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Husafell Stone Mold for Strongman Events (HusafellMOLD1)
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Husafell Stone Mold, this is the REAL DEAL, can you hang?

Make many different weighted stones using this mold. Think of having many different weighted stones made so you can challenge every strength level pro or amateur. This mold will do it. Just pour in the amount of concrete that you want the stone to weigh, add in shot to the mix, steel plates to the mix or anything heavy if you want or just add more mix. This stone mold is re-usable.

This is a HEAVY DUTY RE-USEABLE stone mold used to replicate the Husafell Stone. This Husafell Stone mold will make stones that are similar to the authentic stone making a great training aid for the true "fullsterker" status. The shape of the stones made by this mold is the standard shape normally used in competition. You may pour the mold with fibered high strength concrete in different thickness to make several different weighted stones.

A little history..

Husafell Stone
, The Husafell stone is a famous lifting stone located in Husafell, Iceland.

Carring this stone as a test of strength in competition first took place at the 1992 World's Strongest Man competition when it was held in Iceland using the actual Husafell Stone, it proved to be a very popular and influential event in the sport of strongman.

The stone weighs roughly 418 lbs., and is kept near a goat pen built by pastor Snorri Bjornsson over two hundred years ago. The stone is used as a test of strength by lifting and carrying the stone around the goat pen where it is located. This Stone is also named Kviahellan (pen slab) by pastor Snorri, who used the stone as a door to his sheep pen. The test to achieve "fullsterker" status is to carry it the around the perimeter of the goat pen which is around 50 meters. Walking all the way around the pen is considered a great feat of strength in the field of stone lifting. Making it the entire distance is referred to as "fullsterkur" (full-strong) status. Fullsterkur status refers to the weight of the actual stone, for this status the stone must weigh a minimum of 341 lbs., hálfsterkur ("half strength") stones weigh up to 228.8 lbs. Men have carried the Husafell as a test of strength for hundreds of years.

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