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James Connell, United Kingdom Strongman who is 28 years old and currently the 5th Strongest man in Teeside UK in 2004.  James has been competing for 11 months and have done 5 competitions and placed as high as 1st his most recent competition in Sweden December 2004 .  James is also about to compete in the Britain's Strongestman Qualifer's and in May 2005 he is competing in UK Strongestman

James Connell, United Kingdom Strongman and sponsored by APT!

110kg Log for reps in 60 sec       - I achieved 5 reps
250kg Dead lift for reps in 60 sec -  I achieved 5 reps
400kg Conan Wheel for distance  - I managed 17 metres
6 x Barrel load 120,130,140,150,155,160kg - I loaded 3 barrels couldn't manage the 4th
Killer Medley 120kg Barrel 20 mtrs,225kg Duck walk 20 mtrs,120kg Farmers 20 mtrs,350kg Anchor & Chain 20mtrs- I managed the barrel & duck walk
I overall placed 10th out of 12, I was the only novice in this competition. I am very pleased with how i done.I am now training for my next competition in 4 weeks and I will be in full health for my upcoming competition UK Strongest Man Qualifier.
Thank you, James Connell

Strongman James Connell from the UK supports his APT logo shirt and
ZRV-Pro Wrist Wraps Great job James and keep up the great work!!

I am 28 yrs old, 20 stone, 22" Biceps, 59" Chest and I am 5ft 8" height and
                 I am from the UK
Occupation - I am a full time carer for my disabled daughter.
I have been training for 11 years, I started with a low body weight of 8 stone. I first started training strongman 11 months ago. I train 5 nights a week in the gym, 3 mornings strongman training in my garden e.g. log, farmers, tyre flip and loading. Every Sunday I do strongman training with my coach, Eddie Ellwood (current England's strongest man, and Britain's and World's strongest man competitor)
My personal best lift's at present are - log 140kg above head, dead lift 260kg for reps, car dead lift 400kg for reps, basket circle 400kg, farmers 130kg each, truck pull 11.5 tonne - 30 metres in 23 seconds, atlas stone 100kg, 110kg, 120kg, 130kg, 140kg.Bench Press 200kg.My best lifts are still to come!!!
Competitions I have done - North East strongest man 2004 - placed 6th.
West Pelton Novice Competition 2004 - placed 5th. (with torn tendon in my hand)
Teeside strongest man 2004 - placed 5th.
Doncaster strongest man 2004 - placed 4th.
Showlifting competition sweden 2004 -placed 1st
Upcoming competitions -
This month 2005 - Britain's strongest man qualifiers.
May 2005 - UK strongest man
September 2005 - Teeside strongest man.
To be arranged for 2005 - Whitecliffs strongest man.
More competition dates to be announced later this year.
Thanks for the Support APT,...........James Connell
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