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APT Pro Lifting Gear

2 Ply Elbow & Knee Sleeves Neoprene and Elastic

These 2 ply elbow wraps and 1, 2, 3 ply elastic sleeves and 4mm RPR and 7mm XPR neoprene sleeves have double and triple the power, double or triple the strength and double& triple the rebound and support.

APT Pro Lifting Gear Elbow and Knee 1, 2 and 3 Ply Sleeves and wraps and sleeves.

APT Pro Gear Sleeves 3, 2 and 1 ply.

APT Pro Gear Sleeves 3, 2 and 1 ply.

Whether you need a Single, Double or Triple Ply sleeve APT Pro Lifting Gear has a plethora or colors and sizes available to help with your pursuit of that PR (Personal Record) Power-lifting, Weight-lifting or Strongman.   What are Sleeves?  If you’re not wanting to use wraps the sleeve is another alternative to assist in all your lifts.  The sleeves are dual purpose can be used both on the elbow and knee.
Support, warmth, compression, less pain or a sense of security in your lifts are just a few reasons to look a sleeves for your lifting needs.  The knee and elbow Joints suffer from constant and repetitive motion (especially from lifting heavy things).  Many Americans have elbow and knee problems the sleeve will assist in the aforementioned support.
APT Pro Lifting Gear has a variety of sleeves available in 1, 2 or 3 ply as necessary.
As a personal note I have suffered numerous injuries and I fully believe using elbow and knee sleeve result in less pain and swelling during and after training.
My Story
In late 2011 I found that these sleeves were very useful and continue to use them today.  In a freak accident instructing combatives for the US Army I completely tore my right distal biceps muscle.  Subsequently,  after recovering for a year I was looking for a support to help me perform in my first Strongest Warrior Competition.  I found APTs Original Heavy 2 Ply Convict Knee Sleeves and used them in all events to include the stone over the bar, tire flip, sled pull and they helped me pull a F350 in 19 secs (3 years later last year I pulled a F350 in 14 secs.) Although these sleeves cannot guarantee that you will break all your PRs they can assist you in your pursuit of obtainable goals.
Stephen R. King

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