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APT Pro Lifting Gear

APT Hall of Fame

APT Pro Gear users love the gear that we provide.  Check out the small list below of just some of the Bodybuilders , Powerlifters, Strongmen, Fitness, Figure and more from APT Pro Gear users. Got a kick ass photo using some of APTs Pro Lifting Gear? Send them on to us at

Alan P. Thomas, CEO
Cpl USMC, 1991-1995
White House 1992-1994
CIA Head Quarters 1995 2005
APT Pro Gear CEO 1999-2015 to current.

big_bill_barnes PowerlifterBig Bill Barns is a huge supporter of APT Pro Gear from Indiana and SOON
to be a 900 lb RAW Squatter with APT Wraps and Belt.

Chad_Coy_and_the_Boys Strongman
Chad Coy and the Strongman boys supporting the famous APT Pro Gear Logo

APT Pro Gear Sponsored and BIG SUPPORTER Big Chane Cline had a great meet this past Saturday at the RPS/Lexen Xtreme Celebration Bash in Grove City, Ohio. His 2135 lb total qualifies as an XPC Elite Total!

Power Station Pro Louie Simmons Powerlifting meet

Pro Strongman and Active Military at the time,
Adam Keep, HUGE APT Pro Gear supporter.

320lb Strongman Log Cleaned, APT Belt and Wrist wraps help get the job done.

3 Jordan Likens
Competing in the Juniors AD-RAW division, Jordan Likens
(161lbs bodyweight) pulled 606lbs.

John Beatty Strongman
Good friend and Pro Strongman John Beatty ALWAYS uses APT Pro Lifting Gear

Victor_Martinez_bodybuilder_IFBB_photoVictor Martinez Bodybuilder IFBB, Big APT APT Pro Gear Supporter

Another great Deadlift from an APT Pro Gear Customer using
our Custom built APT Lifting Straps

Christopher Wichtl Powerlifter apt
BIG Powerlifter Christopher Wichtl hits some BIG incline Dumbbell presses. Chris is a BIG APT Pro Gear supporter for a reason.

hot babesHow that for a Pose for APT Pro Gear :)

top_neckliftAPT Pro Gear Leather Head Harness in use, 300 POUNDS…..

Zack_Gipson StrongmanZack Gipson, Strongman Supporting APT Pro Gear at his event.

Truck_pulling__strongman_harness_ttAPT Pulling Harness in use supporting the Famous
APT Pro Gear Banner “In…..tow………”

Tom_Mcclure_Strongman_7Tom McClure Strongman and Big APT Pro Gear User.

Tom Mutaffis Strongman and Big APT Pro Gear Fan


500 Pound axle deadlift using APT WRIST wraps. I always use apt products for top results!
Thanks APT,

APEX Bench Press Shirt Ryan Kennelly

APEX Bench Press Shirt Ryan Kennelly

“Ryan Kennelly and APT’s All New APEX Bench Press Shirt.  APT Introduces it’s NEW State Of The Art APEX design Powerlifting Bench Press shirt”

Triplets Powerlifting,…..are you seeing THREE supporting APT Pro Lifting Gear?????

Big Ron Weight Lifting Straps

Big Ron Weight Lifting Straps. “Take a guess as to what 8X Mr. Olympia winner APT made these custom APT Pro Wrist Straps for?”

Again APT Pulling Harness in action……Nuff SAID……….

Dorian Yates and APT

Dorian Yates and APT”APT meets up with 5 time Mr. Olympia winner Pro Bodybuilder Dorian Yates”

Ed Corney Bodybuilder Pumping Iron

Ed Corney Bodybuilder Pumping Iron

“Ed Corney, Simply a Bodybuilding Legend and a BIG APT Pro Gear Supporter!!”

APT Pro Gear user and All Natural Bodybuilder Jeff Kolodzi out of PA wins his class.

vince_taylorVince Taylor, Pro IFBB Bodybuilder and APT Pro Gear Supporter

545lb_sqt_ezrNice Squat with APT Wrist, Knee, Belt and famous APT Logo

720b46ab_ezrYepppp, APT Pro Gear all the way……..


UTSA Strongman Event and APT Pro Gear sponsored

Tami and Shawn Bellon, Hugh APT Pro Gear Supporters.

880a_ezrAnother APT Pro Gear supporter with a nice Deadlift.

Great USMC Buddy and APT Pro Gear Supporter Matt K.

900_squat_ezr900 pound squat with APT Pro Gear Knee Wraps

APT Pro Gear High School Sponsored Powerlifting Team

pro bodybuilder Cathy Lefrancois
Good friend and APT Pro Gear Supporter Cathy Lefrancois

Hows that for APT Pro Gear Support……..

Lee Haney and APT

Lee Haney and APT

“Lee Haney takes a few minutes with APT to talk weight lifting. 8 Time Mr. Olympia WINNER!!!!”
Fire Truck Truck_sled_strongman_pulling_harness_66
Need we say more, Multi TON Fire Truck in tow with APT Pro Gear Harness

Lou Ferrigno and APT

Lou Ferrigno and APT

“APT sizes up next to Lou Ferrigno at the Arnold Classic 2003. What do you know about the HULK? (TM) What a GREAT guy!!”

Black Mamba Wrist Wraps in action
APTs Black Mamba Wrist Wraps 36″ in action

Mike Miller
Big Powerlifter Mike Miller with A HUGE squat supporting the famous APT Pro Gear logo.

Ron Harris Bodybuilder

Ron Harris Bodybuilder

“Bodybuilder Ron Harris Show you his BIG weighed Chins and supports the famous APT logo T-shirt.”

Ronnie Coleman IFBB Bodybuilder Mr Olympia Winner

Ronnie Coleman IFBB Bodybuilder Mr Olympia Winner

“Ronnie Coleman Supports the Famous APT logo for a reason APT sells professional grade gear for a reason!! Check out why! 8 Time Mr. Olympia WINNER!”

Ryan Celli Powerlifter

Ryan Celli Powerlifter Chains, who wants CHAINS!!!!

Sam Byrd Squat 1050 198 2007

Sam Byrd Squat 1050 198 2007

APT Sponsored Sam Byrd Squats 1050 at 198 bodyweight Aug 2007

Shawn Ray Sporting APT

Shawn Ray Sporting APT

“Pro IFBB Bodybuilder & IFBB Hall Of Fame Shawn Ray and the lovely Ladies show off his FAMOUS APT Pro Gear Logo T-shirt at the 2007 Arnold Classic Expo!!  WHY, because Shawn Ray simply knows QUALITY GEAR!!”

APT Support our Troops Effort

APT Support our Troops Effort

“As an effort to support our Troops, APT sent out lots of Weight lifting Gear
to many of our Military Forces overseas. Stay Safe guys!!”

Truck Pulling Harness-Justin Sulham

Truck Pulling Harness-Justin Sulham

“Justin Sulham, team captain of 50′ Closer to a Cure pulls a 6-ton monster truck at a 50′ Closer fundraiser event on August 5, 2012 with an APT Pro Gear towing harness. Nice work Justin and everyone at 50′ Closer to a Cure!”

How to use weightlifting chain for powerlifting

How to use weightlifting chain for powerlifting

“Dalen Randa, APT sponsored powerlifter, gets ready for dynamic effort bench work with chains at Diablo Barbell.”

2 ply knee wraps

2 ply knee wraps

2 ply knee wraps

2 ply knee wraps

“APT, I am very new to the powerlifting sport but once I started I was hooked instantly. If you see in the photo above your 2 PLY wraps are just amazing. I thought that your 1 ply wraps were great, then you added the 2 ply. 1st meet totals were 573 SQ 326 BP and 573 DL 1472 total. Looking to destroy those numbers this spring! I lift out of American Iron Gym in Reno, NV and I have been coached by my buddy Dustin Speed for the past couple years. Just trying to get stronger every day using your 2 ply APT Wraps! You sure have some fellas here in Reno NV that really like your products. Thanks for the great gear.” – Stu B. Reno, NV

APT  Pro Gear Sponsored 25th_Annual_Central_Ohio_BP_Championship

Straight out of and in Scotland, Highland Games APT Pro Gear users, Big APT Pro Gear Supporters.

stones apt pro gear
APT Pro Gear Sponsored Strongman event, Atlas Stones anybody……

Strongman Big Tony Scrivens, a HUGE APT Pro Gear supporter

Andy Obermann 675 Pull

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