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Dianas World at http://www.dianasworld.com/ is full of HOT Sexy and
Talented photos!!  Diana also is featured at http://www.gungirls.com/
Check it out, you won't be sorry!

Mikki Chernoff's website, "Potential Playmate", http://www.mikkiandhermates.com/
Playboy "Superbowl Party 38" Hostess Jan. 31-04
Playboy 50th Anniversary (Playmate Search) on Playboy Station, Nov.13-03
The Playboy Channel, (50th Anniversary-filmed), 2003
Playboy 50th Anniversary (Fashion Shows), Jillians, May 6/03

Dianas World at http://www.dianasworld.com/Diana is Super Sexy and So So Elegant!
Diana also is featured at http://www.gungirls.com/ check out the calendar!
Check it out, you will be back for more!

Coors Light (MP3 Challenge) Aug 22,27 05
Bud Light Promo (Exxon Promo) July 29,05
Low Rider Show (smokeless tobacco) July 24, 05
Crown Liquor (Xrated Vodka) July 16th Sept 3, 05
Mexican Maxim Party (body paint model) July 14 05
Coors Light (Cold Confession) July8,9,15,23,30 Aug 3, 05
Hawaiian Tropics (The Boat Show), June 11-05
Specs, (Xrated Vodka), promo, June 10,17,24&25,July1,2, Aug19,20 Sep2,3 05
The North Texas Rock Rally, (Biker Babe), June 4-05
The Dugout, (Jim Bean), promo, May 29-05
Yokohanna Grill, (Xrated Vodka), promo, May 28-05
The Ralston, (Xrated Vodka), promo, May 27-05
Faust Distributing Co., (Coors), promo, May 19-05
Sirius One Radio Station, promo, Mother's Day, May 8-05
The Cellar (Xrated Vodka), promo, May 7-05
Specs (Xrated Vodka), promo, May 6,13-05
Heineken (Cinco De Mayo), promo, May 5-05
Specs (Caramel Vodka), promo, April 23-05
Longwood Golf Tournament (Coors Light), promo, April 20-05
NHRA Show (Extreme Models), promo, April 10-05
Yamin Motorcycle (Taghi Men's Store), promo, March 31-05
Coors Light (St. Patrick's Day), March 17-05
Red Star Nightclub (hostess), March 6-05
Houston Rodeo 2005 (Miller Light), promo, March 2,5,&9-05
Coors Light (Superbowl 2005) Feb. 6-05
Heineken (Club Hush and The Drink), promo, Dec. 4-04
Black Expo Convention (Coors Light), promo, Sept. 16-04
Ace Liquor (Alice White Wine), promo, Aug. 3-04
Proctor & Gamble Crest, (Spinning Toothbrush), promo,   July,Aug,Sept,Oct. 28-04
Specs, (Alice White, Merlot), July 17-04
Miller Light (Baseball promo) July 9-13-04
Havana Club (Miller Light promo), July 8-04
Houston Sports News (All Fiesta Party), promo, July 1-04
Rush Concert (Miller Light Taste Challenge), June 27-04
Absolut Vodka (Vanillia, Manderin), May, June, July -04
Senoritas Salsa (Fiesta), promo, May 22-04
Freedom Ranch (Tex Star Motors),promo, May 9-04
Houston Motor Speedway (Hawaiian Tropics), promo, May 8-04
Splenda Sugar Substitute, promo, May 6-04
Miller Light (Cinco De Mayo), May 5-04
Alice White Wine, Ventage Wine, (Fiesta), liquor promo, Dec 23&31-03
Buzzfest, (24 Hour Fitness), promo, Oct. 11-03
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