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*some exceptions apply*
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  • If you are attending some kind of Weight Lifting Event this offer is perfect for you.
  • You will have to contact the event promoter to see what setting up a booth entails at the event.
  • APT will sell APT Pro Gear to you at 40% off our online listed retail prices except for appereal .(Discount for APT Gear only)
  • We will ship you the APT gear and a free APT Pro Gear Banner (regular UPS rates apply) You pay the shipping fee.
  • You have to pay for all of the gear up front at your discounted rates.
  • All APT appearal is discounted at 20% off. 
  • We do carry/offer other companies products - these will be discounted at 20% off
  • Whatever APT gear you sell at the event you keep the money, easy as that.
  • If you have any left over gear that you did not sell we will buy it back from you at the same price that you bought it at.
  • Simply ship the remaining gear back to us and we will refund you the difference.
  • OR you can keep the remaining APT Gear if you want to sell it at another upcoming event.
  • You can reorder at any time you feel that you need to restock or if you want to sell at another event.
  • There is a Minimum of a $200 order (your cost) for event products (this is not hard to meet)

    --APT Pro Gear Sells very well at almost any Weight Lifting event
    --The bigger the event the more that you sell and make and keep
    --Only 1 (one) booth per event, register your APT event booth EARLY

Please E-mail Debbie at
APTDebbie @ AOL.com

(take out the spaces in the above address for it to work)

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The Power Magazine

for your NEW

There is still time........
Take 10% off
order, ENDS 22 April 2014
midnight. Code is 

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