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Powerlifting Log Books Weight lifting Log Books Weight Lifting Log Book
Weight Lifting Log book Journal.
    This all new edition prepares professionals on how to design group fitness programs and safely and successfully lead a wide range of class formats and participants. A must-have resource for group fitness instructors, the manual addresses critical core competencies regardless of the types of classes you plan to teach. Topics range from instruction techniques and program design to the business of group fitness and an instructor's ethical and legal responsibilities as well. Additionally, the manual tackles important considerations that group fitness instructors face when instructing a variety of individuals, including pregnant women and those with significant weight challenges.
    This manual includes an all-new companion DVD, Essentials of Group Fitness Instruction, on which world-renowned group fitness expert and award-winning presenter, Lawrence Biscontini, offers essential steps and strategies to unlocking the critical elements of group fitness. Discover key components of class design, such as how to determine desired outcomes through exercise and movement selection, sequencing, choreography, program modifications and music. 2011. 422 page/211 mins.
    • Offers expanded coverage of a personal trainer's primary job.
    • Helps develops safe and effective programs for all clients.
    • Brokered book with 758 pages/ DVD is 317 mins long.
    One of the most comprehensive resource on personal training you will ever find. This 4th edition  offers expanded coverage of a personal trainer's primary job responsibility-assessing each client's current level of health and physical fitness and then developing safe and effective fitness programs that will lead to a lifelong commitment to a more active lifestyle and better health.
    ? Addresses proper technique for individual kickboxing moves.
    ? Teaches how to build safe and effective combinations.
    ? DVD is 82 mins long.
    ACE's Guide to Kickboxing Fitness addresses proper technique for individual kickboxing moves and  teaches the viewer how to build safe and effective combinations. Special attention is paid to creating smooth transitions between movements, as well as modifications for safety and various fitness levels. This material is perfect for group fitness instructors who are new to kickboxing or who would like a comprehensive step-by-step review of proper technique. Includes benefits of kickboxing fitness; a comprehensive review of punches, kicks, strikes, and defensive movements; tips for building effective combinations with good technique; a sample class; and more. Produced in cooperation with the American Council on Exercise.
    This DVD overviews the basic goals and primary components of the American Fitness Index (AFI) program - a nationally renowned ACSM initiative. The DVD also looks at the current AFI rankings of major metropolitan areas in the United States. Also, the video reviews what lessons have been learned from the results of the project to data.
    Other topics this DVD highlights:
    - What make AFI unique
    - AFI program components
    - Phase 1: AFT rankings of metropolitan areas
    - Data sources and information
    - 30 indicators in the index
    - Phase II of AFI program
    - AFI demonstration project
    - Lessons learned from the field
    2013. 51 mins.
    • Covers the practical aspects of running a successful business.
    • Provides professional businesses with information on becoming successful.
    • Brokered book with 222 pages.
    This book covers the practical aspects of running a successful fitness business and having a successful career in that business. Professionals will have the information they need to start planning their own business and make wise career choices. The book is designed to be very practical and provides forms and  how-to instructions for successful business planning
    This book presents the current standards and guidelines that help professional facilities high-quality service and program offerings in a safe environment. This content is based in large part on both the work that has begun through the NSF international initiative to develop industry standards to serve as the foundation for a voluntary health and fitness facility certification process.
    Experts within the academic, medical and health fields have come together with an authorative guide for facility operators and owners.
    The 4th Edition includes new standards and guidelines for pre-activity screening, orientation, education and supervision; risk management and emergency procedures; professional staff and independent contractors; facility design and construction; facility equipment; operational practices; and signage.
    This edition updates:
    - Standards and guildelines aligned with the current version of the pending NSF international health and fitness facility standards.
    - New guidelines addressing individuals with special needs.
    - New standards and guidelines regarding automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for both staffed and unstaffed facilities.
    - Revised standards and guidelines to reflect changing directors and business models within the industry, including 24/7 fitness facilities, medically integrated facilities, and demographic-specific facilities.
    - New standards and guidelines to better equip facilities that are dealing with youth to ensure the proper care of this segment of the clientele.
    2012. 256 pages.

    This DVD features a series of proven drills that are designed to enhance the ability of athletes to perform at their best, when and where it counts- on the field or on the court. Each drill is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-apply manner. The DVD is appropriate for athletes at all competitive levels. 2012. 38 mins.


    This DVD explains how organizations can take alternative aquatic programming, instructor training techniques, sound leadership tactics and proven motivational tools that create a profitable vertical aquatic-exercise program. 2011. 91 mins.

    Introducing BOSU Elite, a specially-designed version of the BOSU Balance Trainer that helps improve athletic speed, power, body mechanics and balance, and compliments new, WeckMethod programming. The BOSU Elite incorporates a higher density dome and targeted training area defined by a "Power Line" and "Power Zone" to establish optimal body mechanichs while performing advanced athletic workouts.
    - User weight capacity is 350 lbs
    - Includes: foot pump, owner's manual, workout DVD, wall chart and 2-year warranty
    - Black with Gray base
    - 8-10" H x 25" diam
    This DVD explains why it is essential for health club staff to be better every day, including how clubs can rebuild their cultures, as well as how clubs can enhance their level of accountability in a way that enables them to build their business model. It also details several strategies that can be employed to strengthen a club's personal training business. In addition, the DVD discusses the potential financial impact that personal training can have on a club's business. The DVD reviews the top 5 'truth' of best-selling trainers, explains how club staff can build rapport with their trainers and offer a few marketing and client-service tips for clubs that offer personal training.
    Additional topics:
    - The impact of personal training on your club business.
    - Building your personal training business.
    - Building your personal training business-think like an owner.
    - Case study.
    - Maximize integration appointments.
    2012. 62 mins.
    Your one guide to the massive biceps, triceps and forearms you've always wanted.
    This book has over 330 full-color photos and 130 anatomical illustrations allow you to go inside more than 100 exercises to see how muscles interact with surrounding joints and skeletal structures and how variations, progressions and sequencing can isolate specific muscles to help you achieve targeted results. Paperback book. 176 pages.
    • Guide for women to assist in eliminating love handles and reducing cellulite.
    • Offers more than 75 exercises.
    • Paperback book with 144 pages.
    Get an inside view of muscles in action! This book features full-color photos and detailed anatomical illustrations of exercises for slimmin, shaping and toning the core, butt and legs.
    Whether you're looking to eliminate love handles, tighten your glutes or add definition to your legs, this book presents the exercises, programming and advice for the results you want.
    Provides step-by-step instructions work in tandem with the illustrations to ensure clear understanding of how to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of each exercise.
    Not only does this book provide exercise suggestions but it also provides nutrition recommendations; breathing techniques; and a customizable program for toning, strengthening and sculpting your abs, glutes and legs in just over 90 days!
    This DVD examines what track and field coaches can do to design more productive workouts for their athletes. It reviews the history of interval training and explains how new interval training improves on that. Also, the DVD discusses lactate dynamics training as well as looks at the impact of varying running rhythms and pace- alternately increasing and reducing with the utilization and clearance being trained.
    Additional topics:
    - The original interval training.
    - Energetics.
    - The lactate shuffle.
    - Technical development for endurance athletes.
    - Developing running rhythms.
    2012. 90 mins.

    From the National Strength and Conditioning Association comes this resource packed with more than 100 drills to help in the development of agility and quickness training programs. Applicable to almost every sport, this book focuses on improving athletes' fleetness of foot work, change-of-direction speed and reaction time. 2012 Paperback Book. 200 pages.


    This DVD provides fitness professionals with a wide array of exercises and drills that are designed to challenge and help individuals of all health and fitness levels. 2005. 36 mins.


      When it comes to atlas stone training, this DVD is the NUMBER ONE source of information for:

      Benefits of this Stone Lifting DVD:


      • Strongman Competitors Looking for the Competitive Edge
      • Strength Coaches Looking for the Best Information
      • Strength Enthusiasts who Looking for an Extra Challenge
      • Bodybuilders Looking to Break Through Plateaus

      If you fit into one of these groups or if you just plain want to get big and strong then this DVD is for you.

      Table of Contents

      Chapter 1: Warm-up
      Chapter 2: Stone Basics
      Chapter 3: The Stance
      Chapter 4: The Grasp
      Chapter 5: Grip & Lap
      Chapter 6: Loading Phase
      Chapter 7: Common Questions
      Chapter 8: Returning the Stone
      Chapter 9: Placing the Stone
      Chapter 10: Special Considerations
      Chapter 11: Stone Variations
      Chapter 12: Other Starting Positions
      Chapter 13: Gym Lifts
      Chapter 14: Max Effort Lifting
      Chapter 15: Clean-up


      We told you we went all out. We wanted to put together something that will help to inform you on Grip Training, but also something that you could easily implement with your athletes.

      Check out a run-down of all you will soon be able to put into action...

      Chapter 1: Basics of Grip Strength

      In this section, we define the terms used in Grip Training and give some quick examples of each form of training.

      Chapter 2: Crushing Grip

      In this section, we focus on Crush, the dynamic form of finger training, where the fingers are drawn in toward the palm, as in making a fist.

      We cover the basic of using grippers, as well as more advanced techniques to forge a stronger grip.

      We also show you how you can use other tools found in your gym to strengthen the hands for a crushing grip,

      Chapter 3: Support Grip

      It this section, we look at static finger strength, also known as Support grip.

      We show you ways you can build extreme hand strength in your gym using dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells.

      We know that you are often training with many athletes at the same time, so we show you how you can do this efficiently with small groups.

      We also show you how you can use the team atmosphere to make the training sessions more exciting, competitive, and rewarding.

      Chapter 4: Open Hand Strength


      Open Hand Training is the most valuable form of Grip Training, because it forces the entire hand to work together.

      We will show you common Thick Bar Training tools that will build stronger hands and put muscle on your forearms.

      This is also where we get into Pinch Grip Training - we will show you how to train the thumbs to make them stronger and resist injury.

      We also cover several hybrid-style drills that combine facets of all grip disciplines for even more benefit and cross-over to your throws training.

      Chapter 5: Wrist and Forearm Strength

      You must not leave out the Wrists and Forearms in the Grip Training routine. They must be trained intensely in order to withstand the stresses of throwing and all the rigors of the long season.

      In this section, we look at ways to target the wrists and forearms specifically using equipment you already have at your gym.

      We also show you how to train your wrists and forearms using leverage devices that will build strength in all the directions the wrist and forearms move.

      Chapter 6: Common Throwing Injuries and Prevention

      In this section, Matt discusses the most common injuries that are being seen with throwers these days, as well as the ways they can be prevented.

      Matt also talks about how strengthening the lower arms can reduce the chance for injury at the elbow, high forearm, wrist and hands.

      Chapter 7: Grip Isolation vs. Integration

      When training the Grip, there are two ways to go about it: all by itself, and as part of full-body lifts. In this section, we cover the difference and when to use each.

      Also, we cover several High Impact ways you can begin training your grip while also training other parts of your body for an even bigger BANG for your time spent in the gym.

      Chapter 8: Home Made Equipment

      We know that for many coaches, the budgets are limited, so buying several hundred dollars worth of equipment is out of the equation.

      With that in mind, Matt and I cover over a dozen pieces of grip training gear you can easily make by yourself or with a little help from friends

      We know there's a chance your team has the smallest budget in the school, but the largest number of kids. For that reason, we added this section JUST FOR YOU.

      Chapter 9: Implementation

      At this point, you know that in order to keep your throwers performing at a high level and to keep hand, wrist and elbow injuries away, you MUST start implementing Grip Training.

      But the question still remains: How do You Do That?

      In this section we cover the best ways to begin working Grip Training into your routines without disrupting the rest of your training plan or adding a bunch of extra time to your workouts.


      Dear Fellow Strength-Junkie,

      Have you ever shaken someone's hand and been scared - really scared - that your hand was about to be crushed and permanently disfigured forever?

      And deep inside, didn't you secretly wish you had that kind of bone-crushing hand power?

      Well now you can.

      I'm going to show you how you can develop hands so powerful that you'll feel like the creator and destroyer of worlds.

      How can I make such a bold claim?

      Because I'm Jedd Johnson, Grip Athlete, previous World Record Holder in the Two Hand Pinch Lift, and an IronMind Certified Red Nail Bender and I am personally going to show you how to bend a Grade 5 bolt in 30 days or less.

      And here's how - it's easy once I show you my super-secret shortcuts.

      And why would I share this valuable information - this goldmine that I've accumulated over the last 10 years?

      Because I'm sick and freakin' tired of all the crap out there that "so-called experts" are passing off as "grip-strength" material. Hell, I've seen better material in toy stores shopping for my kids!

      I went out into my garage "where the magic happens" and pulled out all the stops and shot over 4 hours of bending madness and cut it down to only the most important, most relevant, most cutting-edge information and wrapped it up into 90 minutes of pure content.


      - Very popular DVD showing everything you need to know to learn the strength feat of horseshoe bending.


      Have you ever seen a Strongman performing on TV or in Person, doing amazing feats of strength like Bending Steel Bars, Rolling up Frying Pans, and Folding Wrenches in Half?

      Have you ever wished that you could bend bars as thick as the beasts you have seen on TV?

      What if you could take a wrench in your hands and fold it in half?

      Do you ever secretly wish that you had the ability to amaze your friends and family with feats of super strength like the greatest of strongmen?

      Have you ever wished you could do those things?

      Well, now you can learn absolutely everything you need to know in order to perform the exact same feats of strength as the men you've seen performing live!

      When you pick up this DVD today, you will be armed with the knowledge to take down elite feats of strength one by one.



      Discover the Secrets to Gripper Training
      that will improve your hand strength, grip endurance,
      and increase performance in the rest of
      your strength training and sporting endeavors.

      It’s time to put an end to the nonsense and start using beneficial training methods to build the grip strength that can help us out in so many ways.


      Documentary style video showing training leading up to and including the contest where I first broke the long-standing record in the Two Hands Pinch


      Shows how to build various pieces of strength training equipment, including an axle, natural glute ham raise, rolling grip handle, wrist strength device, and many other pieces of equipment.


      I want to ask you a few questions and I want you to be honest…

      • Do you ever have trouble holding onto the bar for pull-ups?
      • Do you ever find it hard to finish a set because your hands give out?
      • Do you feel like you could put on more muscle if your hands were just a little stronger?
      • Do you find your hands are the first to go when you are performing longer sets in your training?
      • Does it feel like your numbers in the gym suffer because of your weak hand strength?
      • Have you been told that your hand shake is like holding a dead fishf??

      This Step-By-Step, Easy-To-Follow System Has Helped Thousands Of Athletes Prevent Major Knee Injuries. It Has Been Tested Over Ten Years And Developed Into A Proven Systematic Coaching Approach, And Now You Can Use it with Your Athletes to Keep Them Injury-Free Too!

      This is where our program, Deceleration Training to Prevent ACL Tears comes in!

      Deceleration Training is a step-by-step approach to correcting the major problems that contribute to torn ACL's: Over-Dominant Quadriceps Muscles and Weak Glutes.

      The program begins by first identifying the weaknesses and movement issues the athlete might have and immediately addressing and correcting them.

      Then as the program progresses, we build upon these corrections and help the athletes become even better at decelerating their bodies with their glutes.

      Soon, this progress helps the athlete develop safer, stronger knees while also becoming more powerful on the field or court.

      Read below for more details on how we make this happen...

      Olympic Weightlifting Book- A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches - 2nd Edition

      DVD How to make Atlas Strongman Stones from MOLDS

      DVD for Weight Lifting HOOKS
      (Click the title for details)

      D Ball HOW TO Training DVD
      Train with John Hinds and Monkeybar gym in this simple yet effective workout video. It goes through a fast series of one minute workouts and one minute rests, continuing through multiple exercises to strengthen and condition.
      Reg. Price:
      Sale Price:

      "PERSONAL BEST" Strongman How to Book
      A FULL 600+ pages of READING in the most complete Strongman
      book ever written to date!! YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED!!
      Photos, Info, routines, training on how to succeed in Strongman!
      (Click on the title for details and to order)

      Reg. Price:
      Sale Price:
      APT Logo Log books
      New Log Books are Perfect binded not spiral bound.
      BUY 5 get 1 FREE
      Get a few for your lifting Buddies

      Good for 200 workouts each book
      If you don't use a log book.....
      ...YOUR WRONG, stop guessing
      what you did in your last chest workout!!!
      (Click the title for larger photo and to purchase)

      Special Strength Training Manual For Coaches and Lifters
      Buy your now!
      FREE set of basic lifting straps with each book order

      Brute Strength Sand Bag Training Program E-Book

      ***Instant Download- once you purchase this Sand Bag Program.
      A link will be sent to you after the purchase. If you have any issues
      please E-mail APT at APT@ProWristStraps.com

      - 4 week sandbag strength training program template - can be used full year
      - 3 week sandbag training program for beginners
      - 7 short and effective cardio workouts with sandbag
      - over 40 different exercises (with pictures) designed to build pure functional strength
      - 52 pages - no empty pages, no 72 size font used, no BS, 100% real information

      The Walking Back Support Belt is specifically designed to support the middle and lower back and help you to maintain the correct posture while walking.

      Specially designed to support middle and lower back
      Helps maintain correct posture while walking
      Constructed of high quality neoprene for heat retention, elasticity and comfort
      Helps retain body heat to shed excess water while you walk
      Grip-strip closure is completely adjustable for a snug, perfect fit
      Wear over or under clothing
      Boosts benefits of walking
      Includes 10,000 steps/day walking book
      Reg. Price:
      Sale Price:

      New Log Books are Perfect bound not spiral bound.
      APT Weight Lifting Log Book Powerlifting Exercise Fitness Journal

      A log book or journal is the BEST tool you can use
      to track your lifting and to GROW
      Includes for 200 logable workout pages!!
      For Bodybuilding, Fitness, Powerlifting
      Strongman and more.....

      If you don't use a log for your workouts,..., your WRONG!!!
      (Click on the title for details, larger photo &
      to see the INSIDE of the log and to purchase)
      APT Weight Lifting Log Book Powerlifting Exercise Fitness Journal

      Reg. Price:
      Sale Price:
      How To Build HUGE, Large and Giant Traps
      70 full pages with photos and lots of info on Traps

      This book tells it all from a well known Strongman
      on how to build Tough,Strong and HUGE Traps
      The Trap muscle is more than the bump at the
      base of your neck, it runs down your entire back
      and across your shoulders.  Build HUGE traps
      and be and look POWERFUL in your back!!!!!

      (Click the title for larger photo and to purchase)
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