the bodybuilding courses for just a mere 25 cents with a mail in coupon. For 25 cents, Danny received an introduction to training, a picture of a few bodybuilders and the actual price list for the bodybuilding courses - $25.95. After receiving the courses, Danny realized that he needed the work-out equipment to build his body properly. Unfortunately being a child out of a family of 10 meant that money was limited. He couldn't afford the weights, supplements or protein powders as the book suggested.

This didn't stop Danny, he was hungry, ready and determined to make his dream a reality. Danny began lifting with make-shift equipment such as using the water pipes in his basement as a chin-up bar; hand me down weights from his older brother; weights made out of sewer cap covers on the end of old pipes; and a wooden bench with a crate of rocks at each end, that he made himself.

Danny was a great athlete in high school. He excelled at basketball, wrestling, football and his favorite gymnastics. All of the high school coaches were in awe of his athletic ability in every sport. When asked to participate, Danny always responded with a confident and assertive answer, of I can't, I am training to be Mr. America. In his Junior year he finally agreed to join the high school's gymnastics team but the team had lost its funding for that budget year. Danny then threw himself into training without looking back or considering to do anything else. He fell in love with the feeling and response he got from training. Danny as well as others noticed that he had the perfect genetics for bodybuilding, he could touch a weight and grow. In 1969, he was entered into the "Mr. Rochester" bodybuilding competition at the age of 17 and won, the first of his age to win this title. The rest is history, if you are unfamiliar with the Giant Killer, or simply want to relive the moments, view the HIStory page to walk through the highlights of Danny's career, told by Danny himself.

Today at the age of 52, Danny can be found in his hometown of Rochester, New York. Danny is currently working through his rehabilitation from quintuple bypass heart surgery that he had on January 1, 2003. The rehabilitation is a slow and painful process but Danny continues to persevere. Danny hopes that he will be well enough to start training to participate in a Mr. Olympia Masters. This is a title that he still has yet to achieve, and as determined as he is, he will achieve it.


Danny forms a piece of Bodybuilding history for a reason.
Visit Danny and check out his web site for some real
bodybuilding information, photos and history.
 Be sure to tell Danny that Alan from APT sent you!!

Photographer Ed Taylor covered the 1981 Olympia for Iron Man Magazine. Last year he wrote to Danny and sent him some never-before-seen photos from that show. He has now contacted Dan again with two more stunning back shots from the same contest.
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