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Movies of Weight Lifting, No Pain No Gain Movie Trailer

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Olympia Debuts "No Pain No Gain" Movie Trailer

Press Release

For immediate release: 10/19/02


October 19, 2002 - In one of the first moves to return bodybuilding to the big screen, Zukor Pictures debuted the trailer for its feature film, "No Pain, No Gain" to sell-out crowds for this year's Olympia Weekend bodybuilding competition at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. The trailer was played in conjunction with the Mr. Olympia Pre-Judging and Finals, as well as the Ms. Olympia Finals.

The three-minute trailer was created from footage for the dramatic feature film which stars bodybuilder Gus Malliarodakis and IFBB Pro Dennis Newman. Malliarodakis is a rising star in the bodybuilding world, with numerous covers and a six-page feature in the September issue of "Muscle & Fitness" magazine.

"The audience reaction to the trailer was great. I was a little nervous given the importance of the competition and hardcore nature of the fans," says producer-director Samuel Turcotte. "Afterward Gus and Dennis were complimented by old friends and new fans alike. Although the film was created for a general audience, it's great when those in the know enjoy it as well. I hope 'No Pain No Gain' reflects positively on the sport and brings more attention to it."

The trailer can also be viewed at the official movie website, no-pain-no-gain.com

About The Film

"No Pain, No Gain" tells the story of a brilliant former state bodybuilding champion from a small Ohio town, who becomes obsessed with scientific research and has let his world-class physique go. Fed up, he journeys to the mecca of bodybuilding, Los Angeles, to prove himself to the world. Armed with revolutionary ideas on growing perfect muscle, the awkward former champion realizes he has no choice but to build himself back up and prove to the world his ideas work by competing in the prestigious "Mr. West Coast" the bodybuilding competition.

Surrounded by the freaks, Hollywood wannabes, and outrageous gym culture of Los Angeles, the now determined bodybuilder struggles to preserve the integrity of his mind, body, and spirit -- something so apparently void in this strange new land. Pitted against steroid-fueled competitors and a monolithic sports-nutrition company that dominates the sport, he fights against the odds and enemies who want to destroy him. Searching for validity, recognition, and truth, he befriends a quirky computer genius and a kickboxing goddess -- and working together they soon realize what's been missing from their lives. In the end, they discover that balance in life, similar to a well-balanced physique, is the ultimate achievement.

About Zukor Pictures

A division of the film and music production company Zukor Entertainment, Zukor Pictures is headed by entertainment and technology executive Samuel Turcotte. Award-winning filmmaker Turcotte, is also Senior Segment Manager of Internet Media at Sun Microsystems. Turcotte, and his work have been profiled in "Business Week," "The Wall Street Journal," "Videography," and "Electronic Media." For more information, visit zukor.com

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