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Lee Priest Lifting Cuff 1-1/2" wide Lifting Straps (41441)

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Lee Priest Lifting Cuff 1-1/2" wide set
This set is 1-1/2" wide and fits nice

Unbelievable set for pulling movements
Good for light to SUPER HEAVY
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Lee Priest Lifting Cuff 1-1/2" wide set

Lee Priest came to APT because he loved what APT offered to the weight lifting community.  He loved APT's Pro Wrist Straps design and styles already offered and wanted somebody to offer his own line of lifting straps and to build his ALL NEW set of "LIFTING CUFFS"

See how to use this revolutionary New design that Lee Priest himself uses to train with all the time. (Click here to see how to use this Lifting Cuff set)

The Lifting Cuffs are a super super set and once you use your first set, you will use them for ever. 

1-1/2" wide is for super wrist and hand support, less stress and less burns and pain on the wrist. These straps are almost perfect for lifting.

Good for light to SUPER HEAVY lifting of all kinds.

The function of this set is simple and so productive when it comes to any weight lifting pulling movements like Deadlifts, Shrugs, Rows, pulley work and so much more.

You will have to measure your wrist so that this set fits you correctly. Sizes will run S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and XXXXL. 

You can choose to add padding to this set when you order.  If you want the perfect set, APT HIGHLY recommends padding with this set.  You will thank us later when you use them.  It just makes the finishing touch to a perfect set of Lifting Cuffs.

No worry of Stretching of the lifting straps

No worry about wrapping or tightening the straps on the bar

No worry of strap length (only proper fit)

No worry of the strap breaking "EVER"

No Worry of the strap wearing out

No worry about buying another set of lifting straps

No worry about dropping the weight

No worry about the "slick" Nylon texture, with this set it doesn't matter

No Worry about using 2 hands to use this set, it's a 1 hand set up strap

No more worries, EVER.

100% money back guarantee

Out of Stock of Autographed Sets

Make my 1-1/2" webbing color:
Add Black wrist padding to my set:
What is your wrist size in inches:*
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Premium Grade weight lifting Powerlifting Gymnastics chalk
1 pound box of Weight Lifting Chalk,
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10 PACKs of 10 (100 total) Ammonia Inhalant Caps Capsule Powerlifting 100 PACK
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BACK IN STOCK, 250 or less remaining......
New Log Books are Perfect bound not spiral bound.
APT Weight Lifting Log Book Powerlifting Exercise Fitness Journal

A log book or journal is the BEST tool you can use
to track your lifting and to GROW
Includes for 200 logable workout pages!!
For Bodybuilding, Fitness, Powerlifting
Strongman and more.....

If you don't use a log for your workouts,..., your WRONG!!!
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APT Weight Lifting Log Book Powerlifting Exercise Fitness Journal

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