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IPF Powerlifting International Powerlifting Federation
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IPF Powerlifting Rule Book 2007

See the 2007 IPF Powerlifting
International Powerlifting Federation Rule book here

IPF Powerlifting International Powerlifting Federation
New Rules 2007
The Technical Committee are grateful to delegates to Congress 2006 for their confidence in both the Technical Committee and Executive Committee by overwhelmingly voting
( en bloc ) for all of the proposals forwarded by both committees.  In actual fact the  " sea" of green cards ( for ) was only interrupted by  one solitary orange card ( against )
"liferaft" which I believe was to oppose the deletion of the 44 kg class for Open and Masters.
From the 1st January 2007 the following changes to the 2006 rules will become applicable.
IPF Powerlifting International Powerlifting Federation
Deletion of fourth attempts and all reference to fourth attempts throughout the rule book.
Deletion of 44 kg class for Open and Masters Women.
Deletion of 52 kg class for Open and Masters Men.
Preliminary Team roster must be submitted to the Championship Secretary and Meet Director including that of any reserves sixty days before the date of the Championships.
Final selection submitted 21 days before the date of the Championships must be made from those nominated at this time, and including that of the reserves.
"Best lifter" to replace Champion of Champions.
IPF Powerlifting International Powerlifting Federation
Records to exceed existing by 1 kg minimum and all reference to throughout the rule book.
Safety stands attached to the bench must be used in all events.
IPF Powerlifting International Powerlifting Federation
Schoolboy lifters to wear a leotard/singlet in competition.
Shoes or Boots as defined under  item (a) to be worn at all championships.
Itemised inspection sheet of Personal Equipment replaced by " stamping and signing"
Before attempting a World Record the lifter will be inspected by the Technical Controller.
IPF Powerlifting International Powerlifting Federation
1.  Head to be  in contact with the bench prior to the start signal and throughout the lift.
2.  Feet to be flat on the floor ( flat as the shape of the shoes will allow )
3.  No foot movement.
4.  "Press"  -  Audible signal after being held motionless at the chest.
5.  Certificate to be produced if arms cannot be fully extended ( Medical Committee to confirm )
The Chief Referee will convey to the lifter, by gesture if necessary, the reason why the start/squat signal has not been given.
IPF Powerlifting International Powerlifting Federation
Fifteen minutes  interval allowed between lifts.
Technical Committee to have some control in selection of Championship Officials.
Technical Controller ( new appointment )
Any record achieved to be added to individual lift and total.
IPF Powerlifting International Powerlifting Federation
Audibile command "Press" after motionless at the chest.
Final round of the deadlift the bar must be cleaned before every attempt.
Women  Winter - Appropriate tie must be worn.
World Records can only be made at World, Continental, Regional and National Championships. 
Percentages removed to attain a World Record.
(a) Should a lifter exceed the single lift benchpress record whilst lifting in a three lift powerlifting contest he/she may claim the single lift benchpress record.
(b) Should a lifter in a single lift benchpress contest exceed the three lift powerlifting record he/she cannot  claim the powerlifting record. 
IPF Powerlifting International Powerlifting Federation
Referee Category Two Examination
To be up-to-date with all examination of referees the following information is required.
1.  Application at least one week prior to the exam.
2.  Candidates name, and Nation.
3.  Date when became National Referee
4.  Examiners name
 Referee Category One Examination
Use application form which can be loaded down from the IPF Website three months prior to the competition.
e:mail Cat Two information to "GORAN GUNNARSSON" refereeipf@telia.com
e:mail Cat One form to both Goran and "JOHN STEPHENSON" jnstephenson@jerseymail.co.uk
The new up-dated  2007 Category Two examination papers must be used by examiners as from January 1.  These will be supplied to official examiners on request.
IPF Powerlifting International Powerlifting Federation
At the meeting of the Executive Committee and Technical Committee before Congress was held in November last, it was proposed that a lifter and coach be opted onto the Technical Committee to put forward any ideas or points of view that may concern lifters and coaches generally.  The selection of each has yet to be made.
IPF Powerlifting International Powerlifting Federation
At the 2006 combined Men's and Women's Open championships, ( which was an excellent meet organised by the Norwegian Powerlifting Federation ). for the first time, I witnessed a lights system  in respect of the reason/s for failure.  I had hoped in 1992 when  I first introduced the card system experimentally that someone would eventually
devise something more sophisticated.  I spoke with Tone Ingebretsen ( Norwegian Powerlifting President ) on this subject.  She said that her husband is responsibile for the wiring diagram and that he is willing to send it to anyone interested.  Tone can be contacted on e:mail toninge@broadpark.no
IPF Powerlifting International Powerlifting Federation
At one of our recent Championships a lifter failed to attempt any benchpresses, letting the clock run on each and for some unknown reason raising the weight each time.
Starting  "poundage" was entered on the scoreboard for the deadlift and he was about to be called onto the platform.  The jury were informed, and then asked the coach if the lifter would be making an attempt.  This, was unnecessary, for unless a bona fide attempt had been made on the bench, then the lifter would be unable to lift for a medal in the deadlift - rule 13 GENERAL RULES OF POWERLIFTING.
IPF Powerlifting International Powerlifting Federation
The position of Technical Controller is now official.  The appointment/s being made by the Technical Committee at the time of the Referee/Jury selection.  It is an important post, duties being - Checking lifters attire before they mount the platform ( now, not necessary for the jury to check the lifter after record attempts ).  Making sure that it is the correct named lifter.  Assuring that the designated coaching area only is used by the official coaches.  Keeping order in the wrapping area.
John Stephenson
Chairman IPF Technical Committee
IPF Powerlifting International Powerlifting Federation

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