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Gyms are commonly sought as a way to improve health, but for many fitness enthusiasts they can become a place to share germs. Gym wipes are a simple solution to this issue. stocks a wide variety of gym wipes, hand wipes, and gym wipes dispensers. These easy to use wipes allow gym-users to easily wipe down shared equipment, maintaining a cleaner environment and reducing the risk of shared bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Gyms are full of shared equipment. What’s worse is that they’re full of shared equipment that users sweat on. This heavy use by multiple people makes for an environment rife with germs. Viruses, bacteria, and fungal infections are easy to pass from person to person at a gym. If you don’t love the idea of your gym making your customers (or yourself) sick, gym wipes are a simple solution. These disinfectant wipes both clean and sanitize, leaving your equipment safe for the fitness enthusiasts who visit your gym.

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