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APT Pro Lifting Gear

Lifting Hooks

Lifting Hooks from APT Pro Lifting Gear. Grip the bar better and hold the weight if your hand grip can’t. Lifting hooks from APT Pro Lifting Gear are essential when weight lifting and power lifting. Our hooks will help you exceed your weight lifting goal by giving you a stronger grip when your hands fail.

Weight Lifting Hook Straps Hooks, Lifting Hook Hooks,
Hooks for Weight Lifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding 
from APT 

Are a nice change to the regular style of weight lifting wrist straps.
APT’s Extreme line of Hook Weight Lifting Hooks is a very popular and
fast selling designs for all kinds of weight lifting where Hooks can be used.

APT’s New  Heavy STEEL HOOK weight lifting Hooks straps
APT’s New ALUMINIUM HOOK weight lifting Hooks straps

Weight Lifting Hooks are an aid to help you hold weight bars.  All weight
limits noted below are Approximates.  DO NOT USE the weight lifting
hooks to free hang or to let bars free hang from the hooks.  The Weight
Lifting Hooks are designed to hook onto a bar and for you to hold
the hooks as a grip/strength aid.  Weight limits are for BOTH hooks
combined and your actual grip on the hooks/bar.
These are Excellent Sellers, you’ll LOVE THEM!!!

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