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David Edgell Utah WABDL and TEAM
Big Supporters of APT Pro Gear

APT Pro Gear Custom Built Lifting Straps,....always get the job done,....See below

David Edgell, finishing a 725 deadlift. I won the WABDL Worlds SHW Submaster in 2007 plus I have most of the APF and AAPF SHW American deadlift records, and a USPF SHW American deadlift record.

William Mott is seting up for what would be an opening attempt at a contest with a weight of 715lbs. William is the WABDL World record holder in the 308 Open Men Deadlift.

Jon Cunningham. According to Powerlifting USA Jon is the #1 ranked Master 181 bench presser in the country for the last two years in a row. What is his pressing secret? Pulling! Nothing stabilizes a bench like having a strong back. You don't see monster benchers with small backs! Here Jon is pulling 805! Not bad for suffering a full pectoral tendon rupture in December! (His surgery and surgeon were amazing.)

Sheldon Mabey. Sheldon is new to the competition scene and is adding strength weekly. His photo has him readying to pull on 895.

Dawn Richards. Dawn is the single most explosive athlete I have ever seen. She currently weighs 245 and can jump up and toe touch like cheerleaders do. Dawn pulling 8 plates per side for a total weight of 805lbs (the inner two plates are 55lb Ivanko (25kilo) plates.

Dawn wrapping up for a 895 pull. Dawn's best pull is 985. She is a multiple time WABDL world champion. She has pulled over 500 several times in training, but has yet to set that mark in competition. She currently benches 375, but her passion is strongman (at which she is truely a freak).

17 year old 148lb Ryan Lund. Before Ryan did this pull of 895 he did a full deadlift of 445 which would have been a WABDL world record last year. He is in a dogfight in his weight category this year, but should end the year with the world record. His best pull to date was 475 three weeks ago which is better than the current WABDL world record.

43 year old Robert Bills. Robert just started hitting the iron again about 4 months ago. He took off because of a bad work chedule. Robert is 6'5" and competes in the 242 class. He is pulling 895 in this pic, and later pulled 1005 his first time over 1/2 ton! Sorry but the 1005 pic is very dark.

Tyler Roessler. Tyler is a 22year old Junior class lifter that stands 6'3" and weighs 340+. He deadlifted 655 last night and in his pic the 12 plates per side give a total weight of 1165lbs. That is as much weight as we have room for on this special 30mm bar. Any more weight comes in the form of bands.

David Edgell. I am on my way up to the lock out with 1165. I am 6'0" and weight 339.  In both of these pics the weight went up quickly and the grip didn't slip due to the great holding power of the APT Liffting Straps.

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