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APT Hall of Fame


APT Pro Gear users love the gear that we provide.  Check out the small list below of just some of the Bodybuilders , Powerlifters, Strongmen, Fitness, Figure and more from APT Pro Gear users. Got a kick ass photo using some of APTs Pro Lifting Gear? Send them on to us at

Alan P. Thomas, APT Pro Lifting Gear
Cpl USMC, 1991-1995
White House 1992-1994
CIA Head Quarters 1995 2005
APT Pro Gear CEO 1999-2016 to current.
apt large shirt

Justin Stine from Boynton Beach Florida. Putting my New APT truck pulling harness to work! Being one who is very compassionate with strength training, I love having the ability to maximally express my strength abilities across all joints, which is why I enjoy this type of training, beyond the realm of barbells and plates in the gym. Pull Performed On: 04/03/2016 , 50 Feet, 42 Tons.  Thanks APT for a great Strongman pulling harness.


SK SK APT Pro gearSK ttt
Stephen King….BIG BIG BIG APT Pro Gear supporter supporting the Famous APT Pro Gear Logo & Active Military.   See below for more……..

joel Stubbs IFBB Body Builder APT Pro Gear ajoel Stubbs IFBB Body Builder APT Pro Gear b
c joel Stubbs IFBB Body Builder APT Pro Geard joel Stubbs IFBB Body Builder APT Pro Gear b
Joel Stubbs IFBB Pro Bodybuilder & good friend of APT, Joel is a HUGE Supporter of APT Pro Gear for a reason, ……….our lifting gear WORKS.
Alan, in all of my years training I’ve used APT lifting gear. It’s proven, it’s durable, it gives the ultimate support and it’s very comfortable to use. I appreciate all of your efforts.

big_bill_barnes PowerlifterBig Bill Barns is a huge supporter of APT Pro Gear from Indiana and SOON
to be a 900 lb RAW Squatter with APT Wraps and Belt.

Tyler Butcher powerlifter 1031 lb Squat

Tyler Butcher, powerlifter and APT Pro Gear Sponsored, 1031 lb Squat 2016. Thats NO JOKE.

Tyler Butcher powerlifter APT 2

Tyler L Butcher powerlifter apt pro gear

Tyler L Butcher Elite powerlifter And uses the best APT gear.

Tyler Butcher 27 Years Old and a big APT Pro Gear Supporter

SHW Weight Class @ 336 lbs
Single Ply Open Division
Best lisfts
2601 single ply total. (Good God)Lifts were 1031 squat, 804 bench, 766 deadlift.
Team: The Animal House, Toledo Ohio
I mostly compete in the USPF fed, but have totals in the USAPL, NASA, and USPA. I did my first meet about 7 years ago and haven’t looked back since. I make my living as an Engineering manager at Norplas Industries in Toledo Ohio. Quite a bit of my spare time is spent in the gym but I also enjoy building engines and race cars.

Looking forward to bigger totals ahead!…….Thanks Alan and the APT Pro Gear Team

colin Ripley powerlifter apt Pro Gear
Colin Ripley squat apt powlifter
Colin Ripley apt supporter
Colin Ripley, Big APT Pro Gear Supporter of APT Products!!

Omar Wally , young powerlifter , future world record holder
and huge supporter of APT Pro Gear products.

apt powerlifting
Last heavy squat before the ironman classic at Legendary Athletic Development

James Pit Bull Searcy33041
James “Pitbull” Searcy, BIG APT Pro Gear user and BIG BOY Powerlifter, Nuff Said!!!

Tim Smith Powerlifter apt

Powerlifter Tim Smith Supporting the Famous APT logo shirt and HUGE APT Pro Gear Banner.

Tim Smith Powerlifter 600 bench

Tim Smith Powerlifter 600 lb bench at 270 body weight and APT Pro Gear Wraps.

Marty Killion powerlifting 3Marty Killion powerlifter 1Marty Killion powerlifter 2Marty and his wife below, Hally & Marty are big supporters of APT. Highly ranked Raw MastersII lifter Marty Killion putting our APT Pro Gear products to good use.
Marty has also benched over 500 lbs 10 different times raw as a masters competitor in competition.

MeandLoriJoe and Lori Ladiner, Beauty and the Beast!!!

Reps for Hope

Reps for Hope a fundraiser for Hope Kids and Relentless Minnesota

quinn manolis powerlifter.Quinn Manolis Powerlifter supporting APTs Strangulator Knee Wraps with a 700 pound for 4 and 730 pounds for 3 squats,…..Nice!!

Andy Bosnyak Powerlifter APT APEX bench shirt

Andy Bosnyak Powerlifter APT Pro Gear  3 PLY APEX bench shirt.

Andy Bosnyak powerlifter 3 PLY Bench shirt APEX APT

Andy Bosnyak powerlifter 3 PLY Bench shirt APEX APT Pro Gear.

Andy Bosnyak powerlifter 1
Andy Bosnyak, an APT Pro Gear Supporter and user is also a 875 pound Bencher!!!!

Hally Killion Wearing APT Pro Gear and loving the results.
Hally’s 413 raw deadlift, 187 raw Bench, flipping a 400lb tractor tire.

deadlift-3 Gary Zeolla competed at the  IPA PA States, in York, PA on Saturday, March 5, 2016. I was competing in the men’s 114-pound weight class, master (50-54 years old) age division, raw with wraps gear division, Amateur (drug-tested) division. I went 9/9.
My lifts were (in pounds):
Squat: 315
Bench: 175
Deadlift: 380
Total: 870
The squat bettered my All-time Raw, Masters, World record by five pounds, the deadlift bettered my All-time Raw, Masters, American record by five pounds, and the total bettered my All-time Raw, Masters, American record by twenty pounds. All four were personal records and IPA master (50-54) records.

A detailed contest report with pictures is posted on my fitness website at:

John Magazzu Strongman 2John Magazzu Strongman 1John Magazzu StrongmanJohn Magazzu  NAS Strongman champion and lifetime APT Pro Gear athlete
“I wouldn’t even think about competing without my APT Pro Gear. They have the absolute best in support gear for any power sport. For my strongman training I only use APT gear including the wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, knee wraps and the truck pull harness which is a a beast! Alan even made me a pair of custom 36 inch axle straps for a competition last year that locked on to the axle like a vice!
Huge thanks to Alan and APT for all you do for the iron sports.”

Dustin Wilson
Dustin Wilson 27 year old army infantryman doing a nice 605 lb Dead Lift pull

Dustin HoangPowerlifterDustin Loang pulles 600 lbs as a junior lifter in the 181 class. APT Pro Wrist Straps definitely helped along the way when I needed to do volume or when my calluses were torn. Other wrist straps feel like crap compared to APT!!

Tavis Harris powerlifter 1Tavis Harris, Powerlifter and ARMY Strong, Supports APT Pro Gear.
Big thanks and shout out to APT and Independent Edmonton and YEG Elite

pic 5pic 2
Pic 1pic 3
Heathre Foster is a national level NPC Figure competitor living in San Diego, CA. She has been training hard for 15 years and has always been a huge supporter of APT lifting gear. “I have used APT gear for as long as I have been lifting. I’ve always been so happy with these products that I have never considered even trying another brand! Thanks Alan for providing such comfortable and high quality products! I will continue to be a loyal supporter!”

Chad_Coy_and_the_Boys StrongmanChad Coy and the Strongman boys supporting the famous APT Pro Gear Logo

ritchie Mallory aritchie Mallory bGood friend and BIG Supporter of APT Pro Gear Ritchie Mallory
,…….Hows that for a LOADED BAR….

Jeff Jeffjeff Brown powerlifter
Jeff Brown with a BIG 750 Deadlift.  Jeff has been a BIG APT Pro Gear Supporter for MANY Years, thanks for the big numbers and support Jeff!!!!

American Strength Training CenterTeam American Strength Training Center, Maplewood Mn Supporting the Famous
APT Pro Gear Logo Banner,…..DO YOU???

Michael Wilkinson powerlifter
Michael Wilkinson powerlifter 2
Michael Wilkinson and APT supporter and user, prepping with APT Stangulators for 555 lb Squats.

Glen Hutchinson zzzGlen Hutchinson, Olympic lifter and long time APT Pro Gear User and Supporter,
see him lift at the 2016 Arnold Classic!!

Yarnell BIGBEAST Marks.jpg

Yarnell BIGBEAST Marks from BRUCE Ms. and BIG APT Pro Gear Supporter…… Going into my 6 year as a POWERLIFTER. Was USPA MIssissippi POWERLIFTER of the year. Finished 5th at USPA nationals in Las Vegas last July. Have a meet personal best of 575lbs squat (in sleeves), 385lbs bench and 575lbs deadlift. Started career as a 181er but have been competing 198 past 2 years. Serves as Head Strength and Conditioning coach at BRUCE High School and assistant Powerlfting Coach (in charge of all training programs). Creator of ItrainInsane training program that is used by me as well as the players. Have help transitioned 8 players from the high school to college level the past 3 years. Own Mississippi records in USPA and APA. 100% drug free lifter.

metro flex strongman gymThanks from Metroflex Denver Strongman Sunday!!!!
Go APT, we love your Lifting Gear!!!!

kenneth Monk Powerlifting Strongmanken monk apt lifter
Kenneth Monk, Powerlifting & Strongman and Loyal APT Pro Gear Supporter.

Tim Nelson weight lifting aTim Nelson, Big APT Pro Gear User & Supporter with a nice 10 plate Squat!!!

APT Pro Gear Sponsored and BIG SUPPORTER Big Chane Cline had a great meet this past Saturday at the RPS/Lexen Xtreme Celebration Bash in Grove City, Ohio. His 2135 lb total qualifies as an XPC Elite Total!

750 SquatJeff Brown Supporting Animal House Gym in Teledo OH and supporting APTs Strangulator Knee Wraps with a BIG 750 Squat.

Ramrod Reviews 1Ramrod ReviewsJarod Morey from supports APT Pro Gear

Bruce Trojans POWERLIFTERs

APT Gear Gear
Mike McCormick 1
APT Supporter Mike McCormick dead lifting  365# for 4 reps with APT lifting straps.

David Celis apt Pro GearDavid Celis, Big Lifter and Big Support of APT Pro Gear and what we are all about.

Power Station Pro Louie Simmons Powerlifting meet

Adam_Keep_Pro_Military_Strongman_4_ezrPro Strongman and Active Military at the time,
Adam Keep, HUGE APT Pro Gear supporter.

320lb Strongman Log Cleaned, APT Belt and Wrist wraps help get the job done.

Eric Gibson Powerlifter BodybuilderEric Gibson IFPA and WNBF Natural Pro Bodybuilder is a loyal and long time user of APT gear. I started using APT gear in college and they’ve helped me accomplish goals and become and professional bodybuilder.

dd james Priest burdette powerlifterJames “Priest” Burdette after a 975 pound Squat.
Ask Priest why he uses APT Pro Lifting Gear………

chris and APT Pro GearChris is a 20+ Year hard core weight lifter and a big Supporter of
APT Pro Gear, good job Chris!!

SK squat squat
Stephen King, Avid weight Lifter and BIG APT Pro Gear user and supporter!!
How about some Reverse Grip Bench Presses with 315 lbs.
Stephen is also Active Duty Military of 23+ years. GET SOME.

justin Strongman APT pro gear photo

I have been competing in Strongman contests since 2009 and have placed in the top five at both U.S.S. Strongman and North American Strongman Nationals in the 198lb and 200lb class respectively. Favorite event is by far the Deadlift and I believe I still hold the national record for U.S.S. Strongman in the 198lb class unless it has recently been broken. I am planning on starting to compete in powerlifting hopefully with the U.P.A. in the fall of 2016. Still trying to figure out how to use all the gear, but the one thing that stays consistent is the use of the APT Strangulator wrist and knee wraps, they are simply amazing. If you are ever in Western Wisconsin and looking for a place to train get ahold of me and we shall hoist

3 Jordan LikensCompeting in the Juniors AD-RAW division, Jordan Likens
(161lbs bodyweight) pulled 606lbs.

Rebecca Pierotti powerlifter Bikini
Rebecca Pierotti, 132lb powerlifter and figure competitor using APT Strangulator
wrist wraps for a 181lb bench. Thanks a lot for all you do APT Pro Gear ! 🙂

John Beatty StrongmanGood friend and Pro Strongman John Beatty ALWAYS uses APT Pro Lifting Gear

elijah Najera Powerlifter
APT Pro Gear Customer and Supporter Elijah Najera , 2nd attempt Deadlift
of 672lb at 2015 IPL World Championships

Victor_Martinez_bodybuilder_IFBB_photoVictor Martinez Bodybuilder IFBB, Big APT APT Pro Gear Supporter

Another great Deadlift from an APT Pro Gear Customer using
our Custom built APT Lifting Straps

Christopher Wichtl Powerlifter apt

Christopher Wichtl apt powerlifter

BIG Powerlifter Christopher Wichtl hits some BIG incline Dumbbell presses and Dodge Ram Truck Lift. Chris is a BIG APT Pro Gear supporter for a reason.

hot babesHow that for a Pose for APT Pro Gear 🙂

top_neckliftAPT Pro Gear Leather Head Harness in use, 300 POUNDS…..

Zack_Gipson StrongmanZack Gipson, Strongman Supporting APT Pro Gear at his event.

Truck_pulling__strongman_harness_ttAPT Pulling Harness in use supporting the Famous
APT Pro Gear Banner “In…..tow………”

Tom_Mcclure_Strongman_7Tom McClure Strongman and Big APT Pro Gear User.

Tom Mutaffis Strongman and Big APT Pro Gear Fan


500 Pound axle deadlift using APT WRIST wraps. I always use apt products for top results!
Thanks APT,

APEX Bench Press Shirt Ryan Kennelly

APEX Bench Press Shirt Ryan Kennelly

“Ryan Kennelly and APT’s All New APEX Bench Press Shirt.  APT Introduces it’s NEW State Of The Art APEX design Powerlifting Bench Press shirt”

Triplets Powerlifting,…..are you seeing THREE supporting APT Pro Lifting Gear?????

Big Ron Weight Lifting Straps

Big Ron Weight Lifting Straps. “Take a guess as to what 8X Mr. Olympia winner APT made these custom APT Pro Wrist Straps for?”

Again APT Pulling Harness in action……Nuff SAID……….

Dorian Yates and APT

Dorian Yates and APT”APT meets up with 5 time Mr. Olympia winner Pro Bodybuilder Dorian Yates”

Ed Corney Bodybuilder Pumping Iron

Ed Corney Bodybuilder Pumping Iron

“Ed Corney, Simply a Bodybuilding Legend and a BIG APT Pro Gear Supporter!!”

APT Pro Gear user and All Natural Bodybuilder Jeff Kolodzi out of PA wins his class.

vince_taylorVince Taylor, Pro IFBB Bodybuilder and APT Pro Gear Supporter

545lb_sqt_ezrNice Squat with APT Wrist, Knee, Belt and famous APT Logo

720b46ab_ezrYepppp, APT Pro Gear all the way……..


UTSA Strongman Event and APT Pro Gear sponsored

Tami and Shawn Bellon, Hugh APT Pro Gear Supporters.

880a_ezrAnother APT Pro Gear supporter with a nice Deadlift.

Great USMC Buddy and APT Pro Gear Supporter Matt K.

900_squat_ezr900 pound squat with APT Pro Gear Knee Wraps

APT Pro Gear High School Sponsored Powerlifting Team

pro bodybuilder Cathy Lefrancois
Good friend and APT Pro Gear Supporter Cathy Lefrancois

Hows that for APT Pro Gear Support……..

Lee Haney and APT

Lee Haney and APT

“Lee Haney takes a few minutes with APT to talk weight lifting. 8 Time Mr. Olympia WINNER!!!!”
Fire Truck Truck_sled_strongman_pulling_harness_66
Need we say more, Multi TON Fire Truck in tow with APT Pro Gear Harness

Lou Ferrigno and APT

Lou Ferrigno and APT

“APT sizes up next to Lou Ferrigno at the Arnold Classic 2003. What do you know about the HULK? (TM) What a GREAT guy!!”

Black Mamba Wrist Wraps in action
APTs Black Mamba Wrist Wraps 36″ in action

Mike Miller
Big Powerlifter Mike Miller with A HUGE squat supporting the famous APT Pro Gear logo.

Ron Harris Bodybuilder

Ron Harris Bodybuilder

“Bodybuilder Ron Harris Show you his BIG weighed Chins and supports the famous APT logo T-shirt.”

Ronnie Coleman IFBB Bodybuilder Mr Olympia Winner

Ronnie Coleman IFBB Bodybuilder Mr Olympia Winner

“Ronnie Coleman Supports the Famous APT logo for a reason APT sells professional grade gear for a reason!! Check out why! 8 Time Mr. Olympia WINNER!”

Ryan Celli Powerlifter

Ryan Celli Powerlifter Chains, who wants CHAINS!!!!

Sam Byrd Squat 1050 198 2007

Sam Byrd Squat 1050 198 2007

APT Sponsored Sam Byrd Squats 1050 at 198 bodyweight Aug 2007

Shawn Ray Sporting APT

Shawn Ray Sporting APT

“Pro IFBB Bodybuilder & IFBB Hall Of Fame Shawn Ray and the lovely Ladies show off his FAMOUS APT Pro Gear Logo T-shirt at the 2007 Arnold Classic Expo!!  WHY, because Shawn Ray simply knows QUALITY GEAR!!”

APT Support our Troops Effort

APT Support our Troops Effort

“As an effort to support our Troops, APT sent out lots of Weight lifting Gear
to many of our Military Forces overseas. Stay Safe guys!!”

Truck Pulling Harness-Justin Sulham

Truck Pulling Harness-Justin Sulham

“Justin Sulham, team captain of 50′ Closer to a Cure pulls a 6-ton monster truck at a 50′ Closer fundraiser event on August 5, 2012 with an APT Pro Gear towing harness. Nice work Justin and everyone at 50′ Closer to a Cure!”

How to use weightlifting chain for powerlifting

How to use weightlifting chain for powerlifting

“Dalen Randa, APT sponsored powerlifter, gets ready for dynamic effort bench work with chains at Diablo Barbell.”

2 ply knee wraps

2 ply knee wraps

2 ply knee wraps

2 ply knee wraps

“APT, I am very new to the powerlifting sport but once I started I was hooked instantly. If you see in the photo above your 2 PLY wraps are just amazing. I thought that your 1 ply wraps were great, then you added the 2 ply. 1st meet totals were 573 SQ 326 BP and 573 DL 1472 total. Looking to destroy those numbers this spring! I lift out of American Iron Gym in Reno, NV and I have been coached by my buddy Dustin Speed for the past couple years. Just trying to get stronger every day using your 2 ply APT Wraps! You sure have some fellas here in Reno NV that really like your products. Thanks for the great gear.” – Stu B. Reno, NV

APT  Pro Gear Sponsored 25th_Annual_Central_Ohio_BP_Championship

Straight out of and in Scotland, Highland Games APT Pro Gear users, Big APT Pro Gear Supporters.

stones apt pro gear
APT Pro Gear Sponsored Strongman event, Atlas Stones anybody……

Strongman Big Tony Scrivens, a HUGE APT Pro Gear supporter

Andy Obermann 675 Pull

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