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Ed Ferrara Bodybuilder and Huge APTPro Gear supporter!

Bodybuilder Ed Ferrara shows you what a ton of dedication can do!!!

I've always had two dreams in life, to be a pilot and to be a bodybuilder.  I took my first flying lesson at age 15, washing dishes at a local "greasy spoon" to pay for flying lessons.  Today, I fly the 757 and 767 for Delta.  My older brother, Billy, was a big bodybuilding fanatic, and he taught me the basics of weight-training when I was 19, in 1983.  I've trained for 24 years of my  life now.  In the beginning it was haphazard, as I worked my way through college and some very low-paying and time-consuming flying jobs.  But over the years, I got more and more serious about my training.  After my progress began to stagnate, I finally realized how important diet is and began to monitor that, and I really began to grow. 
Flying airplanes for a living is not a very compatible job with bodybuilding, with some long days, time zone changes, short layovers.  But I bid my trips so that I can usually train on the road.  This gives me a great variety, training at different gyms across the country, often finding different equipment than my gym in So. Cal. has, allowing me to really keep mixing it up.  Eating right on the road can be a real challenge, as any bodybuilder who's ever set foot in a food court at a major airport would know!  I bring alot of bars and powders with me and improvise alot with the airport food, peeling the skin off of chicken breasts, and so on.
Though I never planned on competing, my friends in Orlando, where I used to live, really began pushing me to compete.  So, I made it my goal to compete before turning 40, doing my first show in 2003, at age 39.  I was hooked.  Since then, I've continued to add mass, now approaching 300# offseason and competing as a Superheavyweight.  I'll usually do a Level-5 regional show, followed by a National show.  I'm not sure if I'll ever garner a IFBB pro card at my age, but every time I meet my goals, I raise the bar again!  Doing the most with what you've got is the biggest reward for any bodybuilder, and I think that's why I've never gotten that cocky attitude that alot of guys have.  The real reward is knowing you've given it all you could.
-Ed Ferrara
Los Angeles, California

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