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Matt Reynolds


Matt Reynolds




As a professional strongman and elite-level powerlifter I put an incredible amount of stress on my training equipment. I have been an avid user of APT wrist straps and wraps for several years now. They are hands-down the best straps and wraps on the planet. NEVER have I had a pair of APT straps break on me. I have pulled numerous 800+ deadlifts, silver dollar deadlifts, car deadlifts, etc. for reps and my straps performed flawlessly.   I won the Gus Lohman Memorial Strongman Challenge with a 900lb 18" deadlift, and won again at Kansas Strongest Man with an 850lb 18" deadlift using a squat bar with no bend. The following weekend I deadlifted a Chevy Monte Carlo at the World Strongman Challenge for 14 reps using the same straps with no problems whatsoever.


I have also used APT ZRV-Pro wrist and knee wraps exclusively at all my powerlifting competitions and use the wrist wraps every time I do a log or other overhead event in strongman. I have used my current wraps several times per week for over two years and they have held their elasticity better than any other wrap I've ever used.


Thanks Alan for providing such high-quality products that top-level athletes can rely on.


Matt Reynolds

105k Professional Strongman



Video of 700lb deadlift  http://www.midwestbarbell.com/~midwestmd/700final.WMV

Video of 605lbx5reps deadlift using APT straps:



Competition History



Utah's Strongest Man PRO-AM

June 2006

1st - overall lightweights - won Pro Card

World Strongman Challenge PRO-AM

May 2006

2nd - overall lightweights

Kansas Strongest Man

May 2006

1st - 231 class

Kansas City's Strongest Man

Feb 2006

2nd - overall heavyweights

APF Midwest Push/Pull

Jan 2006

1st - 242lb class, 545lb bench, 700lb deadlift

Missouri State Fair

Aug 2005

1st - 242lb class, 570lb bench press

Gus Lohman Memorial Strongman

June 2005

1st - 265lb class, 2nd - overall heavyweights

Oklahoma's Strongest Man

June 2005

1st - 265lb class, 3rd - overall heavyweights

Kansas Strongest Man

May 2005

1st - 265lb class

APF Midwest Classic

Sept 2004

1st - 242lb class: 750 squat, 500 bench, 640 deadlift

Missouri State Fair

Aug 2004

1st - 275lb class: 530lb bench press

SLP Springfield Push/Pull

Sept 2003

1st - 275lb class: 525lb bench, 600lb deadlift

APF Missouri Championship

Feb 2003

2nd - 242lb class

APF Oklahoma Championship

Nov 2002

1st - 242lb class; bench press only

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