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Arm Blaster for Strict Bicep Curls Weight Lifting (armblaster11)

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Arm Blaster for Strict Bicep Curls & Weight Lifting

What is the Arm Blaster? Why use it?
Who wants BIG biceps, strict movement!!!


Originally popularized in the 1970's by none other than seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Arm Blaster is a simple to use device that allows you to better isolate the biceps during all types of curling movements. While building huge biceps is the goal of almost everyone that picks up a weight, most trainees utilize poor form while curling, which usually consists of raising the elbows, swinging the barbell, and/or arching the lower back. Not only can this cause injury, but it also serves to take much of the stress off the biceps, while forcing the shoulders, lower back, and pure momentum to take over. And let me tell you, if you are after greater biceps development, this is a scenario you certainly want to avoid. In order to effectively facilitate muscle growth you must place the greatest stress on the target muscle itself, while minimizing the effort of surrounding muscles. By using the Arm Blaster you will force the elbows and shoulders to remain fixed while performing curling exercises, thus allowing the biceps to do all of the work. This is what you need for maximum biceps hypertrophy!

Arm Blaster for Bicep Curls & Weight Lifting
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Curling Tips and Options


  • When performing curls it is best to lift with a tempo of about 3/1/X/1. What this translates to is a 3 second negative, or eccentric contraction; a 1 second pause at the bottom; an explosive positive, or concentric contraction; and a 1 second squeeze of the biceps at the top. The emphasis on lower the weight slowly will not only allow for greater control and maximum isolation, but will also cause the type of muscle "damage" that sets the growth process in motion.
  • A greater biceps "peak" can be acquired by building the brachialis muscle that lies directly beneath it. This small "knot of muscle" can actually push the biceps up higher when developed properly, which gives the illusion of higher and more peaked bis! However, the best way to stimulate the brachialis is by putting the biceps itself in a weaker mechanical position, which can be done by turning the wrists into both a semi-pronated position, as well as a palms down position, while curling. Thus, if you want to get more mountainous looking biceps it is well worth it to perform not only standard curling movements, but hammer and reverse curls as well.
  • For a little variety and to force your biceps to deal with a unique stimulus, try performing "5/5/max curls" or "1 and ˝ rep curls."


5/5/max curls: Curl the BB or DB's 5 times from the bottom to midpoint; then curl 5 times from the midpoint to the top; finish with as many full range curls as possible.


1 and ˝ reps: Curl BB or DB's all the way to the top; then lower slowly, but only ˝ way; curl back to the top; then lower all the way. This counts as a single repetition.



Forces the elbows and shoulders into a fixed position for a more effective curling motion!


Maximum Isolation

The biceps receive all of the stimulation so that you can reach your genetic potential for arm size and strength!

             Can be utilized for the heaviest and most intense biceps workouts every.You will      

Achieve biceps muscle growth faster than you ever thought possible and will break through size  plateaus from the very first workout with the Arm Blaster

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