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Pulling Rope

Strongman, Fitness, CrossFit, Tug A War pulling rope. Nothing works the body for developing power and explosiveness quite like rope training. Various lengths and diameters push your stamina, grip strength and overall conditioning like no other. Find out what all of the excitement is about. Start rope training! Available in both 1.5″ and 2″ diameters.

You’ve probably seen lots of ropes being used at your fitness center for pulling and climbing. However, there can be much more to ropes than that! There is a specific kind or rope that can be used to increase strength and performance: battle ropes (also known as training ropes, workout ropes or fitness ropes). Already commonly used in CrossFit, battle ropes from Power Systems are used as a high intensity interval training tool (HITT), by using the ropes in a series of linear and circular motions. It’s a tough, effective workout.

Using battle ropes can correct musculoskeletal imbalances, because you must use the ropes in a balanced, consistent manner on both sides of the body. Additional benefits include:
Functional fitness. Battle ropes involve the whole body, which means the neuromuscular system gets a great workout as well as each individual muscle system. You’ll develop a strong grip and increase your power substantially. The high intensity nature of the workout will significantly increase your cardiovascular endurance.
It’s fun. Workout ropes are a great way to inject variety and a new kind of intensity into your exercise routine.

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