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Vegas Pro Stability Sling Systems
VPS1 COMMANDO Stability Sling System
Includes 1st stage adjustment straps, 2nd stage work out straps, EPDM grips and removable foor slings.  Comes assembled with instructions.  Attaches to any strong overhead support up to 10" high.
Click ABOVE for video

Powerlifting Log Books Weight lifting Log Books Weight Lifting Log Book
Weight Lifting Log book Journal.  IF YOU DON'T USE A LOG BOOK,....YOU ARE WRONG!
Charts and Posters for all major Muscle Groups showing exercises and Muscle Groups, Legs, Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Biceps, Back, Forearm, Abdominals and more.

Weight Lifting Hooks Exercise Hooks Workout Hooks
Steel, Aluminum & Extreme weight lifting hooks, Light to Super Heavy, Red/Black & Black.  Forward, Reverse and For/Rev grip options.



Super High Protein Organic Meats, Super Low Fat, NICEEEE
Organic Meats Blackwing Organic Meat,........Organic Free Ranged Chicken, Free Range Buffalo, Peasant, Organic Piedmontese, Quail, Ostrich, Muscovy Duck, Lamb, Guinea Hen, Venison, Elk, Jerky and soooooooooooo much more.
Accessories Weight Lifting Accessories & other Products

MANY MANY other weight lifting accessories from Log Books to Pulley Attachments to Dumbbell Handle Pads and more........

Strongman Event Logs
Strongman Event Logs, Professional Grade
Heavy Grips Hand Grips Hand Grippers Grip Strengt Forearm Strength
Hand Grip Hand Grippers 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350 pound resistance.
Ivanko Super Grippers Super Grippers IVANKO IW & VICE Super Hand Grippers

Super Grippers...IVANKO, IW Super Gripper, VICE Super Gripper with Knurling...and extra springs for each.

Punching Bag, Sparing Bag Dummy Speed Bag

Atlas Stone MOLDS Strongman Atlas Stones
8" through 24" Atlas Stone Molds. 6" & 8" reinforcing bar, 25 lb & 50" lead inserts. These are stone molds that you use to make your own Atlas Stones for Strongman training and competitions.
Atlas Strongman Stones, ready to ship to you
Strongman Atlas Stones for Competition & Training Professional Grade Strongman Atlas Stones. Order yours today and start training to WIN!!! FREE sample of PR Stone Tacky with all Stone Orders
Training Sand Bags Power Bags Sandbag Powerbag
Training Sand Bags Power Bags Sandbag Powerbag 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 POUNDS...and several PACKAGE deals for you to save $$$
Trophies & Sculptures for Bodybuilding Powerlifting Strongman and more
Trophies & Sculptures for Bodybuilding Powerlifting Strongman and more Professional Grade Trophies and Sculptures, Super Quality and Ready to ship to you quickly at affordable prices.

Weight Lifting Trophies and Sculptures
80+ ARTIST Quality sculptures and Trophies.  Super detailed
and  made of poly resin.  These are not hollow, they are solid.
Sculpture Shipping Fee:
The shipping fee is Not collected or charged at the time of
order. The Shipping fee will be charged to your credit card
as a separate charge.  PayPal users will be sent a money
request for the shipping fee.

Dumbbell POWER HOOKS, Excellent product if you use Dumbbells and better if you use HEAVY dumbbells.
Free Weight Plates Free Weight Fractional Plates

Fractional Plates?  Sets of 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" & 1 lb weights for when you don't want to add a full 5 lbs from two 2.5 lb plates.  Niceeeee!! 1" and 2" holes.

Dipping Belts
Dip Dipping Belts Weight Lifting
Nylon regular, Nylon Wide/Heavy, Leather Regular, Leather Deluxe, Red, Red/Black, Natural & Black Leather.
Weightlifting Head Harness
Nylon and Leather Head Harness & Neck Harness, Leather, Nylon, Standard, Regular, Deluxe and more. Excellent for growing a strong thick neck!!
Powerlifting Chains
Chains Powerlifting Free Weight Lifting Exercise

1/2", 5/8" & 3/4"... 30 to 65 lbs & Chain Collars. Chains for Powerlifting Free Weight Lifting Exercise.

Non Glare Strip & Paste for Sports
Great for Strongman Events and ALL SPORTS
Squat Support
Manta Ray Squat Support Sting Ray Squat Bar Support & Pads
Manta Ray squat & Sting Ray squat front or rear squat support.  Squat bar Pads Red and Black, Camo.
Strength Bars
Free Weight Forearm Upper Body Bars
6 Bars to choose from, the Pro Bar, AMP Bar & E-Flex bars.  Choose Standard 1" or Olympic Bar 2".
Thirst Quenching Gum
Thirst Sports Quenching Gum YUMMY

Thirst Sports Quenching gum.  Choose from 300 piece tub to 1 pack.  These are YUMMY.

Shin Sleeves | Supports
Shin Calf Sleeve Brace Support or Deadlift Shin Saver
Deadlift Shin SAVER, Shin Calf sleeve or Shin Brace or Shin Support. Powerlifters & weight lifters use this to save your shins when training for deadlifts or as a shin and or Calf sleeve brace.
Female Fitness
Gear for the Ladies,.......and men!!
Gear for the ladies but also for men.  Products from Light to Super Heavy designs depending.
Ankle Cuff Strap

Ankle Cuffs in Leather, Weighted, Nylon and Heavy designs for pulley stack adjustable working out and more to include Weighted Belts.

Ammonia Caps
Nose Tork, Ammonia Caps Smelling Salts Inhalants
Nose Tork Bottles NEW NOSE TORK, Ammonia Caps in 10 pack, 10 packs of 10 or full 100 pack box.  Ever see a powerlifter sniff something before they lift?  This is it.
Strongman Pulling Harness
Sports & Strongman Truck Pulling Harness
Truck Pulling Harness for all sports and Strongman training and events.
APTs Last 500 Customers
Check this out, You'll Like THIS!

Live world map tracking to see where APT's last 500 customers and visitors came from.

Squat Bar Pads
Squat Bar Pads

Squat bar Pads in Red and Black.  Nice comfort on the neck on leg day when squatting.

Wrist Roller
Wrist Roller Grip Roller, Forearm Strength

Wrist Roller Grip Rollers For Forearm Exercise & Grip
Choose from several different designs, great pricees!!!
Wrist Roller and Wrist Roller Grip Roller & Twister

Lifting Books | Videos

Weight Lifting Books DVDs & Videos Powerlifting Bodybuilding.

Hot Stuff Balm

Hot Stuff, Mild and Extra Strength tubes. ....not stinky like BenGay (R) (tm)

Athletic Tape

Sports Tape and Athletic Tape pull up bar tape.  Many styles, colors and designs to choose from.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guard mouth piece Teeth protection, Protect your teeth when lifting heavy or playing Sports!!
These are cheap insurance for your teeth. STOP grinding & clintching your TEETH!!!!

Bodybuilding Weight Lifting Powerlifting Strongman
New Weight Lifting Bodybuilding Products
New Products II
Bodybuilding, Weight Lifting, Powerlifting, Strongman Products
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Weight Lifting Articles Powelifting Stongman & more....
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