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Exercise Foam Roller Muscle Stick Massage

The following are just a few of the foam roller types we offer. Self-myofascial release, also known as foam rolling, is a technique that has been used successfully by professional athletes and therapists for decades. Advances in health research, improvements in technology and increasingly affordable materials have made the foam roller a popular tool for sports and fitness recovery. Power Systems is pleased to offer a wide variety of options so you can find the right foam rollers. Just like people, every foam roller is different. Foam rollers range in firmness and style to accommodate varying needs.
High-density foam rollers are made of materials that can endure more pressure than softer rollers. Because of their firmness, high density foam tends to be more durable than standard foam. These might be a good option for someone who prefers a deeper massage. For example, some people find firm foam to be painful, while some people prefer a more intense touch. Rollers also vary in shape and size, because while a round roller might be great at tackling larger areas, it might not be able to reach deeper tissues or in certain angles. Besides firmness, you should look out for the quality, cost, and purpose to find the best foam roller. The line of foam rollers available at Power Systems offers you an array of options with the long-term durability to help prevent injury for years to come

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