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APT's Support for Military Weight lifting, Bodybuilding, Strongman and Powerlifting

APT and it's staff continue to SUPPORT our Troops overseas.
Stay safe guys!!!,
Semper Fi from APT Pro Weight Lifting Gear!
Alan T, CEO APT Inc. and....
Former MARINE, 1991-1995 CPL USMC

Adam L

Check out these 3 tough looking guys that support
APT's logo T-shirts and it's gear even over in Iraq!!!

3rd Squad Alpha Team
SGT Terrence Bart (TJ) in the middle
Supports APT Pro Gear even in Iraq,....GET SOME!!!!!

Dear APT & Staff:
Starting in the back row and working left to right:  SPC Kruger, SSG Hanrahan, SPC Bach, SSG Saulter, WO1 Clark, SPC Hutchinson, SPC Wingrove, CPL Barber, SPC Miller, SGT Warren, SPC Priddy.  

Thanks for your Super Support!!
Matthew C. Hanrahan
Air Operations Sergeant

Rex Stage is a HUGE APT Gear Supporter
and continues to lift even overseas!!

SSG, King, Stephen R.

Shown here is MSgt Robert G. Miller and his men from Pope
AFB North Carolina.  Just another motivated group of Air Force
Troops that APT has supported overseas.  Stay Safe guys!!!

As APT is a former USMC (Marine) we have supported and
donated much gear to our troops stationed overseas!!

As an effort to support our Troops, APT sent out lots of Weight lifting Gear
to many of our Military Forces overseas.  Stay Safe guys!!

SSG King Training and Fighting
like a Real Man Should!

SSG King Motivated and a BIG APT
Gear supporter, Even while overseas!

My name I Justin Tabert I am a fire fighter serving in the Air Force in northern Iraq, I have been here about two months now and I feel like I am losing my mind Its ground hogs day everyday here but three more months man and I am out of here my wife is also over here she is in Baghdad and I am in Kirkuk its about thee hundred miles away so no chance of seeing her. are job here is pretty cool though we are currently teaching the Iraqi fire fighters EMT skills basically we are rebuilding the city's EMS system it has been the most fulfilling job I have ever done. just to hear the stories from these guys makes me feel that I am needed here. In my heart we really do have a purpose here.

Hey Alan

Thank you for the support over here, I am lucky enough to be a fire fighter so I take advantage of the "required to be physically fit" clause I make crew go everyday and its funny because its been two months now and have never seen results like they have had lifting with me I guess I like a big brother always correcting there form and what to eat its great they are my science experiment. 

I never new someone had the market cornered on custom lifting straps that's pretty awesome I love the ones with the skulls and flames.  My rescue crew consists of two other guys and me but there are about 6-8 guys here I consider constant lifters the other guys are the bicep and chest day guys. And I will work on some good pictures for you also my address is located at the bottom thank you again so much Alan we really appreciate it

Sincerely,SSGT Justin Tabert  

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