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Mouth Guard Mouth Piece Teeth Guard Protection

Protect your teeth when playing sports or lifting heavy!!
These are cheap insurance for your teeth.  Don't cut your lips,
or have broken teeth & STOP grinding & clintching your TEETH!!!!


LIP & MOUTHGUARD Mouth piece Teeth protection
Allows full breathing and wearing comfort.
431019  12 pieces, Black

  • Sports Mouth Guard Teeth Guard Mouth Piece (13 Colors)
    (CASE OF 100 individually packaged)
    Fast-fitting co-polymer resin
    Thickened posterior area helps absorb impact and oral trauma
    via an aerated shock absorbing "pillow"

    Impact pad reduces the risk of concussion
    Thin front wall construction does not interfere with speech or breathing
    Low profile helps reduce gagging
    Perfect fit gives better blunt-blow protection
    Co-polymer construction lends to comfort and durability
    Latex Free
    (Click the title for details)

  • Price:

    SHOCKGUARD (tm) Mouth Piece Mough Guard Teeth Guard 431041
    Custom fit in 30 seconds, ShockGuard provides maximum protection for all sports.  Includes $9,600 dental warranty, free storage case and name label.

    431041 each, Black


    Youth MOUTHGUARDS Teeth Guard Mouth Piece (CASE 100)
    131020 each - Black with strap
    131030 each - Black, no strap

    What Are Sports Teeth Guards, Mouth Guards, Mouth pieces?

    Mouth Guards, Mouth Piece Teeth Guards, mouth guards and mouth protectors are different names for the same thing: a device worn over your teeth that protects them from grinding, blows to the face and head and other strenious strain on the teeth.. Mouth guards are an important piece of athletic equipment for anyone participating in a sport that involves excessive force/effort, falls, body contact or flying equipment. This includes Weight lifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuiding, Strongman, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, skateboarding, gymnastics, mountain biking-any activity that might result in an injury to the mouth.

    Mouth guards typically cover the upper teeth, and are designed to protect against broken teeth, cut lips and other damage to your mouth. If you wear braces or other fixed dental appliances (such as a bridge) on your lower jaw, your dentist may suggest a mouth protector for these teeth as well.

    What Are the Different Types of Mouth Guards?

    No matter which type of mouth guard you choose, it should be resilient, tear-resistant and comfortable. It should also fit properly and not restrict your speech or breathing. The three types of mouth guards are:

    • Mouth guards -- These are individually designed and made in your dentist's office or a professional dental laboratory. Not surprisingly, they are likely to provide the most comfortable fit and best protection. Your dentist makes an impression of your teeth and then constructs the mouth guard over a model of them. Because they fit and feel better, most athletes prefer customized mouth guards. However, they are also the most expensive.
    • Boil and bite mouth guards -- These come in a pre-formed shape that can be altered by boiling the mouth guard in water, then biting into the warm plastic for a customized fit. They can be bought at many sporting goods stores, and may offer a better fit than stock mouth protectors. Follow the directions carefully to avoid winding up with a poor-fitting mouth guard.
    • Stock mouth guards -- These are inexpensive and come pre-formed, ready to wear. Unfortunately, they often don't fit very well. They can be bulky and may make breathing and talking difficult.

    How Long Should Mouth Guards Last?

    Mouth guards should ideally be replaced after each season because they can wear down over time, making them less effective. Replacement is especially important for adolescents because their mouths continue to grow and teeth continue to develop into adulthood. Many athletes who play several sports have new mouth guards made when they go for their six-month dental checkup.

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