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Singlets Powerlifting APT Power lifting singlet

Curt Dennis Jr 741 Raw Deadlift supporting
the APT Pro Gear Singlet April 08

New 220 USAPL Mississippi State
Record with 485, Chad McMullin
 Powerlifting Singlet and Powerlifting Singlets from APT Pro Gear.
Only the Best Quality in a Custom Short Cut Leg Design for Knee Wrap
clearance.  100% Nylon double knit Powerlifting singlet material design.



What's a powerlifting singlet, buy a Powerlifting Singlets with APT?  Powerlifting Singlet,...It's an obvious question about Powerlifting Singlets but you'd be surprised how many people aren't familiar with the term.  A singlet literally means "one piece" of material.  Kind of like a full piece bathing suit for girls.  However this article of athletic clothing isn't used for looking good on the beach, it is used to compete in powerlifting.  Most powerlifting federations require that all contestants wear powerlifting singlets in a powerlifting meet.  Any other powerlifting equipment such as a bench press shirt would

Be worn underneath the singlet.  Equipped powerlifters prefer to pull their bench shirts down so that the collar doesn't ride up on their neck.  Wearing the powerlifting singlet above the bench shirt can make this tricky, but with the help of your handlers it shouldn't' be a problem.  A buddy could actually put their hands up the leg of your powerlifting singlet to grab the bench shirt and pull it down.


If you're competiting raw there's nothing to it.  Just slide the powerlifting singlet over your underwear and t-shirt and you're good to go.  In Raw powerlifting meets a singlet is usually required for all three lifts; the squat, bench press and deadlift.  Materials can vary, but they are usually made out of a blend of materials including polyester, spandex and cotton.  There are a variety of colors and styles.  One thing to watch out for when buying your Powerlifting Singlet is to know the rule in your powerlifting federation regarding length of the legs.  Some singlets especially those designed for wrestling are much longer.  Wrestling singlets tend to go right above the knee.  However many powerlifting federations have a rule that the legs can't go more than half way down the leg.  APT powerlifting singlets are the perfect length and recommended over purchasing a product designed for another sport.


Why do powerlifting meets require powerlifting singlets?  The answer is simple, so that the judges can better grade the lifts.  Imagine someone wearing a baggy tshirt and baggy shorts when bench pressing. How could the judge possibly tell if the but came off the bench?  With a powerlifting singlet it's easy to tell.  You've got some anal judges that don't want the powerlifting singlet to be the same color as the bench pad, because it can make it hard to see if the butt comes up. This is silly, all you have to do is look for light between the butt and the pad. No light, than the butt stayed down on the bench.  Again for the squat it makes it easier for the judges to see that the lift was parallel when a powerlifter wears a singlet.


Another reason to wear a powerlifting singlet is to show support for your sponsor.  Pictures show up in magazines, on the Iternet and it's nice to the see the logo of your favorite company.  Get your powerlifting singlet from APT who has been a heavy supporter of the sport for years!

Custom Short Cut Leg Design Powerlifting Singlet
Powerlifting Singlet Powerlifting Singlets S, M, L-APT Logo
APT Pro Gear Powerlifting Singlet,... Black with Red Trim
Small 115 to 135 pounds Powerlifting Singlet
Medium 135 to 155 pounds Powerlifting Singlet
large 155 to 180 pounds
Powerlifting Singlet
(Click the pic or title to pick sizing or for a larger photo)
FREE SINGLET OFFER from APT Pro gear.  Simply buy and wear an APT Powerlifting Singlet and IF you break a World Record in your Federation/Sanction in your weight class,.......we'll refund you the full price of the APT Powerlifting Singlet that you bought and lifted in.  Questions,.........E-mail the CEO here APT@ProWristStraps.com   Official verification will be needed to verify your WR lift & a digital photo.

Custom Short Cut Leg Design Powerlifting Singlet
Powerlifting Singlet Powerlifting Singlets XL, 2XXL, 3XXXL
APT Pro Gear Powerlifting Singlet,... Black with Red Trim
XL 180 to 220 pounds Powerlifting Singlet
2XXL 220 to 250 pounds Powerlifting Singlet
3XXXL 250 to 280 pounds
Powerlifting Singlet
(Click the pic or title to pick sizing or for a larger photo)

Custom Short Cut Leg Design Powerlifting Singlet
Powerlifting Singlet Powerlifting Singlets, 4XXXXL, 5XXXXXL-APT Logo|
APT Pro Gear Powerlifting Singlet,... Black with Red Trim
Powerlifting Singlet sizing
4XXXXL 280 to 310 Pounds Powerlifting Singlet
5XXXXXL 310 to 340 pounds
Powerlifting Singlet
6XXXXXXL 340-370 pounds Powerlifting Singlet
(Click the pic or title to pick sizing or for a larger photo)
Jason Adams, APT Pro Gear Sponsored.

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Powerlifting Singlet 

Now if you are new to the sport of powerlifting then you have no doubt wondered what these crazy powerlifters are wearing up on the platform. Most likely they are either wearing a powerlifting suit or a singlet. Now the suit is a one piece suit that goes from the thighs up to the chest. It then has straps that go over the shoulders and traps to lock into place. The singlet on the other hand looks very similar in design as the suit. It actually looks identical except for a couple features. First off the suit is made super tight to help aid the lifter to lift more weight and protect him from injury. The singlet on the other hand is usually quite loose fitting and much more comfortable to wear. It is usually made from light polyester or cotton fabrics. The most common lift you will see the singlet used is the bench press. No matter if the lifter is wearing a bench press shirt or is lifting raw he will always wear a singlet. This makes the powerlifting singlet the most common piece of equipment used by powerlifters no matter what organization they lift in for their choice of raw versus equipped lifting.

You may be wondering why powerlifters wear the singlet at all. The reason for this is the fact that lifters when competing need to have a uniform type piece of equipment. One reason for this is it helps judges do their job properly. The singlet gives a clear view of many important areas. This includes making sure that the lifter actually broke parallel in the squat. If a person wore any type of pants of shorts during the squat it would make the judge's job hard to see who really met proper depth and who didn't. This is because baggy clothes can make you look lower in the lift than you actually are. Oh yea this could be used as a form of cheating so to prevent this from happening all organizations in the sport have adopted the rule of having to wear this one piece singlet while competing.  

This also is just as important in the bench press. As you know there are a lot of guys that like to get an arch when benching. This then leads the lifter to raise their butt when pushing a heavy weight off their chest. Wearing a singlet makes it easier for the judge to see if any butt rising occurred during the lift and this could mean the difference of a good lift and a bad lift. For the Deadlift it's not as severe, but the fact remains if a lifter wore very baggy clothes it would inhibit the judges from seeing if the knees are fully locked out and if the lifter's torso is locked out as well. So as you can see wearing a singlet makes the judge's job a lot easier than if everyone wore their choice of clothing on the platform. Plus it gives the sport some credibility and creates a professional uniform look among lifters, not just a bunch of guys lifting weights wearing their gym clothes.

Now the next area that the singlet has caused some controversy is with the raw versus equipped federations. With powerlifting equipment reaching an all time high in technological advances and with lifters getting hundreds of pounds added to their total using them this have been a sore spot for some. Since the premise of the old school lifters is that you should be lifting the weight not the suit or shirt has caused many lifters to lift in raw meets. Basically a raw meet doesn't allow the use of bench press shirts, briefs, powerlifting suits or knee or wrist wraps. You are allowed to use a belt for obvious injury prevention reasons but that is it. So since they need some type of uniform as well the raw lifters are the biggest users of the powerlifting singlet. The reason for this is the fact that it will not add weight to what you can naturally unassisted lift unlike the powerlifting suit which may had 150 pounds to your raw squat. So in a raw competition you will usually see the lifter wearing his powerlifting singlet and a belt and no other powerlifting gear. In recent years raw lifting has increased due to those that are against how much lifters are actually getting out of their equipment. This is a very controversial topic in the sport of powerlifting with each side claiming they are right in their own ways. Either way if you lift equipped or raw a powerlifting singlet should be a part of everyone's power gear.

In this day and age sponsorship is a huge part of the sport. Numerous lifters are now sponsored either by a supplement company, Equipment Company or another business that supports this power sport. One thing that is good about the singlet is the fact that you can put your sponsor's logo on the singlet. This will help promote your sponsors business and give them the recognition they deserve for helping you on your way to the platform. Plus a bare singlet looks really boring at best, so some type of logo or picture really can spice it up so that you don't look like a high school wrestler minus those geeky head pieces. So when pictures are taken and you get publicity either in powerlifting magazines or your local newspaper this can be a real plus for your sponsor and you because it shows that you also did your best to help promote their business interests.

So as you can see no powerlifter should be without his singlet. It is the single most basic piece of equipment a lifter will have in his gear arsenal. Even though the singlet really doesn't add to increasing your lifts like other gear it still has its place in the sport. Especially in this hi tech super duper polyester triple denim Kevlar enforced titanium loaded gear that is currently on the market. The singlet has been a part of our sport from the beginning and will most definitely stay so get yourself a high quality singlet like the ones made by APT.


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