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Felicia Bruno www.Feliciabruno.com
Felicia Bruno Is Elegantly Talented, Sexy and Super HOT
Check out Felicias photos below and let her know what you think!!

Show Updates:
2006 NPC Jr Nationals-16Th
2006 NPC Nationals-16Th
2007 Arnold Classic-7Th
2007 Lone Star-5Th

First of all I would like to Thank my husband Ron for believing in me and encouraging me on this wonderful journey, You are my rock and support and I love you dearly for the man that you are. Thank you for always being there. ALWAYS!

My family for all their support and sacrifices they have made for me. Even at times when they didn't understand.

Micah Hooker my trainer who puts up with me day in and out. Thank You for pushing me to get to the next level, and listening to me complain.

Amy Peters for helping me achieve my goals with posing,diet, insight to this industry and opening the door for great opportunities for me. You have become a great friend and huge role model for me. I could never Thank You enough.

Birthdate: March 22 
Birthplace: Ft. Worth, Texas 
Current Residence: Austin Texas 
Height: 5'9'' 
Weight: 140 
Eyes: Blue 
Hair: Blond 
Profession: Personal Trainer 
Status: Married to Ron 
Hobbies: shopping, water skiing 
Favorite Colors: Brown, Red, Pink 
Music: Rap and Hip Hop 
TV Show: Will and Grace and Saturday Night Live 
Favorite saying: To give up means you never really wanted it 
Favorite Diet Food: egg whites and oatmeal 
Favorite cheat food: pizza and cheesecake 
What are your goals in Figure? To achieve my pro card and to be on a cover of a magazine. 
What is most important for future figure competitors to know? Work hard and know its a journey for yourself to learn who you are and what you can achieve. When you win a show its just icing on the cake.

2005-IFBB North American Championships Class D 12Th place
2005-NPC National Figure Championships- Class F-11Th place 
2005-NPC Junior National Figure Class D-16Th place 
2005-NPC Lone Star Classic Figure Class D-2DNA place 
2005-NPC Lone Star Classic Figure -Masters Figure 1st place 
2004-NPC Red River Classic Figure- Class Tall-1st place 
2004-NPC Red River Classic Masters Figure 1st place 
2004-NPC Heart of Texas Figure -Figure tall 2ND place 
2004_NPC Heart of Texas Figure - 3rd place


Physical fitness has always been my life. I truly believe bodybuilding and my personal favorite figure competition, posses the greatest athletes and I made the decision years ago to become one.


My first step in the process was to in thrust myself into researching and learning about physical fitness and the sport of bodybuilding, in particular figure competition. I the more I learned the greater the desire I had to teach others about the world of physical fitness, so I chose to become a personal trainer. I acquired my certification through the National Academy of Sports and Medicine, and spent a couple of years trying to instill my beliefs on others. However, I found that this did not satisfy my desires and aspirations, so I turned my focus to training towards my goal of competition.


In the short time I have been competing I have been blessed with some success in competition, placing second in my first Texas show and winning and qualifying for nationals in my second show in Oklahoma. The more I compete the more I become obsessed with becoming an IFBB Professional. Furthermore, I have been blessed with surrounding myself with incredible people who share the same desire for me to succeed. In particular my nutritional and posing coach Amy Peters, who has not only taught me so much in such a short time, but has become not only a friend but a role model and inspiration to me. More important is that my family has become as obsessed with my goals as I and have become my biggest supporters and travel to all of my competitions.


It is because of my faith, desires and most of all the people I have surrounded myself with, I will achieve my goal of becoming a pro and further my goals in the sport of figure competition.

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