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Ankle Brace Sleeve Support

Ankle Brace Sleeve Support: Ankle sprains account for up to half of all sports related injuries. The most common injury is to the outer or “lateral” ankle ligaments. Over 80% of sprains involve your foot rolling inward, causing an injury known as an inversion. This often occurs in athletic activities that involve running, pivoting and jumping. Prevention in athletics is an important part of Mueller Sports Medicine focus. Increased risk factors for sprains are previous ankle injuries, the type of sport you play, muscle strength, range of motion you posess, impaired balance and/or postural control. Excess body weight can also increase risk for males.  Properly applied external ankle supports (tape, semi-rigid, and rigid braces depending on the activity) and exercise training can reduce the risk of ankle re-injury by more than 50%. External ankle supports do not adversely affect athletic performance. Semi-rigid and rigid ankle supports are most effective, widely available, and cost less than athletic tape.  While sudden forceful movements cause many ankle sprains, repetitive trauma can also weaken ankle ligaments and lead to injury.

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