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Philip Pitman Powerlifter & Strongman UK
...and sponsored by APT Pro Gear

Severn Valley Strongman Challenge 2008 - Sloth
Placed 11/27

The Name's Philip 'SLOTH' Pitman from South Wales and i'm 22 years old, 230lbs @ 5'8'.
I train with a priority towards U105 Strongman level. Im in the gym around four times a week using a full body, speed/max/rep template and use any
extra time in the pit doing grip work.
I have my own gym, The Bloodpit, fitted with rack, log, kegs, various bars, sandbags, farmers walks etc.
I plan on competing at 105 level until i reach my maximum ability in that category, from there i wish to compete at open level.
My current Raw PR's are
DL - 227.5 / 500
SQT - 201 / 442
OverHead - 130 / 286
Though these are my current single PR's I aim to achieve a new record every time i train any lift.
So far my competition line up for the year features two Strongman comps, a novice and an intermediate. With the possibility of a single Junior Class Powerlifting comp (raw), though it is early months yet, i hope to compete at least 8 times this year.
I keep a digital log here.. http://www.iron-city.net/showthread.php?t=2046
My YouTube, 'SlothTube' page features a few of my PR's and training days and gets updated regularly here... http://www.youtube.com/user/pkpit143
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