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Weight Lifting Forums, Bodybuilding Forums, Powerlifting Forums
Forums, Discussions Boards, Message boards and Chat Rooms

Different Weight Lifting Forums, Discussion Boards and Chat rooms to choose from.

Need one place to come to that holds your favorite FORUMs so you don't have too. 
   E-mail APT at ProWristStraps@aol.com  if you want us to add your forum.

Powerlifting Watch
Keeping An Eye On The Powerlifting Scene

Forum,...1st CLASS

Powerbeck Sports is an online store for Bodybuilding Products, Sports Nutrients, and Sports Supplements selling Protein Powders, Mass Builders, Creatine,          Amino Acids, Meal Replacers, Vitamins and Minerals, Sports Supplements and Bodybuilding Supplement New techniques to help you achieve your goals such       as Weight Gain, Lose Weight, get fitter, Build Muscle, Gain lean mass, Boost energy, Burn fat

Professional Muscle
APT's own Sponsored
Lifting Forum/Board
Excellent and HUGE Forum!

Professional Muscle
APT's own Sponsored
Lifting Forum/Board
Excellent and HUGE Forum!


Professional Muscle
APT's own Sponsored
Lifting Forum/Board
Excellent and HUGE Forum!

Revolutionary Bodybuilding weekly online magazine. Live interviews, chats,
Question and answer segments, and more. Online forums will NEVER be the same!




Want a Powerlifting Forum that KICKS ASS? 
This is it folks and is personally recommended by APT

Powerlifting/Olympic lifts
Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and strength sports. Discuss all things Iron here.
Sponsored by www.ProWristStraps.com

MassMonsters.com, Excellent Weight
Lifting Forum, Check it out here!!


Iron ForumRobert Universe Website Forum Index

Visit Iron Forum here:

Logical Training Board
This board is aimed towards discussing the principles of Anaerobic Exercise Science, plus other more general training topics.  This is a super board to get involved with, check it out today, it's FREE.
Health and Fitness Forums

Super articles, discussions and Forums on Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Fitness, Weight Loss, Exercise and much much more.


The Ring is a electronic message board where throwers and coaches can exchange ideas, ask questions, or just hang out.

One highly motivated up and coming Bodybuilder....
"I have to tell you that if you are still using your whimpy lifting straps,
your going to make more work for yourself.  APT's Pro Wrist Straps
are Super Quality and are made to get the job done."

Eldon, Tucson, AZ

USAPL Unofficial Forum

USAPLs forum, join in on hot topics and current news today.

N.A.S.S. North American Strongman Society Forum

Great Strongman forum for events, questions and comments about the Strongman and Strongwoman sport

Diesel Power Forum

For all your hard core weight lifting topics

Elite Fitness Web Forum

This is a great forum for all you hard core lifters out there.

Discuss Fitness
On this site you will find forums covering health, bodybuilding, fitness and more. Use of our site is free.
Muscle building + body building free discussion forum + message board !!

Welcome to the informative room of bodybuilding chat! Plenty of info. on muscle building pills and supplements and techniques for getting pumped up and RIPPED!

The 1st Gym Enterprise Team.
These discussion boards were designed with spectators, home trainers and professional athletes in mind. Whatever your sport or interest may be, we can accomodate your needs
Mick Hart Training Systems

How would you like to have 24 hour a day access to a training and steroid resource, where you can literally ask ANY question and be guaranteed of a quality answer based on years of real experience?

Bodybuilding and Supplements Discussion Board
The VegSource Newsletter is published periodically on an as-warranted basis, and contains announcements and information of potential interest to vegetarians, vegans, and anyone interested in considering the merits of a plant-based diet. 
Getbig.com's Bulletin Boards
A board where you can gossip about bodybuilding and fitness, whatever is on your mind, rant and rave, and discuss all. A board for training, questions and answers, where fellow peers can answer them in various topics. Beginning bodybuilding and fitness learning area from experts.
By Strongman.com, Chat up the latest news and information with this Exciting STRONGMAN discussion forum.
Wanna Be Big Forums
The Ultimate Bodybuilding Resource
Iron Magazine Forum
Excellent discussion by Iron Magazine, Lets talk weight lifting!!
Bodybuilding 4 You
Bodybuilding, Supplements and Reviews
World Powerlifting Forum
WORLD POWERLIFTING - all about Powerlifting, news, history, routines, nutrition questions, gear store, forums and much more. Please, no abused language, no trolls, no false names, otherwise you will be removed from the list of users. This forum is for powerlifters, so feel respect to each other. Make others happy with visiting the World Powerlifting Forum. Russian version of the WORLD POWERLIFTING Forum. Forums Moderator Andrey Butenko.

CHUCKDIESEL.COM is a place that Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, Olympic weightlifters, and strongman/woman competitors can gather and post questions in message boards, or chat online with others who enjoy the sport.  I took all my most used book-marks and added some message boards, chat rooms, articles and soon to come online databases of contest results and schedules.

The Fitness Board
Welcome to the FitnessBoard!
This is the most popular section of GOHEAVY. We have several forums for you to use. The forums are broken up so that information can be found easily. Supplements forum is where supplement information is kept, etc
A Bodybuilders Discussion Forum
The Iron Playground
The Iron Playground :: The Iron Playground
Online resource for Body Builders
1st Gym enterprises
WPA-APA Powerlifting Forum
The place to ask questions about APA & WPA Powerlifting, rules, contests, etc
Come and check out Chucks new Super Weight Lifting forum
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