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Spray Grip Liquid Chalk

Spray Grip Liquid Chalk

Grip is key

The goal of any lift is to improve your PR (Personal Record) this starts and ends with grip literally.  If you look at any lift the key to it is grip.   I am partial to plate pinching and steady holds to assist in grip.  If you think about the Bench, Dead-lift, Squat and Overhead press grip is key to that next PR.  If you can’t hold the weight it will fall, simple physics.  Think about the last time you had the mental toughness, the training and ready to attack the weight but your grip gives out.

Iit is imperative that you train your grip.  I am not against straps in fact APT Pro Lifting Gear has a variety for you to choose from in an assorted array of colors, materials and lengths (You can even get yours personalize with whatever you call yourself (KING).   Now that the disclaimer has been established bottom line grip is key to success. If your looking for aids in assisting your grip look below at the various options that will assist in that goal.

Chalk up! Used to be my mantra I particularly like the easy way it can be applied.  Although it can be messy it is effective.

For all products below ensure your hands are clean and dry before application

  • ·         Chalk:  Cost effective, simple to use and will definitely help with your grip.
  • ·         Mueller Magic Grip Spray:  Spray on application and dry’s to a powdery film
  • ·         Mueller Stickum Grip Enhancer Spray:  Spray on application; multiply uses & very sticky
  • ·         Liquid Grip Enhancer: Liquid application, works very well and only requires 1 application
  • ·         Dry Hands:  Liquid application, Spreads evenly over hands allow to dry before activity

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