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APT Pro Gear Affiliate Program….Make money the easy way, it’s as simple as signing up and posting your Affiliate links into your Web Site, Social Media, Forums, Message Boards, Lifting E-mail contacts and more……

1-PLEASE read the below in FULL as it WILL HELP you understand and make MORE money.  Have a web site or Social Media accounts or nice lifting buddy E-mail list?

2-Want to make money promoting APT Pro Gear.

3-It’s SUPER EASY.  Simply sign up for the APT Affiliate Program below.

4-Once you sign up and are approved, you take your unique Affiliate tacking code and use it.

5-You take your Unique Affiliate code and post Text Links or Image/Banner links of/to APT Pro Gear. We have some APT Logos below that you can use and talk up APT to start sending customers to the APT web site so that you can get PAID. Be sure to link any text or images to your Unique Affiliate URL web site link.

6-When your visitor or Customer clicks on the APT link it starts tracking.

7-When they visit our site and make a purchase you get paid 10% minus any APT discounts and shipping and the code CONTINUES to track or up to 60 days.  Meaning if they click on your links don’t buy then….and then come back within 60 day and buy, the code still tracks.

8-APT Pays out once a month at the end of the month via PayPal, so you have to have a PayPal account set up. Please visit if you need to set up an account, it is very easy.

9-It’s that easy, post on your own web site or any Social Media accounts that you may have or your customer News letter promotions that you use or if you have a News Letter following.

10-Any questions, we are always here to help or or , start your APT Pro Gear Affiliate Program today.

11-You can use any info or images from the APT web site to promote your unique Affiliate code, the more the better.  Your Imagination is your limit, the better you set it up the better odds you have of get that sale and getting paid.

12-Our Best Affiliate customer over a certain time period has totaled OVER $300,000+ in gross sales to APT Pro Gear, giving them $30,000 into their pocket, trust me I know this as I send the payments each month. It’s up to you on how and how much and how detailed you want to set up your Unique Affiliate links.

13-Don’t just post ……1 link or 1 logo or 1 Banner,…use your code as much as you can.  You can use any and many of our products images and descriptions in your site as they are your own products, use your code and it will all link back to us for your cut.

14-Write articles or info reports or reviews and use your code to show and promote APT Products,……again, the more the better chance you have of Click trough’s and then sales sent to APT so that you can get paid.

15-Use our images, Logos, Banners or any product that you see in our site to link to your Unique Affiliate code,……start making money today.

16-Great thing is that once you make the link, it is always there and will always make you money even when you are in a DEEP SLEEP, it’s the best of both worlds.

17-PLEASE DO NOT INTENTIONALLY SPAM, meaning do not send unsolicited E-mails or posts or advertising.

18-Use your Unique Affiliate code to link to APT and here are some APT images to link to or  you can link to any TEXT link that you choose or check through the APT site store to link direct to any Product Images.  If you need help, please contact us, DON’T MISS OUT!!

apt bench shirt Powerlifting APEX

apt logo banner

apt logo in ig ig

apt large shirt
APT Strangulator Knee Wraps affiliate

apt convict knee wraps affiliate

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If you are not an affiliate, you can join the affiliate program here:

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