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APT Pro Lifting Gear

Powerlifting Bench Press Shirts

The APT Pro Gear APEX Powerlifting bench press shirts are a specially made shirt that allows lifters to lift more weight. These shirts can be made from polyester as well as denim. Some shirts are single ply and others can be multiple ply. Some have both a layer of poly and a layer of denim. For those of you competing make sure you knows the rules of the organization that you lift in so that you get the right shirt. Basically the bench press shirt is made of super strong material and the reason for this is twofold. First off is to lift more weight in the bench press. The second reason is to prevent career ending injuries like a pectoral tear or shoulder dislocation.

Andy Bosnyak Powerlifter APT APEX bench shirt

Andy Bosnyak Powerlifter and APT 3 Ply APEX benchpress shirt user and supporter.

Andy Bosnyak powerlifter 3 PLY Bench shirt APEX APT

Andy Bosnyak powerlifter 3 PLY Bench shirt APEX from APT Pro Gear in action.

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