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Globe Gripz (LL-globeZGrip-1)

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Globe Gripz Multi-grip globe attachment for barbells, dumbbells, and cable handles.

The Perfect FitGLOBE GRIPZ™are designed for use with generic standard (1”) and Olympic (2”) bars, cable handles, and dumbbells. Fitted in seconds, GLOBE GRIPZ™ can be used comfortably with bar/ handle shafts measuring 25mm to 32mm in diameter, as pictured.

Comfortable to Hold GLOBE GRIPZ™ measure 73mm across - the approximate diameter of a baseball, tennis ball, or cricket ball - making GLOBE GRIPZ™ ideal for sports-specific training and incredibly comfortable in the palm.

Hygienic & Durable GLOBE GRIPZ™ are made from an FDA approved high-grade elastomer polymer, which ensures they will not split or crack and are wipe clean.

Sold in pairs only

Why are GLOBE GRIPZ™ different? Far from just another fat (thicker) grip, our unique patented design allows for increased exercise variation and can help improve both gross and fine motor skills. GLOBE GRIPZ™ allow the hand to form arches it may not otherwise do in a weight training environment and, during an orthodox grip, can encourage greater recruitment of the less sensitive and dextrous Ring and Pinky fingers to help improve overall grip strength. In addition, GLOBE GRIPZ™ adapts barbells to be easily used with an EZ-Grip or Neutral-Grip to reduce respective strain on the wrists or shoulder complex.

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APT Pro Gear Weight Lifting Powerlifting Gymnastics Chalk
Premium Grade weight lifting Powerlifting Gymnastics chalk
1 pound box of Weight Lifting Chalk,
8 bars, 2 ounce bars per box
Superior Weight Lifting Chalk from Noberts
Excellent quality Chalk for ALL weight lifting sports & Exercise
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10 PACKs of 10 (100 total) Ammonia Inhalant Caps Capsule Powerlifting 100 PACK
These are Breakable Caps for weightlifting and Powerlifting Sports First Aid
Full 10 pack of 10 boxes at a bulk discount
See this page for more details and use
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Nose Tork Bottle of Ammonia Smelling
Salts PowerLifting Weight Lifting
Who wants the Best of the Best!!
Super Potency and long lasting
For Professional & HEAVY Weight Lifting Use only
YOU either know about Nose Tork or you don't!!!
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BACK IN STOCK, 250 or less remaining......
New Log Books are Perfect bound not spiral bound.
APT Weight Lifting Log Book Powerlifting Exercise Fitness Journal

A log book or journal is the BEST tool you can use
to track your lifting and to GROW
Includes for 200 logable workout pages!!
For Bodybuilding, Fitness, Powerlifting
Strongman and more.....

If you don't use a log for your workouts,..., your WRONG!!!
(Click on the title for details, larger photo &
to see the INSIDE of the log and to purchase)
APT Weight Lifting Log Book Powerlifting Exercise Fitness Journal

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