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Strongman Atlas Stones for Competition & Training
Professional Grade Stongman Atlas Stones
Order yours today and start training to WIN!!!
FREE sample of PR Stone Tacky with all Stone Orders

10" Diameter, around 42 lbs -                    $60.00
Ship UPS $48.00 USA only
(Can be shipped to a residence or business)

12" Diameter, around 72 lbs -                    $73.95
Ship UPS $58.00 USA only
(Can be shipped to a residence or business)

13" Diameter, around 102 lbs -                   $95.00
Ship UPS $68.00 USA only
(Can be shipped to a residence or business)

14" Diameter, around 116 lbs -                  $110.00
Ship UPS $88.00 USA only
(Can be shipped to a residence or business)

No discounts apply to these Atlas Stones, sorry

Shipped freight (semi truck) to a zoned COMMERCIAL address ranges from $90.00 to $135.00 APT needs your complete shipping address to get you a freight quote for exact cost.

Add $70.00 additional dollars to ship to a HOME RESIDENCE for 1st stone. If you are interested in ordering additional stones with the first stone add an additional $30.00 for shipping for each additional stone.

The above is an APPROXIMATE cost on shipping these heavy stones.  E-mail APT for exact price on stones and shipping for USA ONLY.  ProWristStraps@aol.com or APT@ProWristStraps.com  Serious inquires only please.

15.5" Diameter, around 150 lbs -                   $120.00

16" Diameter, around 172 lbs -                      $125.00

17" Diameter, around 215 lbs -                      $135.00

18" Diameter, around 230 lbs -                      $149.00

19" Diameter, around 295 lbs -                      $169.00

20" Diameter, around 333 lbs -                      $185.00

21" Diameter, around 365 lbs -                      $199.00

22" Diameter, around 404 lbs -                      $269.00

HydroPower Ball
Great for partner or individual core work or atlas stone style exercises and many other functional exercises. The Hydropower Ball can take your strength gains to a whole new level. Easily change stability level and resistance of your activity by adding or removing water. Available in three sizes. Small: Green, 30 cm. (12") dia., holds 15 kgs. (33lbs.) water; Medium: Blue, 40 cm. (16") dia., holds 25 kgs. (55lbs.) water; Large: Red, 50 cm. (20") dia., holds 40 kgs. (88lbs.) water.

    The year was around 2001 and the awesome atlas stone lifting of a Norwegian man named Knut Bjorvatn pronounced (Canute Beovoten) and his clan from the Cincinnati Strongman Club inspired me to design our Atlas Stones. Knut had the first set of Atlas Stones that I have ever laid eyes on or should I say left my skin on as they were very rough. Before Knut moved back to Norway I purchased 4 of his Atlas Stones. The first out of the four Atlas Stones I had weighed a massive 255 lbs., which was fine until we went to attempt to shoulder it during our training for an upcoming competition. At that point, I started to research on how to make a lighter stone so we could do reps to properly prepare for our competition. Well, after several brainstorms with strongmen, machinists, foundry workers, concrete specialists, contractors, employees and customers at our family Slater's Hardware store I came up with a way to create some very nice Atlas Stones. My first stone I made was about 176 pounds and worked very well for us to shoulder for reps. I sometimes become a little obsessed when it comes to making stones trying to discover the best techniques to put out a first class product. These Atlas Stones produced are smooth with just a little texture on the bottom of the stone for added grip along with a slight flat spot so they do not roll away from you.

    World Record Stones   
    Starting in 2003, I was asked by Dr. Terry Todd the director of the Arnold Strongman Classic to make the woman's world record stone weighing 300 lbs and was lifted to a 36" platform the lady Texan named Jill Mills the Worlds Strongest Women at the time. This lift took place on stage in the Greater Columbus Convention Center as an exhibit during the Arnolds Strongman Classic competition.
    In 2007 The Manhood Atlas Stone lift was introduced in the Arnold Strongman Classic competition. Dr. Terry Todd once again trusted the Slater Stone giving us the challenge of making the world record Atlas Stone. The previous world record atlas stone lift was 511lbs set in 2003 by a Hungarian named Laszlo Fekete so we were challenged with making a stone that weighted 11 pounds more at 522 lbs. A round lead core weighing over 200lbs was added into the center of the 522lb stone. The core was so heavy it had to be supported in the mold by attaching a tripod onto the core suspending it into the center of the mold then pouring an extremely strong concrete mix into the 21" diameter mold surrounding the massive insert. The Denmark mix was the strongest mix available, with the PSI of over 16000lbs making it not only the heaviest Atlas Stones but also one of the strongest.
    Steve McDonald from Pennsylvania was the first to set the world record over a 48" bar. In 2008 we added more lead to bring the weight of the stone to 525 lb.  Zydrunas Savickas of Lithuania set the record of 3 times over the bar within 60 seconds. In 2009 for the Arnold Strongman Classic we added more weight to bring the stone to 529lbs. Travis Ortmayer, known as the Texas Stoneman, put the massive stone over the 48" bar once in a world record time of 13.01 seconds. In 2010 Brian Shaw of the USA came to the Arnold Strongman Classic to amaze the strength world by placing the ever so massive now 533lb stone over the bar 3 times in 53 seconds. Derek Poundstone did the same in 60 seconds and the Stone Man Travis Ortmayer did it in 82 seconds. From Russia Misha Koklyaev placed the stone over once in 17 seconds. 

    Derek Poundstone, a world champion strongman is the owner of a 555lb Slater Atlas Stone which he hoisted over a 46.25" bar in 22 seconds. Travis Ortmayer owns the worlds heaviest 600lb Slater Atlas Stone. Paul Uhl, director of the Fortissimus World Strongman Challenge chose to use Slater Stones for the competition and has graciously named the stone event the Slater King of the Stones World Challenge. Now our stones are used in the Americas Strongest Man and have been featured on the Today Show twice. Although very proud of our achievements it gives me great pleasure to make stones for whoever has the desire to train with Atlas Stones no matter what their level. This being said, this is why they are manufactured in all sizes so they can be introduced to fit all strength and conditioning levels.
      I remember the excitement I felt the first time I lifted Knut's Atlas Stones. A bit of this excitement goes into each and every stone made for anyone that has the guts to give this raw form of training a go.
    Rock On! 
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    The Power Magazine

    for your NEW

    There is still time........
    Take 10% off
    order, ENDS 22 April 2014
    midnight. Code is 

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