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 Weight Lifting Wrist Strap FACTS and Information 

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Anabolic Steroids, thats how customers describe APT's Pro Wrist Straps
Could YOU use a BETTER set of Weight Lifting Wrist Straps?

APT's "MOTIVATOR" Pro Wrist Strap set
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  • You will not go wrong ordering the "MOTIVATOR" style
  • Good strong Light to Super Heavy set, 2" wide
  • Use for regular to big lifters, cotton material

  • You will not go wrong ordering the "ULTIMATE" style
  • Good strong bit Softer Light to Super Heavy set, 2" wide
  • Use for regular to big lifters, cotton material

  • You will not go wrong ordering the "WARRIOR" style
  • Good strong Light to Heavy set, 1-1/2" wide
  • Use for smaller wristed lifters, cotton material

  • You will not go wrong ordering the "Lifting Cuff" style
  • Good Light to Super Heavy set, 2" or 1-1/2" wide
  • Use for all types of lifting, nylon Material

    APT receives EXCELLENT Published Magazine
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    Shown in Feb 04, FLEX, used by WWE's Brock Lesner
    Muscular Development

Some facts and information about Weight Lifting Wrist Straps

Another Great Lifting Strap Article

There are a few names out there for these Power Tools of weight lifting.  Here is a list of some of the names that you might hear the Weight Lifting Wrist Strap being referred to as.

Weight Lifting Wrist Strap, Lifting Strap, Powerlifting Strap, Power Strap, Deadlift Strap, Deadlifting Strap, Wrist Strap, Weight Lifting Strap, Hand Strap, Weight Strap etc etc.                                   

The key word here is Strap in each of these names.  Some might refer to them as wraps and will substitute the word WRAP forSTRAP. 

Wraps are a totally different weight lifting Power Tool.  Wraps are lengths of usually 3" X 2 meter softer elastic material that is WRAPPED around your wrists  and fastened with Velcro for wrist support with heavy weight lifting and the keen wraps are usually used for squats and heavy leg exercises.

Lifting Straps are lengths of non-stretching material that is "noosed" (looped end) around your wrists and then the remaining material (tail) is wrapped around a weight lifting bar of some sort to aid you in holding a weight lifting bar.  Their purpose is to keep the bar in your hands when lifting heavy amounts of weight.  You might want to use straps if or when your grip can't handle the amount of weight you are using, sweaty hands, weak grip, hurt hands, forearm gives out etc.  You may want to use lifting straps because they give you a better sense of motivation and connection to the bar.

You can get Weight Lifting Wrist Straps in several different materials.  Cotton, Nylon, Leather, Polypropylene, Polyester, Canvas and a few others, but these are the main ones.  There are many other Lifting Strap devices out there on the market.  Hooks, clamp type devices,  Velcro fixed straps to name a few.  APT has just started getting into these "HOOK Lifting Strap" contraption type devices.  They are great products and work well if you like that style. 

So what is the best material, style, design, strength, length, thickness, fabric composite, stitching requirement etc. for your basic Weight Lifting Wrist Strap design?

Here is the secret, and DO NOT tell anybody that you heard it from APT's Pro Wrist Straps. The SECRET is that there isn't any SECRET.  The best or NUMBER 1 strap or material out there isn't out there.  It's all in what you want, like, prefer or what works BEST for what you are trying to accomplish. You just need to know the facts about the set of Weight Lifting Wrist Straps that you are using or want to buy and what it will do for you.  Basically you have to try different materials, styles and desings to see what YOU like and what works the BEST.

You will see ads that say, "One Size Fits All"under the printed ad picture or in their description of their strap product.  Of course they will say "One Size Fits All" and market it that way, because they have 10,000 sets that they had factory made at a certain length, width and color.  APT is here to tell you that ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL.  One size might kind of fit all to a certain degree, but everybody is different and there is no changing that.

Everybody lifts with different poundages.  Some of the big boys out there have HUGE wrists while other smaller lifters have small wrists.  This means that a real thick strap is not the way to go if you have small wrists as you will have too much strap wrapped in your hands if you have small hands. On the other hand, you might like the thick wrap of the strap in your hands if you do have small hands as it gives you extra grip area and makes for a "thicker bar" so to speak.  Do not totally believe it when advertisers say, "Use this strap because it does not give you a thick bulky wrap between your hands and the bar..  It's like it's not even there.,"..That's why you MUST use OUR Lifting strap"  Well, some like it thicker and some would benefit from a thicker strap and they don't even know it.  Try this yourself!! Grab a little skinny bar with a lot of weight on it and pull it up off the ground, then grab a thicker bar with the same amount of weight on it and now my friends you see the difference.  More area to grip your hands on, more of a circumference to wrap your fingers around and thus, the more control and power you have of the bar.  Why do you think that companies are starting to make thicker bar bell and dumbbell handles.  I personally have a friend that is going into business specifically on this idea.

The company that advertises that their strap will never break might be telling the truth.  The tensile strength of their material is strong enough that no human will never succeed in lifting enough weight to ever break the material.  (as long as the material does not have flaws)  This is a good thing, but what is the material made out of.  Hummmm, Nylon, Polypropylene maybe.  Well did they also tell you in their same "claim" that Nylon and Poly type material is very slick and slippery when wrapped around a bar.  Oh, yes it is.  If fact I talk to many many Powerlifters, Strongmen and Bodybuilders etc. that WILL NOT use Nylon and Poly material lifting straps.  Why you ask?  Because they are slick and they don't want the strap to slip off of the bar with 800-900-1000 pounds on it.  Even with your roughest textured bar, they are slick.  You have the 8400+ pound tensile strength but not the grip around the bar.  If you do Cleans and Snatches, this might be good as the strap can rotate somewhat on the bar, but bad if the strap just slips out of your hands on the way up. 

APT thought through this and offers an ANTI-SLIP feature that is cotton based and added to the nylon and poly material straps.  It is basically an 6" or 8" piece of thin cotton material that is placed exactly where your strap contacts the bar.  This gives you the strength of the nylon and poly as well as the adhesive power of cotton straps.  It is a strong strap with grip.  So you can use the "slippery" material straps without any problems at all.

I have seen ads where the strap is the BEST strap out there since sliced bread.  Well after careful observation of the printed advertisement, I noticed something.  The strap was Nylon, yes, super strong with no worries of strap failure, absolutely, not a chance that it will break at all.  I gave them an A+ in that department.  Well, the strap being used to make a huge deadlift was only 1-1/2 inch wide.  Trying to deadlift a weight of 1000+ pounds with a 1-1/2 inch strap around your wrist is like tying piano wire around your wrists and hanging from a chin up bar.  Its crazy.  I am surprised hands aren't getting pinched  and cut off at some of these Strongman competitions where straps are legal to use and during Powerlifter training.  That is why APT offers several sets with 2" wide webbing material.  If you are medeium size to big, the 2: width is perfect for you and you will like it much more than the 1-1/2" wide straps.

This particular Pro Strength Athlete actually had wrist wraps around his wrists and then the straps around them.  MEANING, the straps were strong but not thick enough to take the massive amounts of weight being used.  Something so good and so bad at the same time.  But we don?t hear about that in the advertising and marketing of these products now do we.  When somebody has only 1 or a few products, they try and make it the,.(remember,.."One Size Fits All" and "DOES IT ALL")  NOT, not even close.  Check out APT's "HALF & HALF" series Pro Wrist Straps.  This series gives you the 2" wrist support as well as a 6000+ lifting strap strength.  It is one of APT's hottest sellers to date.  APT offers the "HALF & HALF" series in COTTON, NYLON and POLY. Here just look at this:

"APT, your products are simply amazing"
Pro Strongman "Big Tony" Scrivens

I also had one company owner tell me that he doesn't sell Cotton material lifting straps, only nylon because the cotton "Dry Rots", becomes weak and breaks.  Well APT manufactures its lifting straps per order when ordered.  APT does not stock pile sets of ready made lifting straps.  APT also does not stock any more webbing material than necessary and all material is inspected and kept in a climate controlled environment until ready to use.  If you leave your straps baking in the sun on your dashboard between workouts and stuff them in your gym bag when they are all wet and sweaty, then that's on you.  Take care of your lifting gear and it will continue to perform at its fullest.  If your gear starts to wear out, I would replace it quickly.  Don't wait until its too late and get mad because you were using knee wraps or lifting straps that were 3 years old and they broke or tore apart.  Nothing lasts forever, inspect your lifting gear regularly.

The moral of this story is that APT specializes in Weight Lifting Wrist Straps.  APT offers many styles, materials, lengths, strengths, widths, thicknesses, colors and other options.  Options like padding, embroidered lettering, lengths, widths, strengths and color choices that you choose.  APT even has embroidered flags, ANTI-WEAR and ANTI-SLIP features.

APT offers an ANTI-SLIP feature for our Nylon and Polypropylene lifting straps.  This is for the lifters that like the Nylon and Poly or would like to buy some but shy away because of the slickness.  It is a cotton addition to the Nylon and Poly straps so it reduces the "Slip"and "Slickness" so common with these straps.  It's a piece of cotton the same width of the strap and about 8 inches long.  It is placed in the correct place where the bar first contacts the strap.  So there you go, you have the strength and the cotton grip around the bar all in one.  And for the wrist support, you get a 2" cotton wrist area and a 1-1/2 inch strap to wrap the bar.  Up can even add padding to this.  APT's Pro Wrist Straps does not claim to be KING and have the best new straps on the market etc etc etc.  We do claim to offer many many strap products that you can use to your personal liking and functional intent.  APT will even CUSTOM make a set of straps for you at no additional cost.  APT makes its lifting straps per order.  Meaning, when you order, we make them then.  No "One Size Fits All here" and no "Cookie Cutters"

For the thinner cotton straps, APT offers a Poly ANIT-Wear feature that is designed  and fitted in the place that always contacts the bar first.  This aids in the wearing of cotton on the bars and rougher bars.  But you say, well shoot, you said that the Nylon and Poly was slick and now you are adding it to the cotton.  Well yes, but the Poly piece is only 8 inches long and as wide as the strap.  Once the Poly is wrapped on the bar, the rest of the strap (now cotton only) wraps over its self and now you have the cotton grip back and the ability to rotate the strap on the bar if doing cleans and snatches etc.  It's the best of both worlds.

So there you have it.  APT does not and will not BASH other companies or their products, but we will tell you the facts.  APT has built its company and reputation on these facts and offers you everything there is to offer in the way of WEIGHT LIFTING WRIST STRAPS.  Use the right tool for the right job is all APT asks.  APT has everything you will ever need in Weight Lifting Writ Straps offering some 60 + DIFFERENT styles and designs of straps.  APT has fast become your TRUSTED Leader in Weight Lifting Wrist Straps.

                                                            "FEEL YOURSELF CONNECTED"  
                                                            Alan P. Thomas
                                                            APT's Pro Wrist Straps

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