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A big APT Pro Gear Supporter

Mike "The Machine" Bruce at the start of his 1500 pound
Partial Rack Pull at a 205 body weight
using APT's Custom Built Lifting Straps.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce at the TOP of his 1500 pound
Partial Rack Pull at a 205 body weight
using APT's Custom Built Lifting Straps.

<a href="http://pi.b5z.net/i/u/230085/m/DSCN0279.avi">Play the media using the stand alone Player</a>

300 lbs on the Head Harness

Mike Bruce, a native of Milford Ma, Is a former United States Marine Corps
Honor Graduate from platoon 2170, parris island. As well as a former amateur
and professional champion in various grappling arts. He has trained or
coached marine recruits in boot camp, amateur wrestlers,mixed martial
artists, police officers and strongman competitors.

Mike heavily endorses APT gear and feels it is the best on the market for
all your training needs. I personaly thank Mr.Thomas for all his help , for
if it was not for him I would not to be at the level I am thanks to his

Listed below are some of Bruces many honors.

.1988: took 2nd place in underground fighting at kung fu club in north
attleboro mass. Went 3-1 at age 14.
.1993: Mike took 4th place in sectionals and was 6th as an alternate for the
states in wrestling.
.1994:Goes into USMC and graduates 1st in class of 68 at Parris Island along
with being awarded First Class Physical Fitness Award.
.1994: Graduates the School of Infantry as an 0341 Mortars , with 81's. M16
Service Rifle qualified Sharpshooter.
.1997:Bruce starts competing in the Amateur Grappling tournaments and wins
the New England Grappling title 2 years in a row. Also wins the East Coast
Amateur Shootfighting title.
.1998:Wins the Pro Virginia Beach State Heavyweight Shootfighting title ,
and takes 1st place in the Connecticut Judo championships.
.1999:Wins the Pro Western Mass Full Contact JIu-Jitsu title and Sampalis
amateur kickboxing title.
.2000: competes in the Danger Zone and Extreme challenge.  Finishing record
18 wins- 5 losses-13 ko/submissions.[many fights not sanctioned back then
between 96-98 due to not being mainstream. they were then put on the
boxing/kickboxing shows as exibitions]
.2002 : Begins bodyguarding as a Personal Protection Specialist.
.2004 : Mr. bruce starts training clients with his revolutionary phase of
circuit training and boot camp programs at the Body Shop in Milford ma.
.2005 : Bruce gets his Instructor certification under Tim Gillett of
Gilletts mixed martial arts.
Begins experimenting with feats of strength such as
.neck bridge supporting 2 men on stomach
.lifting a prone man off the floor with just his neck
.tearing a deck of cards in half
.bending a 60 penny nail
.bending a 12inch spike
.bending a 5/8 , 4ft long steel bar over his head
.having a 16lbs bowling ball dropped 10-15ft from the air onto his stomach
.driving a 20 penny nail through 2 inch piece of wood
.1arm levering a 200 lbs man over head and walking with him
.1,000 lbs rack pulls for 10 reps
.2006: begins writing articles on strength trainng for strongerman.com and
makes Premier 1st dvd called Phenomenal Power and Conditioning training for
  Appears in Musclemag International spring 06 #287 with an article he wrote
and pics of his amazing strength at only 200 lbs.
.2007 : Shoots 7 more dvds in florida at the strongerman.com compound. Also
writes 2 books to be published.
        :Mike helps his good friend Dennis Rogers at the GODMEN show in
knoxville tn.  Thus is then seen in a few quick clips helping dennis on Good
Morning America [clips from godmen]
: Mike makes a new seated neck lift record with 300lbs off the floor with
just his neck.
: Mike also did a non-assisted full neck hang, a feat that has not been done
since the 1970's by strongman Mike Dayton..you can see this on youtube.
:Mike claims to have the worlds strongest neck and these feats he has done
are why we dubbed him THE MACHINE.
: Mike now goes and performs shows of his strenght and gives testimony of
his amazing life story.
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