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       Here in Xenia on May 1st the weather forecast called for foulest of the fowl conditions but the Man upstairs obviously heard the prayers of 63 strongmen and strongwomen. On a day that was to be severe thunderstorms all day ended up being a day of mostly sunshine, but those thunderstorms ended up canceling out 1 event for some and 2 events for others. All seemed to be satisfied none the less.

     We were very pleased to have North American Strongman Society's President Willie Wessels as one of our lead officials, also in attendance was Professional Strongman-Brett Latta as well as "Dino" Nick Osborne-Ohio's State Chairman

Final Placings:

 Women LW-Amy Weisberger 1st  , Jill Stump Miller 2nd

Women HW-Sara Keith 1st  ,  Becky Beekman 2nd

 Teens LW-Michael Rogowski 1st

 HW-Michael Walker 1st, Jordan Horan 2nd

Police/Fire/Miltary-HW-Christopher Hicks 1st, Rob Grissom 2nd, Adam Eich 3rd

Masters LW-Mike Matson 1st, Al Roeder 2nd, Vincent Gazzara 3rd

HW-Joe Brauch 1st, Orie Barnett 2nd

Open Under 175lbs

Steve Reynolds 1st, Steve Folk 2nd, Ryan Maynard 3rd

Open 176-200lbs

Brandon Collins 1st , Kyle Mask 2nd, Jon Roeder 3rd, Mike Roberts 4th, Michael Bremmer 5th, Brad Austin 6th, Ray Taliaferro 7th , Nick Mullet 8th, Mike Kennedy 9th , Phillip Casto 10th

Open 201-231lbs

Jack Walker 1st, Christian Berardi 2nd, Aaron Mullett 3rd, Aaron Snider 4th, Jason Lambousis 5th, Scott Kaiser 6th, Jake Brooks 7th, Benny McClannhan 8th, Todd Seiple 9th,  James Schmidt 10th, Neal Gosselin 11th, Ed Slagle 12th

Open 232-265lbs

Brad Ardrey 1st, Steve Hill 2nd, Nick Osborne 3rd, Michael Bedzyk 4th, Tom Dixon 5th, Mike Pinyerd 6th, Eric McGill 7th, Nicholas Hileman 8th, Rob Racine 9th, Jeremy Renicker 10th

Open 266-300lbs

Jim Tom Allen 1st, Steve Slater 2nd, Chris Berry 3rd, David Pinyerd 4th

Open 301lbs and over

Brian King 1st, Joel Sward 2nd, Shawn Brooks 3rd, Matt Johnson 4th, Jesse Reimann 5th, John Penley 6th, Eric Miller 7th,  Richard Dressel 8th 

Once again what I would say makes the sport of Strongman/Strongwomen the best sport in the world is the total athlete:
(Strength, Sportsmanship and Spirit)

Also many thanks goes out to our sponsors:
File Sharpening Co., Greene Sport of Greene Memorial Hospital, The Printing Center of Xenia, Xenia YMCA, GNC of Xenia, APT Pro Wrist Straps, House of Pain, Aneta Florczyk-WSW 03, Julie Dunkley 4th place WSW 03, Save Edge Nail Worldwide, Yoder Die Casting, Fulmer Supermarket, Trophy Sports Center, Willie and Dione Wessels, Brett Latta and much local community support.

And to the helpers, for without them our success would have been limited:

Michaela & Monica Brooks, Cameron Harris, Derron Sellers, Kevon Lovely, Ralphel Lane, Joe Brauch, Mike Matson, Mike "Zeke" Bedzyk , Nick Osborne, Steve Reynolds, Steve Hill, Sherri Mash, Laurie Morgon, Erica Barnett and Big Shawn Brooks. Also to my # 1 silent  partner (except when I'm doing the Atlas Stones) my better half, my wife Kathy Barnett.

My best and God bless all, I hope we can all meet again on September 18th.

Orie Barnett Outback Promoter

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