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APT Pro Wrist Straps
was the Official Lifting Strap used at the
"GNC Show of Strength"
on 8, 9, 10 Nov. 2002 New Orleans LA. during the
"Flintstone Deadlinting Event"
(Click here for some heart pounding photos)

"STRONGMAN" is not your average training video.
STRONGMAN" is a personal, intimate, and unique look at Hugo Girard, one of the strongest men on the planet. It reveals Hugo's deepest motivations, desires, and secrets. We follow Hugo from the gym, to his training compound, and finally to Louisiana where he competes to become "North America's Strongest Man". Along the way, we get a glimpse of Hugo's relationships with his wife, with his fellow athletes, and with the sport that he is determined to conquer. "STRONGMAN" is a film about passion, determination, hard work, and strength. It is a movie about a strongman the likes of which we have never seen before; and may never see again.

The movie is in English and the running time is approxiamately 45 minuntes.

NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD (Click here for details)

"Big Tony" Scrivens at the 2003 NEWSC Pulling a massive 910 Pounds
Tony uses APT's Pro Wrist Straps for all of his Deadlift pulls, It's about trust!!

Check out this GREAT site featuring
Geoff Capes and more.....

6 Years old and 900 pounds, WOW

See Motivating Photos of the "Hell on the Hill" deadlifting results.
Click here

"BIG TONY" 900 lbs of TRUST      John Beatty 1215 lbs training, ...... 24 reps "Truck Deadlift" 
        ".....If you come loose, Check your wrists to make sure your hands are still attached!!!!......"

APT's good friend and customer Pete of
http://www.ironbear.org/ sent in this awesome
training photo of himself doing shrugs and static
holds with 1040 lbs.  Pete uses APT's Pro Wrist
Straps and says that, "They are working just GREAT
for my heavy lifts"  Now if Pete can trust APT's
Pro Wrist Straps, so can you.  Check out Petes 
super web site at http://www.ironbear.org/
to see what he has to offer to the Strongman and
Powerlifters out there.

X-Treme Strongman Extravaganza Showdown
Super Photos from this 22 Feb 2003 event
(click here)

Check out 500 lb shrugs and 50 reps here
Now that is what APT calls TOUGH

See what the Silver Dollar Deadlift is all about
Strongman Joe Secord Shows you how

Kevin DiGiorgio sent APT some SUPER photos of his
BIG lifts. 
Check them out by clicking here.

See BIG deadlifts by Strongman Joel at  House of Muscle

Check out the Pro Strongman Photos from the
GNC Show of Strength
(click here)
Super Snowman Strongman Challenge Photos from 4 Jan. 03

Testimonials from Pro Strongman/Woman Competitors
using APT's Pro Wrist Straps
(click here)

Corey St. Clair and http://www.bodybuinding.com/ present:
Training For Strongman Events

Check out this series of articles for Strongman training here

..."APT's Pro-wrist straps are awesome. The extra long straps you made for the GNC Show of Strength to be used in the 2 inch flint-stone deadlift were awesome.  Before those straps I could only get 8 reps but with the APT Pro-Straps I got 14 reps at the contest. The straps are comfortable, strong and they look great.  Because of the high quality of your straps, Mastiff Strength Equipment by Powerlift will now offer only APT's Pro Wrist Straps to our customers." www.power-lift.com       www.mastiffstrength.com

Thanks Again, Bryan Neese, Pro Strongman Competitor
1999 IFSA US Champion 

    "I recieved a set of your wrist straps at the last NEWSC Strongman competition. 
Bottom line, your straps rock.  They're wide enough to comfortably support any load I'm
working with.  Additionally, they're the perfect length, so I don't have to worry about a bar rolling free.  Good work, Paul Balyeat, Strongman competitor

Deadlift Photos form the NEWSC 2003 Strongman Challenge
Check out APT's Pro Wrist Straps in action
More NEWSC Deadlift Photos here
Tough, Quality straps, APT offers nothing less
And yet more deadlift photos
Check out what quality lifting straps and these Strongmen have in common.
Huge Deadlifts if you click here
Professional Grade lifting straps from APT's Pro Wrist Straps
Awesome deadlifts
The proof is in the photos!!!
Mean Tough Weight Lifting deadlifts
APT is your #1 source for Professional Grade Weight Lifting Wrist Straps

APT himself and Pro Strongman
"BIG TONY" Scrivens

Pro Strongman Brian Nassar gearing up for some Partial Deadlifts
APT's Pro Wrist Straps help Brian to GET THE JOB DONE!!

Strongwoman Julie Havelka
Wears APTs Logo T-Shirt

Brian Nassar
Brice Gimbel
James Greene
Mark Wechter
Dean Munsey
Andy Munsey
Whit Baskin
John Beatty
Ken Brown
Nick Courtad
Chad Coy
Chris Doyle
Dan Ford
Karl Gillingham
Wade Gillingham
Walt Gogola
Grant Higa
Brian Holt
Charlie Kaptur
Steve Kirit
Mark Keshishian
Brett Latta
Jesse Marunde


505 lb Silver Dollar Deadlift,...NICEEEEEEEEEEE
Female Powerlifter Amy Weisberger

Pro Strongman Brian Nassar with 800 pound partial Deadlifts
using APT's Pro Wrist Straps

Strongman Tod Becraft
shows off APT's Logo T-Shirt

Art McDermott
Pat McGettigan

Jefferson Meadors
Matt Metheney
Gary Mitchell
Bryan Neese
Johnny Perry
Phil Pfister
Mark Philippi
Don Pope
Brian Schoonveld
Dave Schulte
Tony Scrivens
Ernie Simpson
Ron Slusarski
Chad Smith
Shawn Smith
Jared Spybrook
Bruce Tessier
Abdul Wesolowski
Julie Havelka
Jill Mills


Dave Waters
Mark Higgins
Rob Howe
Andy Turner
Christian Clay
Steve Winters
John Futers
Paul Banks
T Perdue
D O?Brian
M McKechnie
Malcom Kaye
Adam Townsend
Gary Adams
Steve McNeill
Darren Taylor
Mark Standon
Adam Waldron
Andy Mavin
Sean McGuire
Barry Fitzgerald
Phil Wright
Richard Giles
Alex Hunter
Ollie Hunter
Spencer Hyland
Spencer Rushton
Joe Peebles
Chris Wiltshire
Dave Warner
The Goslings

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There is still time........
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order, ENDS 23 Sept 2014
midnight. Code is 

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Bodybuilding Weight Lifting Powerlifting Strongman
New Weight Lifting Bodybuilding Products
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Bodybuilding, Weight Lifting, Powerlifting, Strongman Products
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