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WNPF Powerlifting

Drug Free Powerlifting

FREE Weight Lifting Wrist Straps, Weight Lifting Straps, Lifting Straps
FREE ZRV-Pro Wrist Wraps, Wrist Wrap, Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps
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***Current 20th Prize***
Win your OWN set of custom APT
Pro Wrist Straps from APT
(Add any letters, colors, material, length, width that you want!)
***Current Prize***

1 (one) e-mail per person (IP address) per contest, all others will be deleted!!
Enter HERE, you will ONLY be notified if you are the 100th winning entry!!


* indicates a required field
1 (one) e-mail per person (IP address) per contest, all others will be deleted!!

>> Simply be the 100th person to enter, it's that easy!!
You will be notified via E-mail that you are the new winner.  If APT does not get a response from
your winning e-mail within 48 hours, the prize will go to the 99th entry (and so on and so on till
APT gets a reply from the winner).  Once you reply, APT will collect your mailing address and
ship your prize to you the next day.

APT ran this FREE Prize contest in the past and it was very effective.  The more visitors
that enter, the  better chance that you have of winning and starting the cycle over again.
Only 1 e-mail per person per 100 round contest cycle.  APT allowed multiple entries in
the past, but WAY WAY too many entries came in from the same person.  Sorry!! If you
happen to enter more than once in the same 100 round cycle, APT will pull your entry
from that 100 round contest cycle, but your 1st one will still count.

1st Winner (straps and wraps)........... Ron R. from North Huntingdon Pennsylvania
(Won 20 July 2004)

2nd winner (straps and Wraps)...... Russ D of Slidell LA
(Won 6 Aug 2004)

3rd winner is (4.6 lb tub of Protein Powder)...Richard from Sanford, Florida
(Won 20 Aug 04)

4th winner is (Front Squat Harness $150+ value) gordip2@_____.net
(won 20 Sept 2004)

5th Winner is (IFSA Strongman Super Series 2 pack DVD) J_Gilbert80@       .com
(Won 1 Oct 2004)

6th Winner is (Double flaming Skull Mega Grip set) Diane O. from Brackenridge PA
(14 Oct 2004)

7th Winner is (Strongman DVD, 2 disc set) Terry G of Batesville, MS
(won 3 Oct 04)

8th  winner is (Double Flaming Skull Pro Wrist Straps) Rob of Waldo FL.
(won 01 Nov 04)

9th  winner is (Double Flaming Skull Pro Wrist Straps) RJJ, Garland TX.
(won 14 Nov 04)

10th winner is (Double Flaming Skull Pro Wrist Straps) David G.
(won 05 Dec 04)

11th Winner is (600 page Strongman Book)
Larry D, Akron OH
(19 Jan 2005)

12th Winner is (3 pack of supplements) Mark P, Phoenix AZ
(2 Feb 2005)

13th winner is (3 pack of supplements) agrindle 01
(22 Feb 2005)

14th winner is (3 pack of supplements) Jay M. Independance MO
(03 March 2005)

15th winner is (3 pack of supplements) Paul N. from West virginia
(22 March 2005)

16th winner is (Custom APT Pro Wrist Straps) Darrin from MD.
(04 April 05)

17th winner is (Custom APT Pro Wrist Straps) Bret, North Dakota
(11 May 05)

18th winner is (Custom APT Pro Wrist Straps) Michael, from PA.
(17 June 2005)

19th winner is (Custom APT Pro Wrist Straps) Michael W. from TN.
(1 Aug 2005)

20th winner will get (Custom APT Pro Wrist Straps) Who will be the WINNER!!!!

This was the 16th 17th, 18th, 19th  prize
a Full custom set of APT's Pro Wrist Straps.

This was the 12th, 13th, 14th & 15th prize won on 02,22 Feb & 3,22 March 2005

This was the 11th prize
600+ Page Strongman "How To" book titled PERSONAL BEST
written by Strongwoman Julie Havelka

This WAS the 6th, 8th & 9th,10th prize, APT's Double Flaming Skull Pro Wrist Straps set!!

This WAS the 5th & 7th prize, IFSA Strongman Super Series 2 pack DVD set.

This WAS the 4th prize,.... $150+ prize value!!!
Front Squat Harness from Get Strength.com is under review by APT and its Staff!

GS Front Squat Harness® - Industrial rolled steel
Tested - over 600+ lbs
Steel frame thickness - 5mm
Padding thickness - 25mm
Steel pins - 16 mm
Size - Med - Up to 105cm (41 inches) - Chest Measurement
Size - Lrg - Greater than 105cm (41 inches) - Chest Measurement
Develop powerful quadraceps and core strength, without failing from not
being able to hold the bar. Train the front squat to the maximum potential
with the GetStrength Front Squat Harness.

***THIS was the 3rd PRIZE***
Win this 4.6 pound tub of Opticen in the next 50 round cycle
(when you see the 2nd winner posted above, this wil be the next prize)
Brought to you by

This was the 2nd prize, Flaming Skull Kevlar Built MOTIVATOR
APT Pro Wrist Straps and a set of 20" ZRV-Pro Wrist Wraps

This was the 1st prize, ZRV-Pro 20" Wrist Wrap from APT!!!

>>By entering the above contest, you will be announced in APT's Monthly News Letter (First Name Last Initial only) you will also be added to APT's Monthly Hard Core Web Site Update mailing, you may elect to be taken off ANY TIME!
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The Power Magazine

for your NEW

There is still time........
Take 10% off
order, ENDS 22 April 2014
midnight. Code is 

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